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Best eBooks / Books 26 -

FE006 1574442872 Accounting and Finance for the NonFinancial Executive: An Integrated Resource Management Guide for the 21st Century Jae K. Shim CRC Press 2000
FE007 Global Credit Management: An Executive Summary (Wiley Finance) [1 ed.] (0470851112,9780470851111,9780470092811) Ron Wells 2004
FE008 Saas and Core Finance Effectiveness: An Executive Summary Research Report for Fei Members (1441614834,9781441614834,9781615090006) Not Available
FE009 9812561315 An Introduction To Black Holes, Information And The String Theory Revolution: The Holographic Universe LEONARD SUSSKIND,James Lindesay World Scientific Publishing Company 2005
FE010 0471591688 Project Management: Techniques in Planning and Controlling Construction Projects, 2nd Edition Hira N. Ahuja, S. P. Dozzi. S. M. AbouRizk wiley 1994
FE011 "1591588650 1591588634" (Library and Information Science Text Series ) Basic Research Methods for Librarians (Library and Information Science Text Series) [5th ed.] Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Ronald R. Powell Libraries Unlimited 2010
FE012 1591585031 Applications of Social Research Methods to Questions in Information and Library Science Barbara M. Wildemuth Libraries Unlimited 2009
FE013 1401921477 It's the Thought That Counts: Why Mind Over Matter Really Works David R. Hamilton Ph.D. Hay House 2009
FE015 0810830515 Archival theory, records, and the public Trevor Livelton Scarecrow Press 1996
FE016 0931666024 Modern Archives: Principles and Techniques T.R. Schellenberg, Kansas State Historical Society Society of American Archivists 2003
FE017 "0060922583 006016381X" The Holographic Universe Michael Talbot HarperCollins 1992
FE018 0872017451 Engineering and Construction Project Management Arthur E. Kerridge Gulf Publishing Co ,U.S. 1986
FE019 0881734306 Project Management and Leadership Skills for Engineering and Construction Projects Barry Benator Fairmont Press 2003
FE020 (Prentice-Hall International Series in Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics ) Project Management for Construction [Facsimile ed.] (0137312660,9780137312665) Chris Hendrickson, Tung Au Prentice Hall College Div 1989
FE021 0321558235 Campbell Biology, 9th Edition Jane B. Reece, Lisa A. Urry, Michael L. Cain, Steven A. Wasserman, Peter V. Minorsky, Robert B. Jackson Benjamin Cummings / Pearson 2011
FE022 1588296180 Essential Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Grant Cooper Humana Press 2006
FE023 A Handbook for Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality (TCRP report) Transit Cooperative Research Program, National Research Council . U.S. Transportation Research Board National Research Council 1999
FE024 Rigid Body Dynamics: Links and Joints (Master Thesis) Kristina Pickl UNIVERSITAT ERLANGEN-NURNBERG
FE025 0814417604 Administrative Assistant's and Secretary's Handbook , Fourth Edition James Stroman, Kevin Wilson, Jennifer Wauson Amacom Books 2011
FE026 0814479022 From Secretary Track to Fast Track: The Get Ahead Guide for Administrative Assistants, Secretaries, Office Managers, Receptionists, and Everyone Who Wants More Ken Lizotte, Barbara A. Litwak AMACOM 1996
FE027 The Company Secretary's Handbook: A Guide to Statutory Duties and Responsibilities [5th ed.] (0749453214,9780749453213,9780749455637) Helen Ashton Kogan Page 2008
FE028 The Definitive Personal Assistant and Secretarial Handbook: A Best Practice Guide for All Secretaries, Pas, Office Managers and Executive Assistants (0749453451,9780749453459) Sue France 2009
FE029 1933330015 70 Japanese Gestures: No Language Communication Hamiru-aqui, Aileen Chang Stone Bridge Press 2008
FE030 "0131001175 0536630992" A Framework for Marketing Management [2 ed.] (Marketing Management, Millenium Edition) Philip Kotler Prentice Hall 2002
FE031 1934356166 Agile Web Development with Rails, Third Edition Sam Ruby, Dave Thomas, David Hansson The Pragmatic Bookshelf 2009
FE032 0070070717 Materials Handbook: An Encyclopedia for Managers, Technical Professionals, Purchasing and Production Managers, Technicians, Supervisors, a [12th ed.] H. R. Claus George S. Brady 1986
FE033 0749452641 Accounting for Non-Accountants: A Manual for Managers and Students [7th ed.] Graham Mott Kogan Page 2008
FE034 0851999964 Tourism Research Methods: Integrating Theory with Practice Brent W. Ritchie, Peter Burns, Catherine Palmer CABI Publishing 2005
FE035 0273695304 Marketing Research: An Applied Approach, 2nd Edition Naresh K. Malhotra, David F. Birks Financial Times Management 2005
FE036 0273706896 Marketing Research: An Applied Approach, 3rd Edition Naresh K. Malhotra, David F. Birks Trans-Atlantic Publications, Inc. 2007
FE037 0136085431 Marketing Research: An Applied Orientation (6th Edition) Naresh K Malhotra Prentice Hall 2009
FE038 0765613050 Review of Marketing Research volume 2 Naresh K. Malhotra Emerald Group Publishing Limited 2005
FE039 0765613069 Review of Marketing Research volume 3 Naresh K. Malhotra Emerald Group Publishing Limited 2007
FE040 0765620928 Review of Marketing Research Volume 4 Naresh K. Malhotra Emerald Group Publishing Limited 2008
FE041 0765613042 Review of Marketing Research volume 1 Naresh K. Malhotra Emerald Group Publishing Limited 2004
FE042 "0761965246 0761965254" Using NVivo in Qualitative Research Lyn Richards SAGE Publications 1999
FE043 0195071999 Renewable Energy From the Ocean: A Guide to OTEC (Johns Hopkins University/Applied Laboratory Series in Science and Engineering) William H. Avery, Chih Wu Oxford University Press, USA 1994
FE044 0851996647 The Competitive Destination : A Sustainable Tourism Perspective J.R. Brent RITCHIE, Geoffrey I. CROUCH CABI Publishing 2003
FE045 1593850751 Principles and Practice of Structural Equation Modeling, Second Edition (Methodology In The Social Sciences) Rex B. Kline The Guilford Press 2005
FE046 9786029835823 PROSIDING SEMINAR SEMESTER GENAP 2010-2011 Lembaga Penelitian, Pemberdayaan Masyarakat dan Kemitran, Universitas Darma Persada UNSADA Press 2011
FE047 0230516017 Enterprise Resource Planning: Implementation and Management Accounting Change in a Transitional Country Ahmed Kholeif, Magdy Abdel -Kader, Michael Sherer Palgrave Macmillan 2008
FE048 1574447203 Semiconductor Industry: Wafer Fab Exhaust Management J. Michael Sherer CRC Press 2005
FE049 1111820511 Problem Solving Cases in Microsoft Access and Excel, 9th Edition Ellen Monk, Joseph Brady, Gerard S. Cook Course Technology 2011
FE050 0470478446 Integrated Business Processes with ERP Systems Simha R. Magal, Jeffrey Word Wiley 2011
FE051 1609608631 Strategic Enterprise Resource Planning Models for E-Government: Applications and Methodologies Susheel Chhabra and Muneesh Kumar IGI Global 2012
FE052 0791063291 Nuclear Submarine Disasters (Great Disasters: Reforms and Ramifications) Christopher Higgins Chelsea House Publications 2002
FE053 3866441606 Coupled 3D hydrodynamic models for submarine outfalls Tobias Bleninger Universitatsverlag Karlsruhe 2007
FE054 041538351X Design Analysis of Beams, Circular Plates and Cylindrical Tanks on Elastic Foundations, Second Edition Edmund Melerski 2006
FE055 British Battle Tanks. 1945 to the Present Arms & Armour Press 1983
FE056 Introduction to Helicopter Aerodynamics Workbook CNATRA P-401
FE057 9780307573599 Just an Ordinary Day: The Uncollected Stories Of Shirley Jackson Shirley Jackson Bantam 1997
FE059 9780470610626 Mastering the 7 essentials of high growth companies : effective lessons to grow your business David G. Thomson wiley 2010
FE060 "0071490310 007145604X" How to Plan and Execute Strategy : 24 Steps to Implement Any Corporate Strategy Successfully WALLACE STETTINIUS, D. ROBLEY WOOD, JR., JACQUELINE L. DOYLE, JOHN L. COLLEY, JR. McGraw-Hill 2005
FE061 "007175475X 0071494936" THINK BETTER (your company’s future depends on it . . . and so does yours) - Innovator Guide To Productive Thinking TIM HURSON McGraw-Hill 2008
FE062 0385531745 Brandwashed: Tricks Companies Use to Manipulate Our Minds and Persuade Us to Buy Martin Lindstrom Crown Business 2011
FE063 081440913X Administrative Assistant's and Secretary's Handbook ~ 3rd Edition James Stroman, Kevin Wilson, Jennifer Wauson Amacom 2008
FE064 1 (Crop Production Science in Horticulture) Bananas and Plantains [Second ed.] (1845936582,9781845936587) J. C. Robinson, V. Galán Saúco CABI 2010
FE065 2 (Environmental Science, Engineering and Technology: Energy Policies, Politics and Prices) Biomass Crops: Production, Energy, and the Environment (Environmental Science, Engineering and Technology: Energy Policies, Politics and Prices) (9781619424012) Alfred P. Haggerty Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 2011
FE066 4 Broadening the Genetic Bases of Crop Production [First ed.] (0851994113,9780851994116,9781845933029) H. David Cooper, Charlie Spillane, T. Hodgkin CABI 2001
FE067 5 (Crop Production Science in Horticulture 10) Carrots and Related Vegetable Umbelliferae (Crop Production Science in Horticulture, Volume 10) [First ed.] (0851991297,9780851991290) C F Quiros, V E Rubatzky, P W Simon CABI 1999
FE068 6 Climate Change and Crop Production (CABI Climate Change Series) [First ed.] (1845936337,9781845936334,1845936345,9781845936341) Matthew P Reynolds 2010
FE069 7 (Crop Production Science in Horticulture 16) Grapes (Crop Production Science in Horticulture, Volume 16) [1st ed.] (1845934016,9781845934019) G.L. Creasy, L.L. Creasy CABI 2009
FE070 9 Olives (Crop Production Science in Horticulture) [First ed.] (184593458X,9781845934583) Ioannis Therios CABI 2008
FE071 10 (Crop Production Science in Horticulture 15) Onions and other vegetable alliums [Second ed.] (1845933990,9781845933999) James L. Brewster CABI 2008
FE072 11 Organic Crop Production - Ambitions and Limitations [1 ed.] (1402093152,9781402093159) Holger Kirchmann, Lars Bergstrom Springer 2009
FE073 12 (Books in Soils, Plants, and the Environment) Organic Production and Use of Alternative Crops (Books in Soils, Plants, and the Environment) (1574446177,9781574446173) Franc Bavec, Martina Bavec CRC Press 2006
FE074 13 Pollen Biotechnology for Crop Production and Improvement [1st Ed. ed.] (052147180X,9780521471800,0521019753,9780521019750,9780511525469) K. R. Shivanna, V. K. Sawhney 1997
FE075 19 Production Practices and Quality Assessment of Food Crops: Volume 3: Quality Handling and Evaluation (Production Practices and Quality Assessment of Food Crops) [1 ed.] (1402017006,9781402017001,9781402025341) Ramdane Dris, Shri Mohan S.M. Jain 2004
FE076 20 Rice: Origin, History, Technology, and Production (Wiley Series in Crop Science) [1 ed.] (0471345164) C. Wayne Smith, Robert H. Dilday 2002
FE077 21 Soil Microbiology and Sustainable Crop Production [1st Edition. ed.] (9048194784,9789048194780,9789048194797) Geoffrey R. Dixon, Emma L. Tilston Springer 2010
FE078 22 (Developments in Soil Science ) Soil Organic Matter and Its Role in Crop Production (9780444410177,0444410171) Author Unknown Elsevier Science 1973
FE079 23 Soil Quality for Crop Production and Ecosystem Health (Developments in Soil Science) (Developments in Soil Science) [1 ed.] (0444816615,9780444816610,9780080541402) E.G. Gregorich, M.R. Carter 1997
FE080 24 (Crop Production Science in Horticulture) Tomatoes [First ed.] (0851993966,9780851993966) Ep Heuvelink CABI 2005
FE081 25 (Crop Production Science in Horticulture 20 ) Tropical Fruits, 2nd Edition, Volume 1 (Crop Production Science in Horticulture, Volume 20) [Second ed.] (1845936728,9781845936723) Robert E Paull, Odilo Duarte CAB International 2011
FE082 26 (Crop Production Science in Horticulture 20 ) Tropical Fruits, Volume 1 (Crop Production Science in Horticulture, Volume 20) [Second ed.] (1845936728,9781845936723) Robert E Paull, Odilo Duarte CABI 2010
FE083 27 Tropical Root and Tuber Crops: Cassava, Sweet Potato, Yams, Aroids (Crop Production Science in Horticulture) [First ed.] (1845934245,9781845934248) Vincent Lebot CABI 2008
FE084 28 Use of Reclaimed Water and Sludge in Food Crop Production (9780309083850,0309083850,0309054796,9780309054799,9780585030869) Committee on the Use of Treated Municipal Wastewater Effluents and Sludge in the Production of Crops for Human Consumption, National Research Council National Academies Press 1996
FE085 0470127953 Computing for Numerical Methods Using Visual C++ Shaharuddin Salleh, Albert Y. Zomaya, Sakhinah A. Bakar Wiley-Interscience 2008
FE086 0471692646 Objects, Abstraction, Data Structures and Design: Using Java version 5.0 Elliot B. Koffman, Paul A. T. Wolfgang Wiley 2004
FE087 0201038935 (Series in Computer Science & Information Processing) Problem Solving and Structured Programming in PASCAL Elliot B. Koffman Addison-Wesley 1981
FE088 0201214504 Problem Solving and Structured Programming in Pascal [2nd edition ed.] Elliot B. Koffman Addison-Wesley 1985
FE089 0538453028 C# Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design, 3rd Edition Barbara Doyle Cengage Learning 2010
FE090 0538798092 C++ Programming: Program Design Including Data Structures, 5th Edition D. S. Malik Course Technology 2010
FE091 111153053X Java Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design, 5th Edition D. S. Malik Cengage Learning 2011
FE092 0471694614 Numerical Simulations and Case Studies Using Visual C++. Net Shaharuddin Salleh, Albert Y Zomaya, Stephen Olariu & Bahrom Sanugi Wiley-Interscience 2005
FE093 0136091814 Building Java Programs: A Back to Basics Approach, 2nd Edition Stuart Reges, Martin Stepp Addison-Wesley/Pearson 2011
FE094 Building parallel programs: SMPs, clusters, and Java [1 ed.] (1423901983,9781423901983) Alan Kaminsky Cengage Learning 2009
FE095 0132149184 Java Software Solutions: Foundations of Program Design, 7th Edition John Lewis, William Loftus Addison Wesley 2011
FE096 0471415286 Developing Mainframe Java Applications Lou Marco Wiley 2001
FE097 MWH's Water Treatment: Principles and Design [3 ed.] (0470405392,9780470405390) John C. Crittenden, R. Rhodes Trussell, David W. Hand, Kerry J. Howe, George Tchobanoglous Wiley 2012
FE098 Effective Teaching and Learning: Teachers' and Pupils' Perspectives (033519379X,9780335193790,0335193803,9780335193806) Paul Cooper, Donald G. McIntyre 1996
FE099 (Plastics Engineering) Photonic Polymer Systems [1 ed.] (0824701526,9780824701529,9780585439662) Donald L. Wise, Gary E. Wnek, Debra J. Trantolo, Thomas M. Cooper, Joseph D. Gresser CRC Press 1998
FE100 0521818605 The philosophy of social practices: a collective acceptance view Raimo Tuomela Cambridge University Press 2002
FE101 0195313399 The Philosophy of Sociality: The Shared Point of View Raimo Tuomela Oxford University Press, USA 2007
FE103 Metaprogramming Ruby Vandenburg G. O'Reilly 2005
FE104 (Facets of Ruby) Metaprogramming Ruby [1 ed.] (1934356476,9781934356470) Paolo Perrotta Pragmatic Bookshelf 2010
FE105 Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer: Theory and Experiments [2nd ed.] (051752757X,9780517527573) John C. Lilly Three Rivers Press/Julian Press 1972
FE106 0471190454 Nonparametric Statistical Methods [2 ed.] Myles Hollander, Douglas A. Wolfe Wiley-Interscience 1999
FE107 0471112402 Statistics: A Biomedical Introduction (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics) Byron Wm. Brown, Myles Hollander Wiley-Interscience 1977
FE108 0131990276 Advanced reading power : extensive reading, vocabulary building, comprehension skills, reading faster Beatrice S. Mikulecky, Linda Jeffries. Pearson Education 2007
FE109 0538468483 Microsoft Visual Basic 2010: For Windows, Web, and Office Applications: Complete Gary B. Shelly, Corinne Hoisington Cengage Learning 2010
FE110 0136077749 Starting Out with C++: Early Objects, 7th Edition Tony Gaddis, Judy Walters, Godfrey Muganda Addison Wesley 2010
FE111 0132576376 Starting Out with Python, 2nd Edition Tony Gaddis Pearson Education 2011
FE112 1111530157 Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 [2 ed.] Diane Zak Cengage Learning 2011
FE113 1111529434 Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2010, 5th Edition Diane Zak Cengage Learning 2011
FE114 1435458109 Visual Basic Game Programming for Teens, Third Edition Jonathan S. Harbour Course Technology PTR 2010
FE115 0073517224 Advanced Programming Using Visual Basic 2008 [4 ed.] Julia Case Bradley, Anita Millspaugh 2009
FE116 0073517208 Programming in Visual Basic 2008, 7th Edition Julia Case Bradley, Anita C. Millspaugh McGraw-Hill Higher Education 2008
FE117 0073517216 Programming in Visual C# 2008 [3 ed.] Julia Case Bradley, Anita Millspaugh 2009
FE118 1111531005 A First Book of C++, from Here to There [4 ed.] Gary J Bronson Cengage Learning 2011
FE119 0314008160 C for Engineers and Scientists: An Introduction to Programming With ANSI C Gary J. Bronson, Howard Silver West Publishing Company 1993
FE120 0324786433 C++ for Engineers and Scientists, Third Edition Gary J. Bronson, G. J. Borse Cengage Learning 2009
FE121 0393979504 C Programming: A Modern Approach [2 ed.] K. N. King W. W. Norton & Company 2008
FE122 0136123562 C: How to Program, 6th Edition Paul Deitel, Harvey M. Deitel Prentice Hall 2009
FE123 0201741253 Essential C++ for Engineers and Scientists (2nd Edition) Jeri R. Hanly Addison Wesley 2001
FE124 Algorithms, Data Structures, and Problem Solving With C [2 ed.] (0805316663) Mark Allen Weiss Addison-Wesley 1996
FE125 Algorithms, data structures, and problem solving with C++ [2 ed.] (9780805316667,0805316663) Mark Allen Weiss Addison-Wesley 1996
FE126 Data Structures & Problem Solving Using Java. Fourth Edition [4th ed.] (0321541405,9780321541406) Mark Allen Weiss Addison-Wesley 2010
FE127 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis (0805390529,9780805390520) Mark Allen Weiss Benjamin-Cummings Pub Co 1991
FE128 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis (0805390529,9780805390520) Mark Allen Weiss Benjamin-Cummings Pub Co 1991
FE129 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C [2 ed.] (080539057X,9780805390575) Mark Allen Weiss 1994
FE130 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in Java, 3rd Edition [3rd ed.] (0132576279,9780132576277) Mark Allen Weiss Pearson Education Canada 2011
FE131 Data Structures and Problem Solving Using Java [3 ed.] (0321322134,9780321322135) Mark Allen Weiss Addison Wesley 2005
FE132 0673999866 Pointers on C Kenneth Reek Addison Wesley 1997
FE133 0672326663 Programming in C (3rd Edition) (Developer's Library) Stephen Kochan Sams 2004
FE134 0597837708 Botox: A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References Icon Health Publications ICON Health Publications 2003
FE135 0521881129 Augmentation Fillers Neil S. Sadick MD Cambridge University Press 2010
FE136 The UNIX Hater's Handbook [First Edition ed.] (1568842031,9781568842035) Simson L. Garfinkel, Daniel Weise, Simson Garfinkel, Steven Strassmann, Donald Norman, Dennis Ritchie IDG Books Worldwide, Inc. 1994
FE137 0137058292 Marketing Metrics: The Definitive Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance (2nd Edition) Paul W. Farris, Neil T. Bendle, Phillip E. Pfeifer, David J. Reibstein Pearson Prentice Hall 2010
FE138 0131873709 Marketing Metrics: 50+ Metrics Every Executive Should Master Paul W. Farris, Neil T. Bendle, Phillip E. Pfeifer, David J. Reibstein 2006
FE139 0273722034 Key Marketing Metrics: The 50+ Metrics Every Manager Needs to Know Paul W. Farris, Neil T. Bendle, Phillip E. Pfeifer, David J. Reibstein Financial Times Prent.Int 2008
FE140 184950900X Tourism-marketing Performance Metrics and Usefulness Auditing of Destination Websites: Volume 4 (Advances in Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research) Arch G. Woodside Emerald Group Publishing Limited 2010
FE141 0321656229 Effortless E-Commerce with PHP and MySQL Larry Ullman New Riders 2011
FE142 Integrated Brand Marketing and Measuring Returns (0230577342,9780230577343) Philip J. Kitchen Palgrave Macmillan 2010
FE143 Podcast Academy: The Business Podcasting Book: Launching, Marketing, and Measuring Your Podcast (024080967X,9780240809670,9780080552873) Michael Geoghegan, Greg Cangialosi, Ryan Irelan, Tim Bourquin, Colette Vogele 2007
FE144 2 All Marketers are Liars (with a New Preface) (9781101184547) Seth Godin Penguin USA, Inc. 2011
FE145 4 All Marketers Are Liars: The Power of Telling Authentic Stories in a Low-Trust World (9781591841005,1591841003) Seth Godin Portfolio 2005
FE146 7 Become a Master Affliate Marketer Mark Clayborne
FE147 9781932353655 Business technology marketing benchmark guide 2007-08 : practical data for B-to-B software, hardware, & services marketers MarketingSherpa MarketingSherpa, Inc. 2007
FE148 1564146987 Diamond Power: Gems of Wisdom From America's Greatest Marketer Barry J. Farber Career Press 2003
FE149 12 (Chartered Institute of Marketing ) Essential Law for Marketers [1st ed.] (0750655003,9780750655002,9781429483933) Ardi Kolah BA LL.M FCIM FIPR FRSA Chartered Marketer Butterworth-Heinemann 2002
FE150 13 Integrated Account Management: How Business-to-Business Marketers Maximize Customer Loyalty and Profitability (0814403336,9780814403334,9780585039800) Mark A. Peck AMACOM 1997
FE151 14 Kidfluence - The Marketer's Guide to Understanding and Reaching Generation Y [1 ed.] (9780071416221,0071416226) Anne Sutherland, Beth Thompson McGraw-Hill 2003
FE152 15 Leading Marketers (Inside the Minds: Leading Marketers Series) (1587620537,9781587620539,9781587625312) Aspatore Books Staff, Stephen Jones, T. Michael Glenn, Karen Edwards, Michael Linton, Jody Bilney, John Hayes, Richard Rivers, Richard Costello, Tim Brosnan
FE153 16 Marketing White Belt: Basics For the Digital Marketer Christopher Penn 2011
FE154 19 Maximizing Lead Generation: The Complete Guide for B2B Marketers (Que Biz-Tech) Ruth P. Stevens QUE 2011
FE155 21 Search Marketing Strategies: A Marketer's Guide to Objective Driven Success from Search Engines (Emarketing Essentials) (0750666188,9780750666183,9780080457888) James Colborn 2005
FE156 22 Secrets of the Marketing Masters: What the Best Marketers Do -- And Why It Works (0814409431,9780814409435,9780814410226) Dick Martin 2009
FE157 23 Social Media Geek-To-Geek: Practical Insights for Technology Marketers (1617300071,161730008X,9781617300073,9781617300080) Rick Jamison and Kathy Schmidt Jamison Synopsys, Inc. 2011
FE158 24 Strategic Thinking: A Nine Step Approach to Strategy and Leadership for Managers and Marketers [Third Edition ed.] (0749460776,9780749460778) Simon Wootton, Terry Horne Kogan Page 2010
FE159 25 The Accidental Library Marketer [1 ed.] (1573873683,9781573873680) Kathy Dempsey Information Today, Inc. 2009
FE160 30 The Relationship Marketer: Rethinking Strategic Relationship Marketing, Second Edition [2nd ed. ed.] (3642032427,9783642032424) Soren Hougaard, Mogens Bjerre 2009
FE161 32 Write on target: the direct marketer's copywriting handbook (0844259144,9780844259147) Donna Baier Stein, Floyd Kemske NTC Business Books 1997
FE162 0749450851 The New Strategic Brand Management: Creating and Sustaining Brand Equity Long Term (New Strategic Brand Management: Creating & Sustaining Brand Equity) [4th ed.] Jean-Noel Kapferer Kogan Page 2008
FE163 Pro Logo: Brands as a Factor of Progress (1403918252,9781403918253,9780230508897) Michel Chevalier, Gerald Mazzalovo 2004
FE164 074944942X Profitable Marketing Communications: A Guide to Marketing Return on Investment Antony Young, Lucy Aitken Kogan Page 2007
FE165 1461415535 Service Management: The New Paradigm in Retailing Jay Kandampully Springer 2012
FE166 (Ethics of Science and Technology Assessment volume 40) Balancing Renewable Electricity: Energy Storage, Demand Side Management, and Network Extension from an Interdisciplinary Perspective [2012 ed.] (3642251560,9783642251566) Bert Droste-Franke, Boris P. Paal, Christian Rehtanz, Dirk Uwe Sauer, Jens-Peter Schneider, Miranda Schreurs, Thomas Ziesemer Springer 2012
FE167 0273682792 Business-to-business Marketing: Relationships, Systems And Communications Chris Fill, Karen Fill Financial Times Management 2004
FE168 Challenges in Relationship Marketing [1st ed.] (8776758044,9788776758042) Per V. Freytag, Kristian Philipsen Academica 2010
FE169 Data Mining Techniques: For Marketing, Sales, and Customer Relationship Management [3 ed.] (0470650931,9780470650936) Michael J. Berry, Gordon S. Linoff John Wiley and Sons 2011
FE170 Guanxi : Relationship Marketing in a Chinese Context [1 ed.] (0789012898,9780789012890,9780585484709) Y. H. Wong, Thomas K. P. Leung Routledge 2001
FE171 Journal of Enterprise Information Management - Vol. 17 No. 6, 2004: E-commerce relationship marketing (184544051X) Jerry Fjermestad, Nicholas C. Romano, Jr (editors)
FE172 0273706837 Marketing Management: A Relationship Approach [2 ed.] Svend Hollensen Financial Times Management 2010
FE173 Marketing the Sports Organisation: Building Networks and Relationships [1 ed.] (0415453291,9780415453295) Alain Ferrand, Scott McCarthy Routledge 2008
FE174 Relationship Between Exporters and Their Foreign Sales and Marketing Intermediaries (Advances in International Marketing, Volume 16) (0-7623-1286-6,978-0-7623-1286-3) Solberg C.A. 2006
FE175 0415146070,0203025512,6610332061 (Routledge Advances in Management and Business Studies ) Relationship Marketing in Professional Services: A Study of Agency-Client Dynamics in the Advertising Sector Aino Halinen Routledge 1996
FE176 Relationship Marketing: Dialogue and Networks in the E-commerce Era (0470843411,9780470843413,9780470856789) Richard J. Varey Wiley 2003
FE177 Social Marketing to the Business Customer: Listen to Your B2B Market, Generate Major Account Leads, and Build Client Relationships [1 ed.] (0470639334,9780470639337) Paul Gillin, Eric Schwartzman Wiley 2011
FE178 0749435798 Successful Customer Relationship Marketing Merlin Stone, Bryan Foss Kogan Page 2001
FE179 The Impact of Culture on Relationship Marketing in International Services (3834920185,9783834920188) Jan H. Schumann Gabler 2009
FE180 The New Relationship Marketing: How to Build a Large, Loyal, Profitable Network Using the Social Web [1 ed.] (1118063066,9781118063064) Mari Smith Wiley 2011
FE181 Total Relationship Marketing, Third Edition: Marketing management, relationship strategy ,CRM, and a new dominant logic for the value-creating network economy [3 ed.] (0750686332,9780750686334) Evert Gummesson Butterworth-Heinemann 2008
FE182 Up Close & Personal?: Customer Relationship Marketing at Work [3rd ed.] (0749446919,9780749446918,9780749448745) Paul R Gamble, Merlin Stone, Neil Woodcock, Bryan Foss, Paul R. Gamble Kogan Page 2006
FE183 145070073X Winning in the Relationship Era: A New Model for Marketing Success Doug Levy imc2 2010
FE184 (For Dummies Pets) Dog Training For Dummies [3 ed.] (0470600292,9780470600290) Jack Volhard, Wendy Volhard For Dummies 2010
FE185 0764559850 Training For Dummies Elaine Biech For Dummies 2005
FE186 Training Your Brain For Dummies [1 ed.] (0470974494,9780470974490,9780470975411,9780470975428,9780470976302) Tracy Packiam Alloway Wiley 2011
FE187 Triathlon Training For Dummies (0470383879,9780470383872,9780470453018) Deirdre Pitney, Donna Dourney For Dummies 2008
FE188 0750685662 The Marketing Book, Sixth Edition Michael Baker, Susan Hart Butterworth-Heinemann 2008
FE189 The American Beauty Industry Encyclopedia (0313359490,9780313359491) Julie Willett Greenwood 2010
FE190 0321545885 Starting Out with C++: From Control Structures through Objects, 6th Edition (QA76.73.C153 G33 2009 ) Tony Gaddis Addison Wesley 2008
FE191 0810462613 Programming in C Stephen G. Kochan Hayden Books 1983
FE192 041544327X,0415443261 Brand Management: Research, theory and practice Tilde Heding, Charlotte F. Knudtzen, Mogens Bjerre Routledge 2009
FE194 0521726905 Brand Society: How Brands Transform Management and Lifestyle Martin Kornberger Cambridge University Press 2010
FE195 0071762345 Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook (And Other Social Networks) Dave Kerpen McGraw-Hill 2011
FE196 0415222109 The Linguistics Encyclopedia: Second Edition Kirst Malmkjaer Routledge 2002
FE197 0415421047 The Routledge Linguistics Encyclopedia [3 ed.] Kirsten Malmkjaer Routledge 2010
FE198 (Concise Encyclopedias of Language and Linguistics ) Concise Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics [1 ed.] (0080965024,9780080965024) Margie Berns Elsevier 2009
FE199 (Concise Encyclopedias of Language and Linguistics) Concise encyclopedia of brain and language (0080964982,9780080964980) Whitaker H. Elsevier 2010
FE200 0080877745 (Concise Encyclopedias of Language and Linguistics) Concise Encyclopedia of Languages of the World Keith Brown, Sarah Ogilvie Elsevier Science 2008
FE201 7 Concise Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Language and Linguistics (Concise Encyclopedias of Language and Linguistics) [1 ed.] (0080965008,9780080965000,9780080965017) Alex Barber, Robert J Stainton Elsevier Science 2009
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