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-336 Koleksi referensi jurnal skripsi, tesis, disertasi / journal, dissertations and theses

Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus Thomas M. Herndon, George C. Tsokos (auth.), Priv.-Doz. Dr. Annegret Kuhn, Prof. Dr. Percy Lehmann, Prof. Dr. Dr. H.C. Thomas Ruzicka (eds.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-44266-0,978-3-540-26581-8
Allergy in Practice Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Johannes Ring (auth.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-00219-2,978-3-540-26584-9
Artificial Oxygen Carrier: Its Front Line Keio University International Symposia for Life Sciences and Medicine 12 K. Kobayashi, H. Horinouchi, M. Watanabe, Y. Izumi (auth.), Koichi Kobayashi M.D., Ph.D., Eishun Tsuchida Ph.D., Hirohisa Horinouchi M.D., Ph.D. (eds.) 2005 Springer Tokyo 978-4-431-22074-9,978-4-431-26651-8
 Dissemination of Information in Communication Networks: Broadcasting, Gossiping, Leader Election, and Fault-Tolerance Texts in Theoretical Computer Science An EATCS Series Prof. Dr. Juraj Hromkovič, Dr. Ralf Klasing, Dr. Andrzej Pelc, Prof. Dr. Peter Ružičkaá¾ , Dr. Walter Unger (auth.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-00846-0,978-3-540-26663-1
Radiologic-Pathologic Correlations from Head to Toe: Understanding the Manifestations of Disease Cosma E. Andreula (auth.), Professor Nicholas C. Gourtsoyiannis M.D., Pablo R. Ros M.D., MPH (eds.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-04395-9,978-3-540-26664-8
State of the Art for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Thanet Wattanawong, Petchara Chamnankitkosol (auth.), Akira Dezawa M.D., Ph.D., Po-Quang Chen M.D., Ph.D., Jae-Yoon Chung M.D., Ph.D. (eds.) 2005 Springer Tokyo 978-4-431-01248-1,978-4-431-26666-2
Excimer Laser Technology D. Basting, G. Marowsky (auth.), Dr. Dirk Basting, Professor Dr. Gerd Marowsky (eds.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-20056-7,978-3-540-26667-9
Quo Vadis Quantum Mechanics? The Frontiers Collection A. C. Elitzur (auth.), Prof. Avshalom C. Elitzur, Dr. Shahar Dolev, Nancy Kolenda (eds.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-22188-3,978-3-540-26669-3
Inhibitors of Protein Kinases and Protein Phosphates Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology 167 P. Cohen (auth.), Professor Lorenzo A. Pinna, Patricia T.W. Cohen Ph.D. (eds.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-21242-3,978-3-540-26670-9
Eutrophication Management and Ecotoxicology Environmental Science Martin C. Th. Scholten, Edwin M. Foekema, Henno P. Van Dokkum, Nicolaas H.B.M. Kaag, Robbert G. Jak (auth.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-22210-1,978-3-540-26671-6
Femtosecond Laser Pulses: Principles and Experiments Advanced Texts in Physics C. Hirlimann (auth.), Professor Dr. Claude Rullière (eds.) 2005 Springer New York 978-0-387-01769-3,978-0-387-26674-9
Geo-Spatial Technologies in Urban Environments Dr. Ryan R. Jensen, Dr. Jay D. Gatrell, Dr. Daniel D. McLean (auth.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-22263-7,978-3-540-26676-1
Pathology of the Human Placenta Kurt Benirschke MD, Peter Kaufmann MD, Rebecca Baergen MD (auth.) 2006 Springer New York 978-0-387-26738-8,978-0-387-26742-5
Practitioner’s Guide to Symptom Base Rates in the General Population (auth.), Robert J. McCaffrey, Lyndsey Bauer, Anjali A. Palav, Sid E. O’Bryant (eds.) 2006 Springer New York 978-0-387-26757-9,978-0-387-26758-6
Cataract and Refractive Surgery Essentials in Ophthalmology Roberto Bellucci MD, Simonetta Morselli MD (auth.), Thomas Kohnen MD, Douglas D. Koch MD (eds.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-20046-8,978-3-540-26678-5
Extreme Nonlinear Optics: An Introduction Advanced Texts in Physics Professor Dr. Martin Wegener (auth.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-22291-0,978-3-540-26688-4
 Short-Wave Solar Radiation in the Earth's Atmosphere: Calculation, Observation, Interpretation Professor Dr. Irina N. Melnikova, Dr. Alexander V. Vasilyev (auth.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-21452-6,978-3-540-26692-1
Rise and Decline of Industry in Central and Eastern Europe: A Comparative Study of Cities and Regions in Eleven Countries Central and Eastern European Development Studies (CEEDES) Gerd Lintz, Bernhard Müller, Maroš Finka (auth.), Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Bernhard Müller, Professor Maroš Finka PhD, Dr. Gerd Lintz (eds.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-40478-1,978-3-540-26695-2
 Social Security, Demographics, and Risk Population Economics Dr. Christoph Borgmann (auth.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-22268-2,978-3-540-26697-6
Designing Democracy: Ideas for Better Rules Professor Dr. Hans Gersbach (auth.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-22402-0,978-3-540-26698-3
Reactive Transport in Soil and Groundwater: Processes and Models D. Ronen, S. Sorek (auth.), Professor Dr. Gunnar Nützmann, Professor Dr. Paolo Viotti, Professor Dr. Per Aagaard (eds.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-26744-7,978-3-540-26746-1
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Wound Healing and Ulcers of the Skin: Diagnosis and Therapy — The Practical Approach Dr. Avi Shai, Professor Howard I. Maibach (auth.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-21275-1,978-3-540-26761-4
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Developments in Spatial Data Handling: 11th International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling Professor Peter F. Fisher (auth.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-22610-9,978-3-540-26772-0
Economics of the Environment: Theory and Policy Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Horst Siebert, Professor Stephen Muller (auth.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-22061-9,978-3-540-26777-5
The Devlopment of the Perineum in the Human: A Comprehensive Histological Study with a Special Reference to the Role of the Stromal Components Advances in Anatomy Embryology and Cell Biology 177 S. C. J. van der Putte (auth.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-21039-9,978-3-540-26783-6
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Teaching Writing in Chinese Speaking Areas Studies in Writing 16 Mark Shiu Kee Shum, Lu De Zhang (auth.), Mark Shiu Kee Shum, Lu De Zhang (eds.) 2005 Springer US 978-0-387-26392-2,978-0-387-26915-3
Mechanical Ventilation Update in Intensive Care Medicine Y. Sakr, J.L. Vincent (auth.), Prof. Arthur S. Slutsky MD, Prof. Laurent Brochard (eds.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-20267-7,978-3-540-26791-1
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General ultrasound in the critically ill Daniel Lichtenstein MD (auth.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-20822-8,978-3-540-26816-1
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Beyond Kyoto — A New Global Climate Certificate System: Continuing Kyoto Commitments or a Global ‘Cap and Trade’ Scheme for a Sustainable Climate Policy? Prof. Dr. Lutz Wicke (auth.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-22482-2,978-3-540-26863-5
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Who's Who in Orthopedics Seyed Behrooz Mostofi BBS, MS (Orth), FAGE (auth.) 2005 Springer London 978-1-85233-786-5,978-1-84628-070-2
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Brodmann’s Localisation in the Cerebral Cortex: The Principles of Comparative Localisation in the Cerebral Cortex Based on Cytoarchitectonics Dr. K. Brodmann (auth.) 2006 Springer US 978-0-387-26917-7,978-0-387-26919-1
 Multinational Enterprises, Foreign Direct Investment and Growth in Africa: South African Perspectives Contributions to Economics B. M. Gilroy, T. Gries, W. Naudé (auth.), Prof. Dr. Bernard Michael Gilroy, Prof. Dr. Thomas Gries, Prof. Dr. Willem A. Naudé (eds.) 2005 Physica-Verlag HD 978-3-7908-0276-4,978-3-7908-1610-5
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Women in Space — Following Valentina Springer Praxis Books David J. Shayler, Ian A. Moule (auth.) 2005 Springer London 978-1-85233-744-5,978-1-84628-078-8
The Molecular Genetics of Lung Cancer David N. Cooper (auth.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-22985-8,978-3-540-26954-0
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Is it Safe to Eat?: Enjoy Eating and Minimize Food Risks Professor Dr. Ian Shaw (auth.) 2005 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-21286-7,978-3-540-27003-4
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