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+255 Koleksi referensi jurnal skripsi, tesis, disertasi / journal, dissertations and theses

Symptomatology and Therapy of Toxicological Emergencies William B. Deichmann and Horace W. Gerarde (Auth.) 1964 978-1-4832-3279-9
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The Epidermis William Montagna and Walter C. Lobitz (Eds.) 1964 978-1-4832-3293-5
The Evolution of Differentiation William S. Bullough (Auth.) 1967 978-1-4832-3294-2
The Growing of Sugar Cane Roger P. Humbert (Auth.) 1963 978-1-4832-3295-9
The Kjeldahl Method for Organic Nitrogen R. B. Bradstreet (Auth.) 1965 978-1-4832-3298-0
The Logic of Explanation in Psychoanalysis Michael Sherwood (Auth.) 1969 978-1-4832-3299-7
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The Principal Diseases of Lower Vertebrates H. Reichenbach-Klinke and E. Elkan (Auth.) 1965 978-1-4832-3303-1
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The Rheumatic Diseases G. D. Kersley (Auth.) 1962 978-1-4832-3307-9
The Rumen and its Microbes Robert E. Hungate (Auth.) 1966 978-1-4832-3308-6
The Science of Adhesive Joints J. J. Bikerman (Auth.) 1968 978-1-4832-3309-3
The Squirrel Monkey Leonard A. Rosenblum and Robert W. Cooper (Eds.) 1968 978-1-4832-3310-9
Theoretical and Methodological Basis of Continuous Culture of Microorganisms Ivan Málek and Zden?k Fenel (Eds.) 1966 978-1-4832-3311-6
Theory of Groups and its Application to Physical Problems S. Bhagavantam and T. Venkatarayudu (Auth.) 1969 978-1-4832-3313-0
Tissue Culture Technique Gladys Cameron (Auth.) 1950 978-1-4832-3315-4
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Nutrition and Victory. Food Problems in War and Peace Erwin Pulay (Auth.) 1941 Butterworth-Heinemann 978-1-4832-5655-9
New Aspects of Cheap Food. With a Table of Foods in Alphabetic Order Showing in a Single Figure the Comparative Value in Nutritive Units of Potato Rudolph Keller (Auth.) 1943 Butterworth-Heinemann 978-1-4832-5661-0
 The Preparation of Solutions Isoosmotic with Blood, Tears, and Tissue C. G. Lund, E. Peülicke Nielsen and K. Pedersen-Bjergaard (Auth.) 1947 Butterworth-Heinemann 978-1-4832-5665-8
Pulmonary Deposition and Retention of Inhaled Aerosols Theodore F. Hatch, Paul Gross and George D. Clayton (Auth.) 1964 978-1-4832-5671-9
A Laboratory Introduction to Psychology John W. P. Ost, James Allison and William B. Vance (Auth.) 1969 0 Academic Press 978-1-4832-5674-0
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Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems Jerry B. Marion (Auth.) 1965 Academic Press 978-1-4832-5676-4
Elements of Abstract Harmonic Analysis George Bachman (Auth.) 1964 Academic Press 978-1-4832-5678-8
Energy Changes in Biochemical Reactions Irving M. Klotz (Auth.) 1967 Academic Press 978-1-4832-5679-5
Renewable Energy. Prospects for Implementation Tim Jackson (Eds.) 1993 978-1-4832-5695-5
Basic Cartography for Students and Technicians. Exercise Manual R. W. Anson and F. J. Ormeling (Eds.) 1991 978-1-4832-5712-9,1-85166-590-0
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Mare Liberum. Sive De iure quod Batavis competit ad indicana commercia dissertatio Hugo de Groot (Auth.) 978-1-4832-8303-6
An Atlas of the Commoner Skin Diseases. With 147 Plates Reproduced by Direct Colour Photography from the Living Subject Henry C. G. Semon (Auth.) 1953 978-1-4832-8304-3
A Synopsis of Ophthalmology J. L. C. Martin-Doyle (Auth.) 1967 978-1-4832-8305-0
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A Companion to Modal Logic G. E. Hughes, M. J. Cresswell 1985 METHUEN 0416375103, 9780416375107 84-8939
L'architecture Militaire Ou la Fortification Nouvelle Adam Freitag (Auth.) 978-1-4832-8314-2
Le Pastissier François François Pierre de la Varenne (Auth.) 978-1-4832-8315-9
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Logistical Excellence. It's Not Business As Usual Donald J. Bowersox (Auth.) 1992 Digital Press 978-1-55558-087-2,1-55558-087-4
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