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Understanding Sexual Medicine: A Guide for Family Practitioners and Students Ivor Felstein (auth.) 1987 Springer Netherlands 978-0-85200-982-6,978-94-009-3223-4,0-85200-982-8
Depression: The disorder and its associations B. Mahendra (auth.) 1987 Springer Netherlands 978-94-010-7947-1,978-94-009-3225-8
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LHRH and Its Analogs: Contraceptive and Therapeutic Applications Part 2 J. J. Nestor Jr (auth.), B. H. Vickery, J. J. Nestor Jr. (eds.) 1987 Springer Netherlands 978-94-010-7949-5,978-94-009-3229-6
Ankylosing Spondylitis New Clinical Application Rheumatology 1 A. J. Freemont (auth.), John J. Calabro MD, FACP, W. Carson Dick MD (Glas.), MBChB, FRCP (Land.) (eds.) 1987 Springer Netherlands 978-94-010-7950-1,978-94-009-3231-9
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Delineation of Mine-Sites and Potential in Different Sea Areas Seabed Minerals Series 4 1987 Springer Netherlands 978-94-010-7952-5,978-94-009-3235-7
Marine Clastic Sedimentology: Concepts and Case Studies Emiliano Mutti, William R. Normark (auth.), J. K. Leggett, G. G. Zuffa (eds.) 1987 Springer Netherlands 978-94-010-7954-9,978-94-009-3241-8
Labor Market Adjustments in the Pacific Basin Peter T. Chinloy, Ernst W. Stromsdorfer (auth.), Peter T. Chinloy, Ernst W. Stromsdorfer (eds.) 1987 Springer Netherlands 978-94-010-7958-7,978-94-009-3251-7
Pre-Classical Economic Thought: From the Greeks to the Scottish Enlightenment Recent Economic Thought Series 10 S. Todd Lowry (auth.), S. Todd Lowry (eds.) 1987 Springer Netherlands 978-94-010-7960-0,978-94-009-3255-5
Alternative Approaches to the Assessment of Achievement Evaluation in Education and Human Services 16 David L. McArthur PhD (auth.), David L. McArthur PhD (eds.) 1987 Springer Netherlands 978-94-010-7961-7,978-94-009-3257-9
The Services Economy: Lever to Growth Jacques Nusbaumer (auth.) 1987 Springer Netherlands 978-94-010-7962-4,978-94-009-3259-3
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The Development of American Federalism William H. Riker (auth.) 1987 Springer Netherlands 978-94-010-7969-3,978-94-009-3273-9
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Pointers to Cancer Prognosis Developments in Oncology 48 S. P. Parbhoo (auth.), Basil A. Stoll (eds.) 1987 Springer Netherlands 978-0-89838-876-3,978-94-009-3291-3
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Time Series: Data Analysis and Theory Classics in Applied Mathematics, 36 David R. Brillinger 2001 SIAM: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics 0898715016,9780898715019
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Growing Old in the Future: Scenarios on health and ageing 1984–2000 Scenario-report, commissioned by the Steering Committee on Future Health Scenarios C. F. Hollander, H. A. Becker (auth.), C. F. Hollander, H. A. Becker (eds.) 1987 Springer Netherlands 978-0-89838-869-5,978-94-009-3309-5
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Early Detection and Management of Cerebral Palsy Topics in the Neurosciences 6 H. Galjaard, H. F. R. Prechtl, M. Veličkovič (auth.), H. Galjaard, H. F. R. Prechtl, M. Veličkovič (eds.) 1987 Springer Netherlands 978-94-010-7997-6,978-94-009-3333-0,0-89838-791-4,0-89838-800-7,0-89838-814-7,0-89838-820-1,0-89838-884-8,0-89838-890-2
Disordered Defaecation: Current opinion on diagnosis and treatment Developments In Surgery 8 H. O. Ten Cate Hoedemaker, H. G. Gooszen (auth.), H. G. Gooszen, H. O. Ten Cate Hoedemaker, I. T. Weterman, M. R. B. Keighley (eds.) 1987 Springer Netherlands 978-94-010-7998-3,978-94-009-3335-4
Ocular Circulation and Neovascularization Documenta Ophthalmologica Proceedings Series 50 David BenEzra (auth.), David BenEzra M.D., Ph.D.,, Stephen J. Ryan M.D., Bert M. Glaser M.D., Robert P. Murphy M.D. (eds.) 1987 Springer Netherlands 978-94-010-7999-0,978-94-009-3337-8
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 Clinical efficacy of positron emission tomography: Proceedings of a workshop held in Cologne, FRG, sponsored by the Commission of the European Communities as advised by the Committee on Medical and Public Health Research Developments in Nuclear Medicine 12 W.-D. Heiss (auth.), W.-D. Heiss, G. Pawlik, K. Herholz, K. Wienhard (eds.) 1987 Springer Netherlands 978-94-010-8002-6,978-94-009-3345-3
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Frontiers in Microbiology: From Antibiotics to AIDS New Perspectives in Clinical Microbiology 13 H. Vanderhaeghe (auth.), Prof. Erik De Clercq (eds.) 1987 Springer Netherlands 978-94-010-8006-4,978-94-009-3353-8
A history of surgery: with emphasis on the Netherlands Daniel De Moulin (auth.) 1987 Springer Netherlands 978-94-010-8008-8,978-94-009-3357-6
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