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Koleksi referensi jurnal skripsi, tesis, disertasi / journal, dissertations and theses 180

The Prince Niccolò Machiavelli 1513 Feedbooks
The Principles and Practice of International Commercial Arbitration Margaret L. Moses 2008 Cambridge University Press 110740133X,9780521685627
The Principles of Scientific Management Frederick Winslow Taylor 2009 1460969987 B0030F2SB6
 The Private Library: What We Do Know, What We Don't Know, What We Ought to Know About Our Books Humphreys Arthur Lee 1865-1946 2013 HardPress Publishing 1313547905,9781313547901
 The Prospective Mother, a Handbook for Women During Pregnancy J. Morris (josiah Morris) Slemons 1419179276 B0084AP9MC
The Psychologist's Companion: A Guide to Writing Scientific Papers for Students and Researchers Robert J. Sternberg & Karin Sternberg 2010 Cambridge University Press 0521195713,9780521144827
The Psychology of Beauty Ethel D. Puffer 2013 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 1409921905,9781482506747
 The Psychology of Music, Third Edition Diana Deutsch 2012 Academic Press 012381460X,9780123814609
The Public Domain: Enclosing the Commons of the Mind James Boyle 2008 Yale University Press 0300158343,9780300137408
The public library Baker, Ernest Albert, 1869-1941
The Public Sector in Hong Kong Ian Scott 2010 Hong Kong University Press 9622091725,9789622091726
The Rationality of Feeling David Best 2014 Routledge 1138007560,9781138007567
The Red Cross Girls With the Russian Army Margaret Vandercook 2010 pubOne.Info 1491266716,9781491266717
The Reformed Librarie-Keeper (1650) John Dury 2006 Hard Press 1148205721,9781406913910
 The Religion of Islam: A Comprehensive Discussion of the Sources, Principles and Practices of Islam Maulana Muhammad Ali 2011 Literary Licensing, LLC 091332132X,9781258154813
The Representation of Islam and Muslims in the Media: (The Age and Herald Sun Newspapers) Shahram Akbarzadeh & Bianca Smith 2005 School of Political and Social Inquiry, Monash University
The Republic Plato Feedbooks
The Republic Plato Feedbooks
The Republic in Danger: Drusus Libo and the Succession of Tiberius Andrew Pettinger 2012 Oxford University Press 0199601747,9780199601745
The Rights of Husband Mohammad Akhtar Kutub Khana Mazhari, Karachi
The Rise of the Insane State: What Is Happening to the U.S. Economy? Dr. Kenneth R. Szulczyk 2009 CreateSpace 1449584438,9781449584436
The Role of Community-Mindedness in the Self-Regulation of Drug Cultures: A Case Study From the Shetland Islands Anke Stallwitz 2012 Springer 9400738609,9789400738614
The Role of Departmental Secretaries: Personal Reflections on the Breadth of Responsibilities Today Andrew Podger 2009 ANU E Press 1921536810,9781921536809
 The Saddam Tapes: The Inner Workings of a Tyrant's Regime, 1978-2001 Kevin M. Woods & David D. Palkki & Mark E Stout 2011 Cambridge University Press 1107693489,9781107693487
The Science of Getting Rich Wallace D. Wattles 2007 Arc Manor LLC 1604598875,9780984064625
The Second American Revolution - the Building of an Empire Kenneth R. Szulczyk B002ZCY9YY
The Secrets of Successful Language Learning David Bolton
The Social Cancer (Large Print) José Rizal 2013 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 9781482059960
The Social Contract Rousseau, Jean-Jacques The University of Adelaide Library
The Social Control of Venereal Disease; Report of a National Inquiry of Professional Opinion Yale University. School Of Medicine. Dep & Howard Ennes 1948 New Haven 9781171846499
 The Social Diseases: Tuberculosis, Syphilis, Alcoholism, Sterility J. Hericourt 1920 GEORGE ROUTLEDGE 0548842868,9781290369831
The Socialization of Teachers (RLE Edu N) Colin Lacey 2012 Routledge 9781136453540
The Space of Culture: the Place of Nature in Estonia and Beyond TIINA PEIL Tartu University Press
 The Stock Market, Credit, and Capital Formation Fritz Machlup 2007 Ludwig von Mises Institute 9781610163354 B000XGAFS8
The Story of Libraries and Book-Collecting Ernest Albert 1877-1966 Savage 1923 GEORGE ROUTLEDGE 1171966237,9781171966234
The Structure of Psychological Well-Being Norman M. Bradburn
The Subjection of Women John Stuart Mill 2014 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 1495487474,9781495487477
The Sword of Deborah: First-Hand Impressions of the British Women's Army in France... Fryniwyd Tennyson Jesse 1919 Nabu Press 1494973251,9781276709989
The Sword of Islam Arthur Naylor, Sir, 1842-1922 Wollaston 1905 Facsimile Originally Published in B008KVN8M8
The Teacher Jacob Abbott 2013 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 1406503630,9781492211785
 The Theory of Collective Bargaining, 1930-1975: A Critique of the Argument That Trade Unions Neutralise Labour's "Disadvantage" in Bargaining and Enh William Harold Hutt 1976 Transatlantic Arts 025536072X,9780255360722
 The Theory of the Theatre, and Other Principles of Dramatic Criticism Clayton Hamilton 2010 Read Books Design 141424892X,9781445554808
The thinking State? Kees Schuyt Scientific Council for Government Policy, Hague
The Thought Remolding Campaign of the Chinese Communist Party-State Hu Ping & Philip F. Williams & Yenna Wu 2012 Amsterdam University Press 9089644105,9789089644107
The Three R's: Government that works! Anthony Horn
 The Torch Bearer: A Look Forward and Back at the Woman's Journal, the Organ of the Woman's Movement Agnes E. Ryan & E Agnes Ryan 2008 IndyPublish 1437807364,9781437807363
The Trade Union Woman Alice Henry 2008 BiblioBazaar 9780554235769
The Treasure Selma Lagerlöf 1406934879 B008470BV4
The True Woman : A Series of Discourses : To Which Is Added Woman vs. Ballot Justin D. Fulton 2009 Qontro Historical Reprints B002N8B7HM
 The Truest Form of Patriotism: Pacifist Feminism in Britain, 1870-1902 Heloise Brown 2003 Manchester University Press 0719065305,9780719065316
The Truth About Woman C. Gasquoine (catherine Gasquoine) Hartley 2012 Tredition Classics 9783847224600 B0082V47WG
The Ultimate Guide to Fast Fitness & Mind Blowing Weight Loss Susan Jones
The UN and Human Rights: Who Guards the Guardians? Professor Guglielmo Verdirame 2010 Cambridge University Press 0521841909,9780521841900
The UN and Human Rights: Who Guards the Guardians? Professor Guglielmo Verdirame 2010 Cambridge University Press 0521841909,9780521841900
The Unexpurgated Case Against Women Suffrage Almroth Edward Wright 2010 Gibb Press 1446033856,9781446033852
The United States Constitution James Madison 1787 Feedbooks
The Value of Culture: On the Relationship Between Economics and Arts Arjo Klamer 1997 Amsterdam University Press 9053562192,9789053562185
The Value of Money Anderson Benjamin M 1886-1949 & Hardpress 2013 HardPress 1290968675,9781290968676
The Viability of Human Security Monica Den Boer & Jaap de Wilde 2008 Amsterdam University Press 9053567968,9789053567968
The War of the Worlds H. G. (herbert George) Wells 1450523617 B0084BKZYS
The War-Workers E. M. Delafield 2011 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 1104509202,9781466269088
The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman H. G. (herbert George) Wells 1914 The Macmillan Company 1914 0766171469 B004TS4U8W
The Wit of Women Fourth Edition Kate Sanborn 2012 Tredition Classics 9783847219965
The Wives of Henry the Eighth and the Parts They Played in History Hume Martin Andrew Sharp 1847-1910 2013 Hard Press 1313397547,9781313397544
The Woman and the Right to Vote Rafael Palma 2010 General Books LLC 9781153799676 B0082PRGPW
The Woman Who Toils Mrs. John van Vorst & Marie van Vorst 2014 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 1495357198,9781495357190
The Women of the Arabs Henry Harris Jessup 2010 Library of Alexandria 1146858140,9781465526618
The Women of the French Salons: [1891] Amelia Ruth Gere Mason 2009 Cornell University Library 1112076255,9781112076251
The Women of Tomorrow... William Hard 2012 Nabu Press 9781277323771 B005GVY56S
The Women Who Came in the Mayflower Marble Annie Russell 1864-1936 2013 HardPress 1313615846,9781313615846
 The Young Derrida and French Philosophy, 1945-1968 (Ideas in Context) Hardcover Edward Baring 2011 Cambridge University Press 1107009677,9781107009677
 The Young Derrida and French Philosophy, 1945-1968 (Ideas in Context) Hardcover Edward Baring 2011 Cambridge University Press 1107009677,9781107009677
The Young Maiden A. B. (artemas Bowers) Muzzey 2010 FQ Books B003YMMSK6
The Young Woman's Guide William A. Alcott 2010 Kessinger Publishing 1419189263,9781161482027
Theory and Reform in the European Union Dimitris N. Chryssochoou & Michael J. Tsinisizelis & Stelios Stavridis & Kostas Ifantis 1999 Manchester University Press 0719049911,9780719049910
 Things in Culture, Culture in Things Anu Kannike & Patrick Laviolette University of Tartu Press
This morning I picked up a women’s magazine (I won’t say which because I’m about to be a little uncomplimentary and it’s my life’s ambition to remain un-sued for as long as possible) Eve
Thus Spake Zarathustra Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche 1885 Feedbooks
Time Management for Creative People Mark McGuinness
Tocqueville: The Ancien Regime and the French Revolution Jon Elster & Arthur Goldhammer 2007 Cambridge University Press B0058B8ZH6
Towards A New Welfare State Saskia Sassen & Gøsta Esping-Andersen Scientific Council for Government Policy, Hague
Towards a theory of classification George A. Elliott
Training Manual on International Environmental Law Lal Kurukulasuriya & Nicholas A. Robinson
 Transmedia Television: Audiences, New Media, and Daily Life Elizabeth Evans 2011 Routledge 041571236X,9780415882927
Travels in Arabia; Comprehending an Account of Those Territories in Hedjaz Which the Mohammedans Regard as Sacred John Lewis Burckhardt 2005 1414285191 B008491Z76
Treasures in the Sunnah : A Scientific Approch Zaghlul El-Naggar 2005 Al - Falah for Translation Publishing Distribution 9789773630447
Treatise on the Diseases of Women Lydia Estes Pinkham 2012 Tredition Classics 9783847218227 B004TQGGZO
Treatise on the Diseases of Women Lydia Estes Pinkham 2012 Tredition Classics 9783847218227 B004TQGGZO
Tribes of India: The Struggle for Survival Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf 1982 University of California Press 0520043154,9780520043152
Turning Over a New Leaf: Change and Development in the Medieval Manuscript Erik Kwakkel & Rosamond McKitterick & Rodney Thomson 2012 Leiden University Press 9087281552,9789087281557
Two Old Faiths: Essays on the Religions of the Hindus and the Mohammedans J. Murray Mitchell Ma & Sir Willilam Muir Lld 2013 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 1417920009,9781493662364
Two Treatises of Government John Locke 1988 Cambridge University Press 9562915514,9780521357302
Types of Childrens Literature Walter Barnes 2006 Hard Press 143784748X,9781406928952
 Uma Politics: An Ethnography of Democratization in West Sumba, Indonesia, 1986-2006 Jacqueline A. C. Vel 2008 BRILL 9067183245,9789004253926
Understanding Islam - Quick Grasp of Faith Harun Yahya & Adnan Oktar 2011 Global Publishing B004KAA8XK
Understanding Organisations: Part I
Understanding Organisations: Part II
Understanding Political Ideas and Movements Kevin Harrison & Tony Boyd 2003 Manchester University Press 0719061512,9780719061516
Understanding Processes of Ethnic Concentration and Dispersal (IMISCOE Dissertations) Jennifer Leigh McGarrigle 2010 Amsterdam University Press 9053565663,9789053566718
Understanding the Archaeological Record Paperback Gavin Lucas 2012 Cambridge University Press 0521279690,9780521279697
Understanding the Dollar Crisis Percy L. Greaves Jr. & Ludwig von Mises 2011 Ludwig von Mises Institute 9781610163125 B006BG83LK
united states human expedition Timothy Rodgers
Vanished Arizona: Recollections of the Army Life of a New England Woman Martha Summerhayes 2013 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 1492225177,9781492225171
Verb Tenses in Urdu Language Sajid Hussain
Violence Against Women Under International Human Rights Law Alice Edwards 2010 Cambridge University Press 052176713X,9781139494854
Vocational Guidance for Girls Marguerite Stockman Dickson 2012 Library of Alexandria 9781465571878 B00AR1AINQ
 Wage Setting, Social Pacts and the Euro: A New Role for the State Anke Hassel 2006 Amsterdam University Press 9053569197,9789053569191
 Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy (Large Print Edition) Murray N. Rothbard 2011 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 1610161920,9781479396825
Physics and politics Walter Bagehot
The english constitution Walter Bagehot
War and Peace Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy 1869 Feedbooks
 War, Aggression and Self-Defence Yoram Dinstein 1988 Cambridge University Press 1107401453,9780521850803
Water on Tap: Rights and Regulation in the Transnational Governance of Urban Water Services (Cambridge Studies in Law and Society) Paperback Bronwen Morgan 2012 Cambridge University Press 1107411831,9781107411838
Water on Tap: Rights and Regulation in the Transnational Governance of Urban Water Services (Cambridge Studies in Law and Society) Paperback Bronwen Morgan 2012 Cambridge University Press 1107411831,9781107411838
We Need Two Worlds: Chinese Immigrant Associations in a Western Society Minghuan Li 1999 Amsterdam University Press 9053564020,9789053564028
West Indian Intellectuals in Britain Bill Schwarz 2003 Manchester University Press 0719064759,9780719064746
Western Intervention in the Balkans: the Strategic Use of Emotion in Conflict ROGER D. PETERSEN 2011 Cambridge University Press
What About Asia?: Revisiting Asian Studies Josine Stremmelaar & Paul van Der Velde 2006 Amsterdam University Press 9053569596,9789053569597
What Eight Million Women Want Rheta Childe Dorr 1971 Library of Alexandria 9781465526557 B0084BWJU6
What Future for Political Islam G. Fuller & M. Kurpershoek 2004 WRR 9789080899735
What Has the Government Done to Our Money? [Reprint of First Edition] Murray Newton Rothbard 2011 Martino Fine Books 1614271348,9781614271345
What You Should Know About Inflation Henry Hazlitt 2013 Literary Licensing, LLC 1169829848,9781258970888
Whatever Happened to Frank and Fearless?: The Impact of New Public Management on the Australian Public Service Kathy MacDermott 2008 ANU E Press 1921313919,9781921313912
When Life Begins Abu Yahya & Bashir Nazir 2012 Smashwords B009WB7AOC
Whistling While They Work: A Good-Practice Guide for Managing Internal Reporting of Wrongdoing in Public Sector Organisations Peter Roberts & A. J. Brown & Jane Olsen 2012 ANU E Press 1921862300,9781921862304
Who Speaks for the Climate?: Making Sense of Media Reporting on Climate Change Paperback Maxwell T. Boykoff 2011 Cambridge University Press 052113305X,9780521133050
Why Are Artists Poor?: The Exceptional Economy of the Arts Hans Abbing 2004 Amsterdam University Press 9053565655,9789053565650
Why Do We Need a Public Library? - Material for a Library Campaign 2010 FQ Books B003YMO2CS
 Why Things Matter to People: Social Science, Values and Ethical Life by Sayer, Andrew (2011) Andrew Sayer Cambridge University Press B00DO98G50
Wild Justice Ruth M. Sprague 1993 T'wanda Books 1883889057,9781883889050
Will Dollars Save the World? (1947) Henry Hazlitt 2010 Kessinger Publishing, LLC 1162557443,9781162557441
Woman Magdeleine Marx 2008 BiblioBazaar 9780559662409
Woman William J. Robinson 2010 hard Press (MA) 1492275425,9781492275428
Woman and Labour Olive Schreiner 2010 JPM Ediciones 9788493796020 B0082SY0GW
Woman and the New Race Margaret Sanger 2005 Cosimo, Inc. 9781596055193
Woman and the New Race Margaret Sanger 2005 Cosimo, Inc. 1178388506,9781596055193
Woman and the Republic Helen Kendrick Johnson 2004 Kessinger Publishing 1419194755,9781419294754
Woman in Modern Society Earl Barnes 2012 tredition 9783847203674
Woman in Science John Augustine Zahm 2012 Nabu Press 9781248554135 B00AWJRZ0C
Woman in the Nineteenth Century Margaret Fuller Ossoli 2009 BCR 1409933016,9781115417655
Woman on the American Frontier William Worthington Fowler 2004 Kessinger Publishing, LLC 1596056754,9781419194771
Woman Suffrage by Federal Constitutional Amendment Carrie Chapman Catt 2010 Qontro Classic Books B003VS0PY4
Woman Under Socialism August Bebel 2012 HardPress 9781290277921
 Woman's Club Work and Programs; Or, First Aid to Club Women. Caroline French Benton 2009 Pierce Press 1444663763,9781444663761
Woman's Life in Colonial Days Carl Holliday 2012 Courier Dover Publications 9780486142166
Woman's Wild Oats C. Gasquoine Hartley 2009 BiblioBazaar 1110636601,9781110636600
Woman's Work in English Fiction From the Restoration to the Mid-Victorian Period Whitmore. Clara Helen. 1865- 1909 New York and London, G. P. Putnam's sons [c1909] B002WU9BAG
Woman's Work in Music Elson Arthur 1873-1940 2013 Hardpress Limited 1313011843,9781313011846
Woman: Her Sex and Love Life William J. Robinson 2007 Kessinger Publishing 9780548119464
Women and Hajj Mohammad Sharif
Women and Muslim Family Laws in Arab States: A Comparative Overview of Textual Development and Advocacy Lynn Welchman 2007 Amsterdam University Press 905356974X,9789053569740
Women and Politics Charles Kingsley 1925 Library of Alexandria 1483926400 B004TRX4X0
Women and the Alphabet Thomas Wentworth Higginson 2006 Echo Library 1406812536,9781406812534
Women and the Alphabet a Series of Essays Thomas Wentworth Higginson 2012 tredition 9783842498082
Women as World Builders; Studies in Modern Feminism Dell Floyd 2009 BiblioLife 1113500344,9781113500342
Women as World Builders... Floyd Dell 2012 Nabu Press 1279917261,9781279917268
Women From Traditional Islamic Educational Institutions in Indonesia: Negotiating Public Spaces Eka Srimulyani 2012 Amsterdam University Press 9089644210,9789089644213
 Women of Achievement: Written for the Fireside Schools, Under the Auspices of the Woman's American Baptist Home Mission Society Benjamin Griffith Brawley 2012 HardPress 1161706615,9781290278089
Women of America John Rouse Larus 2004 Lightning Source Incorporated 1410216462,9781410216465
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Women of England Bartlett Burleigh James 2010 FQ Books 9781167236846 B003YMO2Z0
Women of Mediaeval France Pierce Butler 2004 University Press of the Pacific 1410216632,9781410216632
Women of Modern France Hugo P. (hugo Paul) Thieme 2013 tredition 1589634853,9783849512781
Women of Modern France Hugo Paul Thieme
Women of the Romance Countries John R Effinger
Women of the Romance Countries John Robert Effinger 2010 Nabu Press 1172359725,9781770459441
Women of the Teutonic Nations Hermann Schoenfeld 2010 General Books LLC 9781153652919
 Women Wage-Earners: Their Past, Their Present, and Their Future Helen Campbell 2005 1421947625,9781421947624
Women Workers in Seven Professions Edith J. Morley 2002 Library of Alexandria 9781465505972 B0072I1I40
Women's Rights in Democratizing States: Just Debate and Gender Justice in the Public Sphere Hardcover Denise M. Walsh 2010 Cambridge University Press 1107001919,9781107001916
Women's Rights in Democratizing States: Just Debate and Gender Justice in the Public Sphere Hardcover Denise M. Walsh 2010 Cambridge University Press 1107001919,9781107001916
Women's Rights?: The Politics of Eugenic Abortion in Modern Japan Masae Kato 2009 Amsterdam University Press 9053567933,9789053567937
 Women, Work and Wages: Equal Pay for Jobs of Equal Value Donald J. Treiman & Heidi I. Hartmann 1981 National Academies Press 030903177X,9780309031776
Work for Women George J. Manson 2010 Echo Library 140685753X,9781406857535
Working Capital and Debtor Management: Exercises
Working Capital and Strategic Debtor Management Robert Alan Hill Bookboon
Workplace Violence: Planning for Prevention and Response Kim Kerr Cpp 2010 Butterworth-Heinemann 1856176983,9781856176989
Wounded Heroes: Vulnerability as a Virtue in Ancient Greek Literature and Philosophy Marina Berzins McCoy 2013 Oxford University Press 0199672784,9780191653414
 YOGA. Physiology, Psychosomatics, Bioenergetics Andrey Safronov at
You Can Win: A Step by Step Tool for Top Achievers Shiv Khera 2014 Bloomsbury Academic 9382951717,9789382951711
 Youth; Its Education, Regimen, and Hygiene Hall G Stanley 1844-1924 & Hardpress 2013 HardPress 1313647373,9781313647373
Gandhiji's Vision - full text Enuga S. Reddy
Z39.50 : a premier on the protocol 2002 Nisco Press
Analyzing and Troubleshooting Single-Screw Extrusion Gregory A. Campbell, Mark A. Spalding 2013 Hanser 1569904480,9781569904480
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 Sociology, Phenomenology and Marxian Analysis: A Critical Discussion of the Theory and Practice of a Science of Society Barry Smart 2013 Reprint Routledge 0415703085,9780415703086
Final Light: The Life and Art of V. Douglas Snow Frank McEntire, Mary Francey 2013 1st Edition University of Utah Press 1607812525,9781607812524
A Window on Surgery and Orthodontics Dental Science, Materials and Technology Giuseppe Alessandro, Ph.D. Scardina 2013 1 Nova Science Pub Inc 1628089482,9781628089486
Afgantsy: The Russians in Afghanistan 1979-89 Rodric Braithwaite 2011 Oxford University Press 019983265X,9780199832651
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What is Life?: With Mind and Matter and Autobiographical Sketches Canto Classics Erwin Schrodinger, Roger Penrose 2012 Reprint Cambridge University Press 1107604664,9781107604667
Deleuze and Horror Film Deleuze Connections Anna Powell 2005 Edinburgh University Press 0748617477,9780748617470
 Estradiol: Synthesis, Health Effects and Drug Interactions Endocrinology Research and Clinical Developments Ricco Palmeri, Sal Grimaudo 2013 1 Nova Science Pub Inc 1628089628,9781628089622
Friday Robert A. Heinlein 1983 Del Rey 034530988X,9780345309884
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Oxford Handbook of Urology Oxford Handbook Series John Reynard, Simon Brewster, Suzanne Biers 2013 3 Oxford University Press 0199696136,9780199696130
The Mormon Image in the American Mind: Fifty Years of Public Perception J.B. Haws 2013 Oxford University Press 0199897646,9780199897643
Medical and Biological Frontiers Research Compendium New Developments in Medical Research Tsisana Shartava 2013 1 Nova Science Pub Inc 1624170226,9781624170225
 The Creative Development of Johann Sebastian Bach, Volume II: 1717-1750: Music to Delight the Spirit Richard D. P. Jones 2013 Oxford University Press 0199696284,9780199696284
A Global History of the Developing World Christopher M. White 2013 Routledge 0415692105,9780415692106
How to Talk to Kids So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish 2012 Piccadilly Press Ltd 1848123094,9781848123090
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Aid on the Edge of Chaos: Rethinking International Cooperation in a Complex World Ben Ramalingam 2014 Oxford University Press 0199578028,9780199578023
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