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Koleksi referensi jurnal skripsi, tesis, disertasi / journal, dissertations and theses 184

Notes on Lucretius [1967] Leo Strauss 0
How Farabi Read Plato's Laws Leo Strauss 0
Rain Without Thunder: The Ideology of the Animal Rights Movement Gary L. Francione 1996 Temple University Press 1566394619
 Natural Right and History [1953, complete text] Leo Strauss 0
 The Spirit of Sparta, or the Taste of Xenophon [1939] Leo Strauss 0
 Thucydides, & the Meaning of Political History Leo Strauss 0
Seminar on Spinoza [1959] Leo Strauss 0
Seminar on Karl Marx [1960] Leo Strauss 1960
D Cookbook Adam D. Ruppe 2014 Packt Publishing - ebooks Account 1783287217,9781783287215
D Cookbook Adam D. Ruppe 2014 Packt Publishing - ebooks Account 1783287217,9781783287215
Jainism: An Introduction I.B.Tauris Introductions to Religion Jeffery D. Long 2009 I. B. Tauris 1845116259,9781845116255
Treasury of the True Dharma Eye: Zen Master Dogen's Shobo Genzo Zen Master Dogen 2013 Kindle Edition Shambhala Publication B00BBXJH2M
Unique Characteristics of Nias Language Volume 3 Ingatan Gulö 2014 IJEE 2278-4012
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Introduction to English Phonetics and Phonology Gut, Ulrike 2014 Peter Lang
Japanese London Oriental and African Language Library 17 Iwasaki, Shoichi 2013 John Benjamins
Mongolian London Oriental and African Language Library 19 Janhunen, Juha A. 2012 John Benjamins
Somali London Oriental and African Language Library Saeed, John 1999 John Benjamins
Bengali London Oriental and African Language Library 18 Thompson, Hanne-Ruth 2012 John Benjamins
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 Wortatlas der arabischen Dialekte : Band III: Verben, Adjektive, Zeit und Zahlen Handbook of Oriental Studies. Section 1 The Near and Middle East Behnstedt, Peter; Woidich, Manfred 2014 Brill
 Popular contention in Great Britain, 1758-1834 Charles Tilly 2005 Paradigm Publishers Boulder 1594511209,9781594511202
Beyond the Quadratic Formula Classroom Resource Materials Ronald S. Irving 2013 The Mathematical Association of America 0883857839,9780883857830
On Aristophanes' Clouds Leo Strauss 0
The Mutual Influence of Philosophy & Theology [ocr] Leo Strauss 0
Maimonides' Secret Teaching [~1937] Leo Strauss 0
 Illustrated Special Relativity Through Its Paradoxes: A Fusion of Linear Algebra, Graphics, and Reality John de Pillis, Jose' Wudka 2014 J dePillis Illustrations 0615947654,9780615947655
Preface to Hobbes's ''Politische Wissenschaft'' Leo Strauss 0
Seminar on Immanuel Kant [1958] Leo Strauss 1958
 Illustrated Special Relativity Through Its Paradoxes: A Fusion of Linear Algebra, Graphics, and Reality John dePillis and José Wudka 2014 Mathematical Association of America 9781614445173
Art and Artifact in Laboratory Science: A Study of Shop Work and Shop Talk in a Research Laboratory Studies in Ethnomethodology Michael Lynch 1985 1ST Routledge Kegan & Paul 0710097530,9780710097538
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The Humming Bird Has Landed Matthew Delooze 0
Der arabische Dialekt von Mharde (Zentralsyrien) Semitica Viva 51 Yoseph, Jean 2014 Harrassowitz
The Illuminati Monuments of Paris Exposed Matthew Delooze 0
Who's that Dancing in the Headdress? The Fallacy of 2012 Exposed Matthew Delooze 0
Rapanui: A Descriptive Grammar Descriptive Grammars du Feu, Veronica 2012 Routledge
You Say She's A Virgin? The Fallacy of Live Earth London Matthew Delooze 0
Il cristianesimo edonista. Controstoria della filosofia II Michel Onfray 2007 1 Fazi Roma 978-88-8112-893-8
Il cristianesimo edonista. Controstoria della filosofia II Michel Onfray 2007 1 Fazi Roma 978-88-8112-893-8
L'età dei libertini. Controstoria della filosofia III Michel Onfray 2009 1 Fazi Roma 978-88-8112-342-1
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L'età dei libertini. Controstoria della filosofia III Michel Onfray 2009 1 Fazi Roma 978-88-8112-342-1
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Corso di filosofia in sei ore e un quarto Witold Gombrowicz 1996 Theoria
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The Re-education of Axis Countries Concerning the Jews [1943] Leo Strauss 0
Lecture: On Plato's Euthyphron Leo Strauss 0
Public Lecture: German Nihilism [1941] Leo Strauss 0 0
Six Lectures on Sokrates & the Origins of Political Science [1958] Leo Strauss 0
Exoteric Teaching [1939] Leo Strauss 0
 2 Lectures: I) Existentialism [1956] + II) the Problem of Sokrates [1970] 38
Seminar on Aristotle's Nichomachean Ethics [1963] Leo Strauss 0
Seminar on Plato's & Xenophon's ''Apologies of Sokrates'' [1966] Leo Strauss 0
Diana: Can You See The Real Me? Matthew Delooze 0
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Farabi's Plato [1945] Leo Strauss 1945
 The Answer, My Friend, Is Blowing The Wind Matthew Delooze 0
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JavaScript Spessore Reginald Braithwaite 2014 LeanPub
Husserl Vincenzo Costa 2009 Carocci
JavaScript Spessore Reginald Braithwaite 2014 LeanPub
JavaScript Spessore Reginald Braithwaite 2014 LeanPub
La fede. Risposta alle domande più provocatorie Franco Ardusso 1999 San Paolo
La morale familiare. Risposta alle domande più provocatorie Giordano Muraro 1999 San Paolo
Dal rito al teatro Victor Turner 1986 Il Mulino
 JavaScript Allongé: A long pull of functions, combinators, & decorators Reginald Braithwaite 2014 LeanPub
 JavaScript Allongé: A long pull of functions, combinators, & decorators Reginald Braithwaite 2014 LeanPub
 JavaScript Allongé: A long pull of functions, combinators, & decorators Reginald Braithwaite 2014 LeanPub
Il teatro e il suo spazio Peter Brook 1968 Feltrinelli
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The Polyester Prince: The Rise of Dhirubhai Ambani Hamish McDonald 1999 Allen & Unwin Pty., Limited (Australia) 1864484683,9781864484687
Gas Wars: Crony Capitalism and the Ambanis Paranjoy Guha Thakurta 2014 Paranjoy Guha Thakurta
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