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Koleksi referensi jurnal skripsi, tesis, disertasi / journal, dissertations and theses 089

Self-Healing Systems and Wireless Networks Management Junaid Ahsenali Chaudhry 2013 1 CRC Press 182 978-1-4665-5649-2,978-1-4665-5648-5
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 Small Dams: Planning, Construction and Maintenance Barry Lewis 2013 CRC Press 210 978-1-315-85774-9,978-0-415-62111-3
Smart Composites: Mechanics and Design Composite Materials Rani Elhajjar, Valeria La Saponara, Anastasia Muliana 2013 1 CRC Press 430 978-1-4398-9802-4,978-1-4398-9591-7
 Smart Grids: Infrastructure, Technology, and Solutions Electric Power and Energy Engineering Stuart Borlase 2012 1 CRC Press 607 978-1-4398-2910-3,978-1-4398-2905-9
Smart Mini-Cameras Tigran V. Galstian 2013 CRC Press 339 978-1-4665-1293-1,978-1-4665-1292-4
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Software Essentials: Design and Construction Chapman & Hall/CRC Innovations in Software Engineering Adair Dingle 2014 1 Chapman and Hall/CRC 436 978-1-4398-4121-1,978-1-4398-4120-4
Soil Biota and Ecosystem Development in Post Mining Sites Jan Frouz 2013 1 CRC Press 316 978-1-4665-9933-8,978-1-4665-9931-4
Soil Liquefaction during Recent Large-Scale Earthquakes Rolando P. Orense, Ikuo Towhata, Nawawi Chouw 2014 1 CRC Press 280 978-1-315-75941-8,978-1-138-02643-8
The Soil Underfoot: Infinite Possibilities for a Finite Resource G. Jock Churchman, Edward R. Landa 2014 1 CRC Press 454 978-1-4665-7157-0,978-1-4665-7156-3
Solar Energy Sciences and Engineering Applications Napoleon Enteria, Aliakbar Akbarzadeh 2013 CRC Press 692 978-0-203-76205-9,978-1-138-00013-1
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Spatial Temporal Information Systems: An Ontological Approach using STK® Linda M. McNeil, T.S. Kelso 2013 1 CRC Press 354 978-1-4665-0049-5,978-1-4665-0045-7
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The State of the Art in Intrusion Prevention and Detection Al-Sakib Khan Pathan 2014 1 Auerbach Publications,CRC Press 514 978-1-4822-0352-3,978-1-4822-0351-6
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Tomosynthesis Imaging Imaging in Medical Diagnosis and Therapy Ingrid Reiser, Stephen Glick 2014 1 CRC Press 257 ###############################################################################################################################################################################################################################################################
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