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Koleksi referensi jurnal skripsi, tesis, disertasi / journal, dissertations and theses 050

Introductory microeconomics Michael Veseth 1981 Academic Press, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-719540-7,0-12-719540-8
Introductory economics Michael Veseth 1981 Academic Press, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-719565-0,0127195653
Introductory macroeconomics Michael Veseth 1984 Academic Press, Harcourt College Pub, Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-719570-4,0-12-719570-X
 History of programming languages : from the ACM SIGPLAN History of Programming Languages Conference, June 1-3, 1978 ACM monograph series Richard L Wexelblat; John A N Lee; Jean E Sammet, Informatiker USA 1981 Academic Press, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-745040-7,0-12-745040-8
Recombinant DNA methodology Selected methods in enzymology Ray Wu; Lawrence Grossman; Kivie Moldave 1989 Academic Press, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-765560-4,0127655603
Soil remediation and plants : prospects and challenges Khalid Rehman Hakeem 2015 AP, Academic Press, Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-799937-1,9780127999135,0127999132,012799937X
 Product development : a structured approach to consumer product development, design, and manufacture Anil Mital 2015 Elsevier Science 978-0-12-799945-6,9780128001905,0128001909,0127999450
Understanding satellite navigation Rajat Acharya 2015 Academic Press, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-799949-4,0127999493
Experiments in Reduced Gravity : Sediment Settling on Mars Nikolaus Kuhn 2014 Amsterdam ; Waltham, Elsevier 978-0-12-799965-4,9780128004623,0128004622,1322109389,9781322109381,0127999655
Coastal disasters and climate change in Vietnam : engineering and planning perspectives Nguyen Danh Thao; Hiroshi Takagi; Miguel Esteban 2014 Elsevier 978-0-12-800007-6,9780128004791,0128004797,0128000074
 Current laboratory techniques in rabies diagnosis, research and prevention. Volume one Charles Edward Rupprecht; Thirumeni Nagarajan 2015 Academic Press, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-800014-4,0128000147
Microbial biodegradation and bioremediation Elsevier insights Surajit Das 2014 Elsevier 978-0-12-800021-2,9780128004821,0128004827,012800021X
Integrated security systems design : a complete reference for building enterprise-wide digital security systems Thomas L Norman 2015 Elsevier Butterworth-Hein, Butterworth-Heinemann 978-0-12-800022-9,0128000228
Diet and exercise in cystic fibrosis Ronald Ross Watson 2015 Elsevier Academic Press 978-0-12-800051-9,0128000511
Online security for the business traveler Deborah Gonzalez 2014 Butterworth-Heinemann, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-800069-4,9780128002018,0128002018,0128000694
Practical and applied hydrogeology Zeka i S en 2015 Elsevier 978-0-12-800075-5,0128000759
Detecting and Combating Malicious Email Julie JCH Ryan; Cade Kamachi 2014 Elsevier Science, Syngress 978-0-12-800110-3,978-0-12-800546-0,0128005467,0128001100
Natural resources in Afghanistan : geographic and geologic perspectives on centuries of conflict John F Shroder 2014 Elsevier 978-0-12-800135-6,9780128005453,0128005459,0128001356
Guerrilla Analytics : A Practical Approach to Working with Data Enda Ridge 2015 Elsevier Science, Morgan Kaufmann 978-0-12-800218-6,9780128005033,0128005033,0128002182
Security risk assessment : managing physical and operational security John M White 2014 Butterworth-Heinemann, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-800221-6,1306992869,9781306992862,9780128009178,0128009179,0128002212
Distributed generation and its implications for the utility industry Fereidoon P Sioshansi 2014 Elsevier, Academic Press 978-0-12-800240-7,0128003804,9780128003800,0128002409
Information governance and security : protecting and managing your company's proprietary information John Iannarelli 2015 Elsevier, Butterworth-Heinemann 978-0-12-800247-6,9780128004067,0128004061,0128002476
Successful private practice in neuropsychology : a scientist-practitioner model Practical Resources for the Mental Health Professional Mary Pepping 2015 Elsevier Academic Press 978-0-12-800258-2,0128002581
Cathodic corrosion protection systems : a guide for oil and gas industries Alireza Bahadori 2014 Gulf Professional Publishing, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-800274-2,9780128003794,0128003790,1306939402,9781306939409,0128002743
Wave mechanics and wave loads on marine structures P Boccotti 2014 Butterworth-Heinemann an imprint of Elsevier, Butterworth-Heinemann 978-0-12-800343-5,9780128004135,0128004134,9781322158501,1322158509,012800343X
 Economics of Sustainable Development Risk, Resources, and Governance Balisacan, Arsenio; Chakravorty, Ujjayant; Ravago, Majah-leah 2014 Academic Press 978-0-12-800347-3,0128003472
 Unconventional gas reservoirs : evaluation, appraisal, and development M Rafiqul Islam 2014 Gulf Professional, Gulf Professional Publishing, Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-800390-9,0128003901
Safeguarding intangible assets Michael D Moberly 2014 Butterworth-Heinemann, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-800516-3,1306958458,9781306958455,0128005165,9780128006023,0128006021
Self-sensing concrete in smart structures Baoguo Han; Xun Yu, (Mechanical engineer); Jinping Ou 2015 Butterworth-Heinemann is an imprint of Elsevier, Butterworth-Heinemann 978-0-12-800517-0,9780128006580,0128006587,0128005173
Semi-Markov processes : applications in system reliability and maintenance Franciszek Grabski 2015 Elsevier 978-0-12-800518-7,9780128006597,0128006595,0128005181
Studying and designing technology for domestic life : lessons from home Tejinder K Judge; Carman Neustaedter 2015 Morgan Kaufmann, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-800555-2,9780128006146,0128006145,0128005556
 Security for business professionals : how to plan, implement, and manage your company's security program Bradley A Wayland 2014 Butterworth-Heinemann, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-800565-1,9780128006214,0128006218,0128005653
The Handbook for School Safety and Security : Best Practices and Procedures Lawrence Fennelly; Marianna Perry 2014 Elsevier Science, Butterworth-Heinemann 978-0-12-800568-2,9780128006252,0128006250,0128005688
Casing and liners for drilling and completion : design and application Gulf Drilling Guides Ted G Byrom 2015 Elsevier, Gulf Professional Publishing 978-0-12-800570-5,012800570X
Time and Relational Theory : Temporal Databases in the Relational Model and SQL The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems C J Date; Hugh Darwen; Nikos Lorentzos 2014 Elsevier Science, Morgan Kaufmann 978-0-12-800631-3,9780128006757,0128006757,0128006315
Software and system development using virtual platforms : full-system simulation with Wind River Simics Daniel Aarno; Jakob Engblom 2015 Morgan Kaufmann, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-800725-9,9780128008133,012800813X,0128007257
Cyber crime and cyber terrorism investigator's handbook Babak Akhgar; Andrew Staniforth; Francesca Bosco 2014 Syngress, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-800743-3,9780128008119,0128008113,1306977339,9781306977333,0128007435
Hacking and penetration testing with low power devices Philip Polstra 2015 Elsevier Science, Syngress 978-0-12-800751-8,9780128008249,0128008245,0128007516
Micromechanism of cleavage fracture of metals : a comprehensive microphysical model for cleavage cracking in metals Vivien J H Chen; R Cao 2015 Butterworth-Heinemann, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-800765-5,9780128010518,0128010517,0128007656
 Organic Chemistry. Structure, Mechanism, and Synthesis J David Rawn; Robert J Ouellette 2014 Elsevier 978-0-12-800780-8,9780128010822,0128010827,012800780X
Security leader insights for business continuity : lessons and strategies from leading security professionals Phil Hopkins 2014 Elsevier 978-0-12-800839-3,9780128009031,0128009039,0128008393
Security leader insights for risk management : lessons and strategies from leading security professionals Security Executive Council risk management portfolio Richard E Chase; Security Executive Council 2014 Elsevier 978-0-12-800840-9,9780128009048,0128009047,0128008407
Principles of reinforced concrete Zhenhai Guo 2014 Elsevier Science, Butterworth-Heinemann 978-0-12-800859-1,9780128009635,0128009632,0128008598
Hybrid ship hulls : engineering design rationales Vladimir M Shkolnikov 2014 Butterworth-Heinemann, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-800861-4,1306977991,9781306977999,012800861X
Understanding geology through maps G J Borradaile 2015 Elsevier 978-0-12-800866-9,0-922152-70-5,9780128010938,0128010932,0128008660
Coal bed methane : from prospect to pipeline Kashy Aminian; Steven J Schatzel; Pramod Thakur 2014 Elsevier 978-0-12-800880-5,9780128010891,0128010894,0128008806
Computational Network Science An Algorithmic Approach Computer Science Reviews and Trends Hexmoor, Henry 2016 Morgan Kaufmann Pub, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-800891-1,0128008911
Service orchestration as organization : building multi-tenant service applications in the cloud Malinda Kapuruge; Jun Han, (Computer scientist); Alan Colman, (Computer scientist) 2014 Morgan Kaufmann an imprint of Elsevier 978-0-12-800938-3,9780128010976,0128010975,0128009381
Quantum Machine Learning : What Quantum Computing Means to Data Mining Elsevier Insights Peter Wittek 2014 Elsevier AP, Academic Press 978-0-12-800953-6,0128009535
Interleukins in cancer biology : their heterogeneous role Arseniy Yuzhalin; Anton Kutikhin 2014 Elsevier Science, Academic Press 978-0-12-801121-8,9780128013335,0128013338,0128011211
My life in the golden age of chemistry : more fun than fun F Albert Cotton 2014 Elsevier 978-0-12-801216-1,0128013389,9780128013380,0128012161
 Cyber reconnaissance, surveillance, and defense Robert Shimonski 2015 Elsevier/Syngress, Syngress 978-0-12-801308-3,0128013087
Embedded c programming : techniques and applications of c and pic mcus Mark Siegesmund 2015 Newnes, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-801314-4,0128013141
Information hiding in speech signals for secure communication Zhijun Wu 2015 Syngress, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-801328-1,0128013281
The biology and identification of the Coccidia (Apicomplexa) of turtles of the world Apicomplexa Donald W Duszynski; Johnica J Morrow 2014 Elsevier Science, Academic Press 978-0-12-801367-0,9780128014554,0128014555,0128013672
 Hedge fund governance : evaluating oversight, independence, and conflicts Jason Scharfman 2015 Elsevier Academic Press 978-0-12-801412-7,0128014121
Entropic invariants of two-phase flows Eugene Barsky 2015 Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-801458-5,9780128016435,0128016434,012801458X
Optimized cloud resource management and scheduling : theory and practice Wenhong Tian 2015 Morgan Kaufmann, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-801476-9,0128014768
Natural organic matter in waters : characterization and treatment methods Advances in Librarianship (Seminar) Mika E T Sillanpa a 2015 Elsevier, Butterworth-Heinemann 978-0-12-801503-2,0128015039
History of Toxicology and Environmental Health : Toxicology in Antiquity II Philip Wexler 2015 Elsevier Science, Academic Press 978-0-12-801506-3,0-313-30940-X,9780128016343,0128016345,0128015063
Learning from the impacts of superstorm sandy J. Bret Bennington, E. Christa Farmer 2015 Elsevier Academic Press 978-0-12-801520-9,978-0-12-801652-7,0128015209
Concrete and Masonry Movements Jeffrey Brooks 2015 Elsevier Science, Butterworth-Heinemann 978-0-12-801525-4,9780128017678,0128017678,012801525X
 Enterprise business intelligence and data management : a roadmap for it directors,... managers, and architects Alan Simon 2014 Morgan Kaufmann, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-801539-1,9780128017456,0128017457,012801539X
Uncommon paths in quantum physics Konstantin V Kazakov 2014 Elsevier 978-0-12-801588-9,9780128015988,0128015985,0128015888
Dentine Hypersensitivity : Developing a Person-centred Approach to Oral Health Peter Glenn Robinson 2014 Elsevier Science, Academic Press 978-0-12-801631-2,9780128016589,0128016582,0128016310
Process risk and reliability management Ian Sutton 2015 Gulf Professional Publishing, Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-801653-4,9780128017968,0128017961,0128016531
 Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and the Economy in the US, China, and India : Historical Perspectives and Future Trends Rajiv Shah; Zhijie Gao; Harini Mittal 2015 Elsevier Science, Academic Press 978-0-12-801890-3,9780128018651,0128018658,0128018909
Performance measurement and management for engineers Michela Arnaboldi; Giovanni Azzone; Marco Giorgino 2015 Academic Press, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-12-801902-3,9780128019207,0128019204,0128019026
Dental implant prosthetics Carl E Misch 2014 Elsevier Mosby 978-0-323-07845-0,9780323263672,0323263674,0323078451
Handbook of veterinary pain management James S Gaynor; William W Muir, III 2015 Elsevier, Mosby 978-0-323-08935-7,0323089356
Green's skeletal trauma in children Gregory A Mencio; Marc F Swiontkowski 2015 Saunders/Elsevier 978-0-323-18773-2,0323187730
A manual of orthopaedic terminology Fred R T Nelson; Carolyn Taliaferro Blauvelt 2015 Philadelphia, PA Elsevier/Mosby, Saunders 978-0-323-22158-0,0323221580
Integrated nanophotonic devices Micro & nano technologies Zeev Zalevsky; Ibrahim Abdulhalim 2014 William Andrew 978-0-323-22862-6,9780323228633,0323228631,0323228623
Dental secrets Secrets series Stephen T Sonis 2014 Elsevier 978-0-323-26278-1,0323262783
 Manufacturing flexible packaging : materials, machinery, and techniques Thomas Dunn 2015 William Andrew Publishing, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-323-26436-5,0323264360
 Crime, violence, and global warming John P Crank; Linda S Jacoby 2015 Elsevier, Routledge 978-0-323-26509-6,032326509X
Biopolymers PDL handbook series Michael Niaounakis 2014 Elsevier Science, William Andrew 978-0-323-26698-7,9780323279383,0323279384,0323266983
Transport properties of chemicals and hydrocarbons Carl L Yaws 2014 Gulf Publishing Company 978-0-323-28658-9,0323286585
Thermophysical properties of chemicals and hydrocarbons Carl L Yaws 2014 Elsevier Science, Gulf Professional Publishing 978-0-323-28659-6,9780323290609,0323290604,0323286593
Emerging nanotechnologies for manufacturing Micro and Nano Technologies Waqar Ahmed, Mark J Jackson 2014 William Andrew Publishing 978-0-323-28990-0,0323289908
Organized crime : from the mob to transnational organized crime Jay S Albanese 2015 Anderson, Routledge, Elsevier Inc 978-0-323-29606-9,9780323296229,032329622X,0323296068
Micro and nanofabrication using self-assembled biological nanostructures Micro and Nano Technologies Series Jaime Castillo-Leo n; Winnie E Svendsen; Colin J Barrow 2015 William Andrew, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-323-29642-7,9780323296526,0323296521,0323296424
Process Safety Management Sutton, Ian 2015 Elsevier Science Ltd, Gulf Professional Publishing 978-0-323-29964-0,0323299644
High performance polymers Plastic design library Johannes Karl Fink 2014 William Andrew, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-323-31222-6,9780323311434,0323311431,0323312225
 Safety and Security Review for the Process Industries : Application of HAZOP, PHA, What-IF and SVA Reviews Dennis P Nolan 2015 Gulf Professional Publishing, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-323-32295-9,9780323323550,0323323553,0323322956
Effect of creep and other time related factors on plastics and elastomers Plastics Design Library Laurence W Mckeen 2015 William Andrew Publishing, , Elsevier Inc 978-0-323-35313-7,0323353134
Mechanical engineer's reference book A Parrish; F J Camm 1973 Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd, Elsevier Ltd 978-0-408-00083-3,040800083X
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Gamechange : the impact of information technology on corporate strategiesand structures David Kaye; ANDERSON CONSULTING 1989 Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd, Elsevier Ltd 978-0-434-91022-9,0434910228
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