Monday, February 11, 2013

Buku 95

Hurt Machine        Moe Prager volume 7        Reed Farrel Coleman    2011    Tyrus Books        "1440532028,1440531994,1440532001,9781440532023,9781440531996,9781440532009"   
Wyrmhole                Jay Caselberg    2003    Roc/New American Library        451459491   
Sands of Destiny: A Novel of the French Foreign Legion                E. C. Tubb    2011    Borgo Press        1434435068   
Sands of Destiny: A Novel of the French Foreign Legion                E. C. Tubb    2011    Borgo Press        1434435068   
Sands of Destiny: A Novel of the French Foreign Legion                E. C. Tubb    2011    Borgo Press        1434435068   
"Through the Schoolhouse Door: Folklore, Community, Currriculum"                "Paddy Bowman, Lynne Hamer"    2011    Utah State University Press        874218595   
1066 and All That: A Memorable History of England                "Walter Carruthers Sellar, Robert Julian Yeatman, John Reynolds"                   
"Poly(lactic acid): Synthesis, Structures, Properties, Processing, and Applications (Wiley Series on Polymer Engineering and Technology)"                "Rafael A. Auras, Loong-Tak Lim, Susan E. M. Selke, Hideto Tsuji"    2010    Wiley        "0470293667,9780470293669,9780470649848"   
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"Nuclear magnetic resonance.  Electronic book .: A review of the literature published between June 2003 and May 2004, Volume 34"                Graham Alan Webb    2005    Royal Society of Chemistry        1847553908   
            "The Well-Being, Peer Cultures and Rights of Children"    "Loretta E. Bass, David A. Kinney"    2011    Emerald Group Publishing        1780520744   
Metal sky                Jay Caselberg    2004    ROC Book        451459998   
Chronicle of the Roman emperors: the reign-by-reign record of the rulers of Imperial Rome                Christopher Scarre    1995    Thames and Hudson        500050776   
The Dramatic Works of Samuel Beckett: A Selective Bibliography of Publications About his Plays and their Conceptual Foundations                Charles A. Carpenter    2011    Continuum International Publishing Group        "144118421X,9781441184214,9781441159748"   
The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody                Will Cuppy. Edited by Fred Feldkamp                   
"Devil to Pay (Richard Delancey Novels, No. 2)"                C. Northcote Parkinson    2001    "McBooks Press, Inc."        1590130023   
            Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: A Specialist Periodical Report (Volume 33)    G A Webb    2004    RSC Publishing        854043470   
The Beautiful and the Damned: Life in the New India                Siddhartha Deb    2011    Viking        670917304   
            "The Economist - January 07, 2012 issue 8766"    The Economist Group (Publishers)    2012    The Economist Group           
Tatsache - Denkstil - Kontroverse: Auseinandersetzungen mit Ludwik Fleck                Rainer Egloff    2005    Collegium Helveticum        3952244121   
"Drugs, photochemistry and photostability"                "Angelo Albini, Elisa Fasani, Royal Society of Chemistry (Great Britain)"    1998    Royal Society of Chemistry        854047434   
Learning Python                Mark Lutz    2009    O'Reilly Media        596158069   
?????? ????????? ?????????? ( ?. ?' + ??)                ????????? (???????????? ?????????)    1983    Gutenberg           
Literacy by Design: Sourcebook Volume 1 (Grade 4)                "Linda Hoyt, Michael Optiz, Robert Marzano, Sharon Hill, Yvone Freeman, David Freeman"    2011    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt        "9,78055E+12"   
Cost and Fee Allocation in Civil Procedure: A Comparative Study        Ius Gentium: Comparative Perspectives on Law and Justice        Mathias Reimann    2011    Springer        9400722622   
Tuesdays at the Castle                Jessica Day George    2011    Bloomsbury USA        1599906450   
On China                Henry Kissinger    2011    "Penguin Press HC, The"        1594202711   
Stink and the Ultimate Thumb-Wrestling Smackdown        Stink volume 6        Megan McDonald    2011    Candlewick Press        763643468   
From Cradle to Grave                Patricia MacDonald    2010    Severn House        1847511903   
Stanley and the Magic Lamp                "Jeff Brown, Scott Nash"    2003    HarperCollins        "60097930,98"   
In the Shadow of the Crown                Jean Plaidy    2004    Three Rivers Press        609810198   
Ideen zu einer reinen Phänomenologie und phänomenologischen Philosophie. Zweites Buch.        Husserliana volume Bd. IV        "Husserl, Edmund"    1952    Nijhoff           
Is arsenic an aphrodisiac?: the sociochemistry of an element                William R. Cullen    2008    Royal Society of Chemistry        854043633   
"Muhajababes: Meet the New Middle East - Young, Sexy, and Devout"                Allegra Stratton    2008    Melville House        1933633507   
"Texas Politics Today, 2011-2012 Edition"                "William Earl Maxwell, Ernest Crain, Adolfo Santos"    2011    Cengage Learning        495909484   
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Eli Manning (Football Superstars)        Football Superstars        Ray Paprocki    2011    Chelsea House Pub (Library)        "1604137533,9781604137538,9781438138732"   
The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window into Human Nature                Steven Pinker    2007    Viking        670063275   
PC and Tech Authority Australia – February 2012                PC and Tech Authority                   
The Dead Women of Juárez                Sam Hawken    2011    Serpent's Tail        "184668773X,9781846687730"   
?????? ??????????                ??????????? ?????????- ???????? ????    2008    ?????           
Stochastic functional differential equations                S. E. A. Mohammed    1984    Pitman        "027308593X,9780273085935"   
Supersense: Why We Believe in the Unbelievable                Bruce M. Hood    2009    HarperOne        "61452645,98"   
"Andy & Me: Crisis & Transformation on the Lean Journey, Second edition"                Pascal Dennis    2010    Productivity Press        "1439825386,9781439825389,9781439838051"   
Pediatric Nursing: Caring for Children and Their Families                "Nicki L. Potts, Barbara L Mandleco"    2011    Delmar Cengage Learning        1435486723   
Them: Adventures with Extremists                Jon Ronson    2011    Picador           
Heaven and Hell                Kristen Ashley    2011               
"Using the Engineering Literature, Second Edition"                Bonnie A. Osif    2011    CRC Press        "143985002X,9781439850022,9781439850039"   
"Total Reading, Grade 2"                School Specialty Children's Publishing    2005    Carson-Dellosa Publishing        769638822   
The How-To Book for Students of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy                Sheldon Bach    2011    Karnac Books        1855758874   
Nagios: System and Network Monitoring                Wolfgang Barth    2008    No Starch Press        1593271795   
"Interactions and Intersections of Gendered Bodies at Work, at Home, and at Play (Advances in Gender Research)"        Advances in Gender Research volume 14        Marcia Texler Segal    2010    Emerald Group Publishing Limited        1849509442    1529-2126
Night and Day (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)                Virginia Woolf                "1593082126,9781593082123,9781411432789"   
Die Junggesellen von Broken Hill        Goldmann rote Krimi        Arthur W. Upfield    1982    Goldmann Verlag        3442002420   
Of Human Bondage (Signet Classics)                W. Somerset Maugham    2007    Signet Classics        451530180   
Digital Dead End: Fighting for Social Justice in the Information Age                Virginia Eubanks    2011    The MIT Press        "026201498X,9780262014984"   
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Functions of one complex variable II        Graduate Texts in Mathematics        John B. Conway    1995    Springer        387944606   
One Day on Mars                Travis Taylor    2007    Baen        1416555057   
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One Good Soldier                Travis S Taylor    2009    Baen        1439133167   
"Oracles of Delphi Keep, Volume 1"                Victoria Laurie    2009    Random House Children's Books        385735724   
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International Relations: Perspectives and Controversies                Keith L. Shimko    2009    Cengage Learning        495797961   
Othello                "Jonathan Bate, William Shakespeare, Eric Rasmussen"    2009    Random House Publishing Group        812969155   
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Embedded C Coding Standard                Michael Barr    2008    CreateSpace        1442164825   
The Existence of God: A Philosophical Introduction                Yujin Nagasawa    2010    Routledge        "0415465893,9780415465892,0415465885,9780415465885,9780203818626"   
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"Sexualités, genres et mélancolie: S'entretenir avec Judith Butler"                Monique David-Ménard    2009    Campagne première        2915789480   
Swimming Anatomy                Ian McLeod    2009    Human Kinetics        736075713   
Planet of the Apes                Pierre Boulle    1963    Penguin Books        141002957   
SuperSense: Why We Believe in the Unbelievable                Bruce M. Hood    2009    HarperOne        "61452645,98"   
Wall of Mirrors                Jay Caselberg    2006    Penguin Group USA        451461194   
The Star Tablet                Jay Caselberg    2005    ROC        "045146060X,9780451460608"   
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Çocuk ve Toplum Geli?im ve E?itim Üzerine Denemeler                David ELKIND (Çeviri: Demet ÖNGEN)                   
Asma Bronquial - Aspectos Básicos para un Tratamiento Integral según la Etapa Clínica                Negrin Villavicencio. J.A.    2004    Editorial Ciencias Medicas        9592120765   
Saçmal?klar Ça?? (Modern Hayat Neden Mutlu Olmay? Zorla?t?r?yor?)                "Michael Foley, Çeviren: Algan Sezgintüredi"    2011               
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?????? ??????? ????                ?. ?. ???????    2011    «?????»        "9,7859E+12"   
Mesopotamisches Zeichenlexikon        Alter Orient und Altes Testament        Rykle Borger    2004    Ugarit-Verlag        3927120821   
?????? ??????? ????                ?. ?. ???????    2011    «?????»        "9,7859E+12"   
Stein und Zeit: Mensch und Gesellschaft im alten Ägypten                Jan Assmann    2003    Wilhelm Fink Verlag        3770526814   
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?????? ??? ?????????? (??? ?????? ???????? ?? ????? ???????)        ????????? ?????? - 111        "??????????? ?????? (Friedrich Schiller), ?. ?. ???????????? (?????????)"    1991    ??????        9602480866   
Intervention Series  Books 1-3                Julian May                   
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Yvette                Guy de Maupassant                   
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Last Train to Scarborough (Jim Stringer Steam Detective 6)                Andrew Martin    2010    Faber & Faber        571229701   
Last Train to Scarborough (Jim Stringer Steam Detective 6)                Andrew Martin    2010    Faber & Faber        571229701   
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