Monday, February 11, 2013

buku 52

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks                Rebecca Skloot    2010    "Random House, Inc."        "9,7814E+12"   
The Internet Is a Playground                David Thorne    2009    Fontaine Press        "9,78098E+12"   
The Internet Is a Playground                David Thorne    2009    Fontaine Press        "9,78098E+12"   
The Post-American World                Fareed Zakaria    2008    Simon & Schuster Audio        "9,78074E+12"   
The Psychopath Test                Jon Ronson    2011    Penguin Group USA        "9,78159E+12"   
"The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World"                Daniel Yergin    2011    "Penguin Press HC, The"        "9,78159E+12"   
The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin                Joe McGinniss    2011    Crown        "9,78031E+12"   
The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin                Joe McGinniss    2011    Crown        "9,78031E+12"   
"The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and Achievement"                David Brooks    2011    "Random House Digital, Inc."        "9,7814E+12"   
"The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and Achievement"                David Brooks    2011    "Random House Digital, Inc."        "9,7814E+12"   
The Time of Our Lives                Tom Brokaw    2011    Random House        "9,78068E+12"   
The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks                "Max Brooks, Ibraim Roberson"    2009    Three Rivers Press        "9,78031E+12"   
This is Herman Cain!                Herman Cain    2011    Threshold Editions        "9,78145E+12"   
Throw Them All Out                Peter Schweizer    2011    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt        "9,78055E+12"   
"Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption"                Laura Hillenbrand    2010    Random House Publishing Group        "9,7814E+12"   
Unlikely Friendships                Jennifer S. Holland    2011    Workman Pub.        "9,78076E+12"   
Unlikely Friendships                Jennifer S. Holland    2011    Workman Pub.        "9,78076E+12"   
98.6 Degrees                Cody Lundin    2003    Gibbs Smith        "9,78159E+12"   
1635: Cannon Law        Assiti Shards 7        "Eric Flint, Andrew Dennis"    2006    Baen        "9,78142E+12"   
1635: The Eastern Front                Eric Flint        Baen        "9,78144E+12"   
"Laws, Mind, and Free Will (Life and Mind: Philosophical Issues in Biology and Psychology)"                Steven Horst    2011    MIT Press        262015250   
Scientific Writing = Thinking in Words                "Lindsay, David"    2011    CSIRO PUBLISHING        643100466   
Chemical Elements - How They Were Discovered                "D.N. Trifonov, V D. Trifonov"    1985    MIR PUBLISHERS MOSCOW        828530033   
"Jung Stripped Bare by His Biographers, Even"                "Shamdasani, Sonu"    2005    KARNAC        1855753170   
Political Economy of Global Remittances        RIPE Series in Global Political Economy        "Kunz, Rahel."    2011    Routledge        "9,78042E+12"   
Fuzzy Information and Engineering         Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing 78        "Cao, Bing-Yuan."    2010    Springer        "9,78364E+12"   
A Russian Journal                John Steinbeck    2011    Penguin Group        "9,78014E+12"   
A Collection of Essays                George Orwell    2011               
Adventures among Ants                Mark W. Moffett        University of California Press        "9,78052E+12"   
A Failure of Capitalism: The Crisis of '08 and the Descent Into Depression                Richard A. Posner    2009    Harvard University Press        "9,78067E+12"   
Against All Enemies: Inside America's War on Terror                Richard A. Clarke    2004    Free Press        "9,78074E+12"   
The Age of American Unreason                Susan Jacoby    2008    Vintage        "9,78038E+12"   
"For the Sins of My Father: A Mafia Killer, His Son, and the Legacy of a Mob Life"                "Albert DeMeo, Mary Jane Ross"    2002    Broadway        "9,78077E+12"   
American Desperado: My Life--From Mafia Soldier to Cocaine Cowboy to Secret Government Asset                "Jon Roberts, Evan Wright"    2011    Crown Publishing Group        "9,78031E+12"   
American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America                Chris Hedges    2006    Free Press        "9,78074E+12"   
American Shaolin                Matthew Polly    2007    "Penguin Group USA, Inc."        "9,7811E+12"   
Anarchy Evolution                "Greg Graffin, Steve Olson"    2010    HarperCollins        "9,78006E+12"   
The Exile                Andrew Britton    2010    Kensington           
An Education                Lynn Barber    2009    Atlas        "9,78193E+12"   
A People's History of the United States: 1492-Present                Howard Zinn    1977    HarperPerennial        "9,78006E+12"   
A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian                Marina Lewycka        Penguin        "9,78014E+12"   
A Voyage For Madmen                Peter Nichols    2011    Profile Books Ltd        "9,78185E+12"   
A World on Fire: Britain's Crucial Role in the American Civil War                Amanda Foreman    2011    Random House        "9,78068E+12"   
The Battle of Mogadishu: Firsthand Accounts From the Men of Task Force Ranger                "Matt Eversmann, Dan Schilling"    2004    Presidio Press        "9,78035E+12"   
Beautiful Boy                David Sheff        Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (           
Beautiful Shadow: A Life of Patricia Highsmith                "Wilson, Andrew"    2008    Bloomsbury Publishing Plc        "9,7816E+12"   
Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error                Kathryn Schulz    2010    Ecco        "9,78006E+12"   
Believing Bullshit: How Not to Get Sucked into an Intellectual Black Hole                Stephen Law    2011    Prometheus Books        "9,78162E+12"   
The Best War Ever                Sheldon Rampton    2006    Tarcher        "9,78144E+12"   
Biotech: The Countercultural Origins of an Industry                Eric James Vettel    2006    University of Pennsylvania Press        "9,78081E+12"   
"Blood, Bones & Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef"                Gabrielle Hamilton    2011    Random House        140006872   
"Blowing Smoke: Why the Right Keeps Serving Up Whack-Job Fantasies About the Plot to Euthanize Grandma, Outlaw Chris"                Michael Wolraich    2010    Da Capo Press        "9,78031E+12"   
Boardwalk Empire                Nelson Johnson    2011    "Plexus Publishing, Inc"           
The Boat                NAM LE    2008    Vintage        "9,78031E+12"   
Bobby Fischer Goes to War: How a Lone American Star Defeated the Soviet Chess Machine                "David Edmonds, John Eidinow"    2004    HarperCollins US        "9,78006E+12"   
Car Guys vs. Bean Counters                Bob Lutz    2011    "Penguin Group USA, Inc."        "9,7811E+12"   
Brainfluence                Dooley  Roger                   
Bravo Jubilee        Handstead New Town Mystery 3        Charlie Owen    2008    Headline        "9,78076E+12"   
Breaking Blue                Timothy Egan    1992    Knopf        "9,78157E+12"   
Hitman My Real Life in the Cartoon World                Bret Hart    2011               
Brilliant: The Evolution of Artificial Light                Jane Brox    2010    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt        "9,78055E+12"   
Bushwhacked                Molly Ivins    2004    Vintage        1400095352   
Calendar Girl                Naomi Neale    2005    DORCHESTER PUBLISHIN        "9,78051E+12"   
Calendar Girl                Naomi Neale    2005    DORCHESTER PUBLISHIN        "9,78051E+12"   
Blowout                Carl Safina    2011    Crown Publishing Group        "9,78031E+12"   
One Day the Soldiers Came                Charles London    2009    HarperCollins        "9,78006E+12"   
Child of the Sit-Downs: The Revolutionary Life of Genora Dollinger                Carlton Jackson    2008    Kent State University Press        "9,78087E+12"   
The Thing Around Your Neck                Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie    2009    Anchor        "9,78031E+12"   
The Borgias                Christopher Hibbert    2009    Constable        "9,78185E+12"   
Closing Time: A Memoir                Joe Queenan    2010    Penguin        "9,78014E+12"   
First Aid                Royal-College-of-general-practioners    2006    Collins        "9,78001E+12"   
The Complete Novels of George Orwell                George Orwell    2000    Penguin Adult        "9,78014E+12"   
The Condition of the Working Class in England                "Friedrich Engels, Victor Kiernan"    1987    Penguin Adult        "9,78014E+12"   
Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister                Gregory Maguire    2000    ReganBooks           
Convict Conditioning: How to Bust Free of All Weakness Using the Lost Secrets of Supreme Survival Strength                Paul Wade    2011    Dragon Door Publications        "9,78094E+12"   
Create Dangerously: The Immigrant Artist at Work                Edwidge Danticat    2010    Princeton University Press        "9,78069E+12"   
Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis                "Rickards, James"    2011    Penguin Group        "9,7811E+12"   
America's Dumbest Criminals                Daniel Butler    2010    Thomas Nelson Inc.        1558533729   
How to Wreck a Nice Beach                Dave Tompkins    2011    Melville House        "9,78161E+12"   
Dealing with the Media                Chris Rau    2010    University of New South Wales Press        "9,78174E+12"   
Death's Sweet Song                Clifton Adams    2000               
Death by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandaries                Neil deGrasse Tyson    2007    W.W. Norton        "9,78039E+12"   
Didn't I Feed You Yesterday?                Laura Bennett    2010    Ballantine Books        "9,78035E+12"   
Different                Youngme Moon    2010    Crown Business        "9,78031E+12"   
Dish: The Inside Story on the World of Gossip Became the News and How the News Became Just Another Show                Jeannette Walls    2000    HarperCollins        "9,78006E+12"   
The Dog Catcher                Alexei Sayle    2011               
Dogs and Demons: Tales From the Dark Side of Japan                Alex Kerr    2001    Hill & Wang        "9,78081E+12"   
Don't Breathe a Word                Jennifer Mcmahon    2011    HarperCollins        "9,78006E+12"   
Dope                Sax Rohmer    2000               
Doubt is Their Product: How Industry's Assault on Science Threatens Your Health                David Michaels    2008    Oxford University Press        "9,7802E+12"   
Driving Over Lemons                Chris Stewart    1999    Vintage Books        "9,78096E+12"   
Ecotourists Save the World                Pamela K. Brodowsky    2010    "Penguin USA, Inc."        "9,7811E+12"   
"Elizabeth's Women: Friends, Rivals, and Foes Who Shaped the Virgin Queen"                Tracy Borman    2010    Random House Publishing Group        "9,78055E+12"   
Empire of Illusion the End of Literacy and the Tri: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle                Chris Hedges    2009    Perseus Books Group        "9,78079E+12"   
Empire State of Mind                Zack O'Malley Greenburg    2011    "Penguin Group USA, Inc."        "9,7811E+12"   
Generation Kill                Evan Wright        "Penguin Group USA, Inc."        "9,7811E+12"   
Every Man in This Village Is a Liar                Megan K. Stack    2010    Doubleday        "9,78039E+12"   
F.U.B.A.R.: America's Right-Wing Nightmare                "Sam Seder, Stephen Sherrill"    2006    HarperCollins        "9,78006E+12"   
FÉLIX J. PALMA - THE MAP OF TIME (ARC)                FÉLIX J. PALMA    2011               
FM                Richard Neer    2001    Random House Publishing Group        "9,78159E+12"   
Foxtrot Oscar        Handstead New Town Mystery 2        Charlie Owen    2009    Headline Book Publishing        "9,78076E+12"   
Time and Tide: A Walk Through Nantucket                Frank Conroy    2004    Crown        "9,7814E+12"   
Free Lunch                David Cay Johnston    2007    Portfolio        1429581468   
Freethinkers                Susan Jacoby    2005    Metropolitan Books        805074422   
Fun Inc.                Tom Chatfield        Pegasus Books           
Future Tense                Jonathan Sacks    2010    Schocken Books Inc        "9,78081E+12"   
Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships                "Berne, Eric"    1973    Penguin UK        "9,78014E+12"   
Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships                "Berne, Eric"    1973    Penguin UK        "9,78014E+12"   
Getting Stoned With Savages Getting Stoned With Savages Getting Stoned With Savages                J. Maarten Troost    2006    Broadway Books        "9,78077E+12"   
Go Ask Alice                Anonymous    1971    Simon Pulse        "9,78067E+12"   
Good Neighbors                Ryan David Jahn    2011    "Penguin Group USA, Inc."        "9,7811E+12"   
Google Power Search                Stephan Spencer    2011    O'Reilly Media        "9,78145E+12"   
Google Power Search                Stephan Spencer    2011    O'Reilly Media        "9,78145E+12"   
Great American Hypocrites                Glenn Greenwald    2008    Crown Publishing Group (NY)        "9,78031E+12"   
"The Great Derangement: A Terrifying True Story of War, Politics, and Religion at the Twilight of the American Empire"                Matt Taibbi    2008    Spiegel & Grau        "9,78039E+12"   
The Greatest Story Ever Sold                Frank Rich    2006    Penguin        1429523522   
Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle With India                Joseph Lelyveld    2011    Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group        "9,78031E+12"   
Griftopia                Matt Taibbi    2010    Spiegel & Grau        "9,78039E+12"   
Half of a Yellow Sun                Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie    2006    Anchor        "9,7814E+12"   
Ultrasound and Sonochemistry in the Treatment of Contaminated Soils by Persistent Organic Pollutants                "Reena Amatya Shrestha, Ackmez Mudhoo, Thuy-Duong Pham, Mika Sillanpää"                   
Heads You Lose                "Lutz, Lisa, David Hayward"    2011    Penguin Group        "9,7811E+12"   
"Hidden History: Lost Civilizations, Secret Knowledge, and Ancient Mysteries"                Brian Haughton    2007    New Page Books        1564148971   
The Historical Christ and the Theological Jesus                Dale C. Allison    2009    Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing        "9,7808E+12"   
Hit Man                "Hughes, Damian, Hughes, Brian"    2011    Milo Books Ltd           
Homage to Catalonia                George Orwell    2011               
Feminism Is For Everybody                Bell Hooks    2000    Passionate Politics           
Horse's Arse        Handstead New Town Mystery 1        Charlie Owen    2007    Review        "9,78076E+12"   
How to Survive The End of The World as We Know It                James Wesley Rawles    2010    Penguin        "9,78014E+12"   
How to Be a Woman                Caitlin Moran    2011    Ebury Press        "9,78009E+12"   
How We Know What Isn't So: The Fallibility of Human Reason in Everyday Life                Thomas Gilovich    1991    Free Press        "9,78003E+12"   
Hubris                "Michael Isikoff, David Corn"    2006    Crown Publishing Group        "9,78031E+12"   
Illustrated First Aid Guide                Marcia Wendorf    2009    Rampart Software Development        8002221222   
Impeached                "Stewart, David O."    2009    Simon & Schuster        "9,78144E+12"   
Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony                Jeff Ashton    2011    HarperCollins        "9,78006E+12"   
Inception and Philosophy                Thorsten Botz-Bornstein    2011    Open Court Publishing        "9,78081E+12"   
Infernal Triangle                Paul McGeough        Allen & Unwin        "9,78174E+12"   
Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences                John Allen Paulos    1988    Hill & Wang        "9,78081E+12"   
In the Beginning ...Was the Command Line                Neal Stephenson    1999    Avon Books        "9,78038E+12"   
In the Buddha's Words: An Anthology of Discourses From the Pali Canon                Bhikkhu Bodhi    2005    Wisdom Publications        "9,78086E+12"   
"In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler's Berlin"                Erik Larson    2011    Crown        "9,78031E+12"   
In the Sea There Are Crocodiles                Fabio Geda    2011    Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group        "9,78039E+12"   
I Want My MTV                Craig Marks    2011    "Penguin Group USA, Inc."        "9,7811E+12"   
I Went to Vassar for This?                Naomi Neale    2006    Love Spell        "9,78051E+12"   
I Went to Vassar for This?                Naomi Neale    2006    Love Spell        "9,78051E+12"   
The Sleepeasy Solution: The Exhausted Parent's Guide to Getting Your Child to Sleep From Birth to Age 5                "Jennifer Waldburger, Jill Spivack"    2007    HCI        "9,78076E+12"   
How Doctors Think                Jerome E Groopman    2007    Houghton Mifflin Company        "9,78062E+12"   
"Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me: A Memoir...of Sorts"                Ian Morgan Cron    2011    Thomas Nelson        "9,78085E+12"   
Jihad vs. McWorld                Benjamin Barber    1995    Ballantine Books        "9,78035E+12"   
Johnny and the Bomb        Johnny Maxwell 3        Terry Pratchett    1996    HarperTrophy        "9,78006E+12"   
Johnny and the Dead        Johnny Maxwell 2        Terry Pratchett    1993    HarperTrophy        "9,78006E+12"   
"The Ecstasy of Influence: Nonfictions, Etc."                Jonathan Lethem    2011    Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group        "9,78039E+12"   
Eating Animals                Jonathan Safran Foer    2009    "Little, Brown and Co."        "9,78032E+12"   
Kisses for Lula                Samantha Mackintosh    2011    Egmont        "9,78141E+12"   
Lady Sings the Blues                "Billie Holiday, William Dufty"    2006    Broadway Books        "9,78077E+12"   
Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things                "Hearn, Lafcadio"    2010    B&R Samizdat Express           
Last Chance to See                "Douglas Adams, Mark Carwardine"    1991    Ballantine Books        "9,78031E+12"   
A Study in Sherlock: A Collection of Stories                "Laurie R. King, Leslie S. Klinger"    2011    Random House Publishing Group        "9,78081E+12"   
Lies & the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair & Balanced Look at the Right                Al Franken    2004    Plume        786541660   
The Lies of George W. Bush                David Corn    2004    Crown        1400081513   
The Lies of Sarah Palin                Geoffrey Dunn    2011    St. Martin's Press        "9,78143E+12"   
Living Well With Depression and Bipolar Disorder                John McManamy    2009    HarperCollins        "9,78006E+12"   
Lost in Shangri-La                Mitchell Zuckoff    2011    Harper        "9,78006E+12"   
After America                Mark Steyn    2011    Regnery Publishing        "9,7816E+12"   
Merchants of Doubt                Naomi Oreskes    2010    Bloomsbury Press        "9,78161E+12"   
The Penguin Book of Gaslight Crime                Michael Sims    2009    Penguin Group (USA)        "9,7811E+12"   
Microcosm: E. Coli and the New Science of Life                Carl Zimmer    2008    PANTHEON        "9,78038E+12"   
Mini Shopaholic        Shopaholic 6        Sophie Kinsella    2007    The Dial Press        "9,78039E+12"   
The Twilight of American Culture                Morris Berman    2000    Norton        "9,78039E+12"   
"Moscow, December 25th, 1991"                Conor O'Clery    2011    PublicAffairs        "9,78159E+12"   
My Fair Lazy                Jen Lancaster    2011    "Penguin USA, Inc."        "9,7811E+12"   
My Father at 100                Ron Reagan    2011            1101467207   
My Uncle Oswald                Roald Dahl    2011    Penguin Books Ltd        "9,78014E+12"   
Hiroshima                Nakazawa Keiji    2009    "Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc."        "9,78144E+12"   
The Day of the Locust                Nathanael West    1939    Random House           
7 Billion                National Geographic    2011    National Geographic Society        "9,78143E+12"   
Aftermath: Following the Bloodshed of America's Wars in the Muslim World                Nir Rosen    2010    Nation Books        "9,78079E+12"   
Hopes and Prospects                Noam Chomsky    2009    Haymarket Books        "9,78193E+12"   
No Angel: My Harrowing Undercover Journey to the Inner Circle of the Hells Angels                "Jay Dobyns, Nils Johnson-Shelton"    2009    Crown        "9,78031E+12"   
Only You Can Save Mankind        Johnny Maxwell 1        Terry Pratchett    1992    HarperTrophy        "9,78006E+12"   
Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O. J. Simpson Got Away With Murder                Vincent Bugliosi    2008    W W Norton & Co Inc        "9,78039E+12"   
Over the Cliff: How Obama's Election Drove the American Right Insane                "John Amato, David Neiwert, Digby"    2010    PoliPoint Press        "9,78098E+12"   
Paranormality: Understanding the Science of the Supernatural                Richard Wiseman    2011    Spin Solutions Ltd        "9,78096E+12"   
Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed the World                "Margaret MacMillan, Richard Holbrooke, Casey Hampton"    2001    Random House        "9,78038E+12"   
Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed the World                "Margaret MacMillan, Richard Holbrooke, Casey Hampton"    2001    Random House        "9,78038E+12"   
The Sisters Brothers                Patrick Dewitt    2011    Ecco        "9,78006E+12"   
The Great Game: On Secret Service in High Asia                Peter Hopkirk    1990    John Murray        "9,78072E+12"   
The Life You Can Save                Peter Singer    2009    Random House Publishing Group        "9,78159E+12"   
Pets in a Pickle                Malcolm D Welshman    2011    Metro        "9,78184E+12"   
A Planet of Viruses                Carl Zimmer    2011    University of Chicago Press        "9,78023E+12"   
"Poisoning the Press: Richard Nixon, Jack Anderson, and the Rise of Washington's Scandal Culture"                Mark Feldstein    2010    "Farrar, Straus and Giroux"        "9,78037E+12"   
Ponzi's Scheme                Mitchell Zuckoff    2005    Random House Publishing Group        "9,78159E+12"   
Power Hungry                Robert Bryce    2011    PublicAffairs        "9,78161E+12"   
Pox                Michael Willrich    2011    "Penguin Group USA, Inc."        "9,7811E+12"   
Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions                Dan Ariely    2010    Harper Perennial        "9,78006E+12"   
"Primitive Skills and Crafts: An Outdoorsman's Guide to Shelters, Tools, Weapons, Tracking, Survival, and More"                "Richard Jamison, Linda Jamison"    2008    Sterling        1602391483   
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