Tuesday, February 12, 2013

buku 101

The Rasputin File                Edvard Radzinsky    2000    Anchor Books        "9,78031E+12"   
"Filipo, Alejandro y el mundo helenístico"                Raquel López Melero    1996    Arco/Libros        8476352410   
Marketing Plans for Services: A Complete Guide                "Adrian Payne, Malcolm McDonald, Pennie Frow"    2011    Wiley        470979098   
Letter to Horace                Joseph Brodsky                   
"National Earthquake Resilience: Research, Implementation, and Outreach"                "Implementation, and Outreach Committee on National Earthquake Resilience--Research, Committee on Seismology and Geodynamics, National Research Council"    2011    National Academies Press        309186774   
            Roma: de los orígenes a la última crisis issue Historia antigua de Roma    "M. Rostovtzeff, Elias Joseph Bickerman"    1977    Editora Universitaria de Buenos Aires        9502300891   
Mózg i p?e?: o biologicznych ró?nicach mi?dzy kobietami a m??czyznami                Deborah Blum    2000    Prószy?ski i S-ka        "8373376798,8372551219,9788373376793"   
            La civilización romana issue Historia antigua de Roma    Pierre Grimal    1999    Editorial Paidós        8449319898   
Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch                Sally Bedell Smith    2012    Random House        679643932   
Shopper Intimacy: A Practical Guide to Leveraging Marketing Intelligence to Drive Retail Success (Pearson Custom Business Resources)                "Rick DeHerder, Dick Blatt"    2010    FT Press           
Jak tworzy? rozmawiaj?c: skuteczno?? rozmowy                Jerzy Bobryk    1995    Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN        8301119331   
Shopper Intimacy: A Practical Guide to Leveraging Marketing Intelligence to Drive Retail Success (Pearson Custom Business Resources)                "Rick DeHerder, Dick Blatt"    2010    FT Press           
"Electrocardiography for Health Care Personnel, Second Edition"                "Tony D. Booth, Kathryn A. Booth, Patricia Deitos"    2007    "McGraw-Hill Companies, The"        "007351098X,9780073510989,0073302090,9780073302096"   
"Winners Never Cheat: Even in Difficult Times, New and Expanded Edition"                Jon M. Huntsman    2008    Pearson Prentice Hall           
"Winners Never Cheat: Even in Difficult Times, New and Expanded Edition"                Jon M. Huntsman    2008    Pearson Prentice Hall           
Star Wars: Darth Plagueis                James Luceno    2012    Random House Publishing Group        345532555   
"Cognitive development, its cultural and social foundations"                A. R. Luria    1976    Harvard University Press        674137330   
U.S. and International Perspectives on Global Science Policy and Science Diplomacy: Report of a Workshop                "Committee on Global Science Policy and Science Diplomacy, National Research Council"    2011    National Academies Press        309224382   
 Star Wars: Darth Plagueis                James Luceno    2012    Random House Publishing Group        345532555   
Ethereal (Celestra Series Book 1)                Addison Moore                   
The Valcourt Heiress        Medieval Song volume 7        Catherine Coulter    2010    Putnam Adult        "9,7811E+12"   
"Networks of Nations: The Evolution, Structure, and Impact of International Networks, 1816-2001"        Structural Analysis in the Social Sciences        Zeev Maoz    2010    Cambridge University Press        521198446   
The 1-2-3 Money Plan: The Three Most Important Steps to Saving and Spending Smart                Gregory Karp    2009    FT Press           
 Oliver Twist (Puffin Classics)                Charles Dickens    2008    Puffin Books        141921890   
The 1-2-3 Money Plan: The Three Most Important Steps to Saving and Spending Smart                Gregory Karp    2009    FT Press           
In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner        Inspector Lynley volume 10        Elizabeth George    2009    Bantam        553906400   
Black Water Rising                Attica Locke    2009    HarperCollins        "9,78006E+12"   
The Truth About the New Rules of Business Writing                "Natalie Canavor, Claire Meirowitz"    2009    FT Press        137153156   
The Truth About the New Rules of Business Writing                "Natalie Canavor, Claire Meirowitz"    2009    FT Press           
Frommer's Budapest and the Best of Hungary (Frommer's Complete Guides)        Frommer's Complete Guides        Ryan James    2010    Frommers        470551268   
In principio erano le mutande                Rossana Campo    2002    Feltrinelli Editore        "9,78881E+12"   
Parasitology for Medical and Clinical Laboratory Professionals                "Ridley, John W. Ridley"    2011    Cengage Learning        1435448163   
Con la morte nel cuore                Biondillo Gianni    2005    Guanda        "9,78886E+12"   
Choke                Chuck Palahniuk    2002    Anchor        "9,7814E+12"   
Dance Lest We All Fall Down: Breaking Cycles of Poverty in Brazil and Beyond                Margaret Willson    2010    University of Washington Press        "0295990589,9780295990583,9780295801681"   
"Heroes' Names, Homeric Identities"        Albert Bates Lord Studies in Oral Tradition volume 10        Carolyn Higbie    1995    Garland Pub.        824072707   
The Walking Drum                Louis L'Amour    2005    Bantam        "9,78055E+12"   
"Britain in Vietnam: Prelude to Disaster, 1945-46 (Military History and Policy)"        Military History and Policy        Peter Neville    2007    Routledge        "0415358485,9780415358484,9780203004708"   
To Tame a Land                Louis L'Amour    2005    Bantam        "9,78055E+12"   
Gone        Quincy / Rainie volume 5        Lisa Gardner    2006    Bantam        "9,78055E+12"   
Constantine and the Christian Empire (Roman Imperial Biographies)        Roman Imperial Biographies        Charles Odahl    2010    Routledge        "0415575346,9780415575348,9780203850282"   
Topological Dynamics        American Mathematical Society Colloquium Publications        Walter Helbig Gottschalk and Gustav Arnold Hedlund    1955    American Mathematical Society        821810368   
The Omnivore's Dilemna: A Natural History of Four Meals                Michael Pollan                   
The Omnivore's Dilemna: A Natural History of Four Meals                Michael Pollan                   
"Kurze Erzählung vom Antichrist, 8. Auflage (Quellen und Studien zur russischen Geistesgeschichte 1)"        Quellen und Studien zur russischen Geistesgeschichte volume 1        "Wladimir Solowjew (Solov'ev), Ludolf Müller (übers.)"    1994    Wewel        3879040487   
Thermally Stable and Flame Retardant Polymer Nanocomposites                Vikas Mittal    2011    Cambridge University Press        521190755   
Von Neumann Algebras        North-Holland Mathematical Library volume 27        Jacques Dixmier    1981    Elsevier        "0444863087,9780444863089,0444557407,9780444557407"   
Ewiges Leben?                Hans Küng    1982    "Piper, Ex Libris"        3492203648   
"Changing Places: Society, Culture, and Territory in the Saxon-Bohemian Borderlands, 1870-1946 (Asao Monograph)"        Asao Monograph        Caitlin Murdock    2010    University Microfilms International        472027019   
Anatomia Patológica - Temas para Enfermería                "Cirión Martínez, G. & Herrera Pérez, M.H."    2005    Editorial Ciencias Medicas        9592121672   
A Course in Constructive Algebra (Universitext)        Universitext        "Ray Mines, Fred Richman, Wim Ruitenburg"    1987    Springer        387966405   
Abstract Algebra and Famous Impossibilities (Universitext)                "Arthur Jones, Sidney A. Morris, Kenneth R. Pearson"    1991    Springer        387976613   
"Sets, Logic and Categories (Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series)"                Peter J. Cameron    1999    Springer        1852330563   
The Paradoxical Brain                "Edited by Narinder Kapur with Alvaro Pascual-Leone, Vilayanur Ramachandran, Jonathan Cole, Sergio Della Sala, Tom Manly, Andrew Mayes. Forward by Oliver Sacks,"    2011    Cambridge University Press        521115575   
Manual de Enfermería en Neonatología                "Castro López, FW & Urbina Laza, O."    2007    Editorial Ciencias Medicas        9592122413   
Manual de Anestesia para Enfermeros                "Dávila Cabo de Villa, E & Hernández Dávila, CM"    2007    Editorial Ciencias Medicas        "9,78959E+12"   
Separate Roads                "Judith Pella, Tracie Peterson"    2011    Baker Books        "144123408X,9781441234087"   
All Yours                Claudia Pineiro    2011    Bitter Lemon Press        "190473880X,9781904738800"   
A third window: natural life beyond Newton and Darwin                Robert E. Ulanowicz    2009    Templeton Foundation Press        "159947154X,9781599471549"   
Dead Men's Secrets: Tantalising Hints of a Lost Super Race                Jonathan Gray    2004    AuthorHouse        "1418425559,141403749X,1418425567,9781418425555,1572584033,9781572584037"   
The Wedding Quilt        Elm Creek Quilts volume 18        Jennifer Chiaverini    2011    Dutton        1101548089   
"The Paris Peace Conference, 1919: Peace Without Victory? (Studies in Military and Strategic History)"                "Michael Dockrill, John Fisher"    2001    Palgrave Macmillan        333776306   
Introduction to Data Mining for the Life Sciences                Rob Sullivan    2011    Springer        1588299423   
The Historical Method of Flavius Josephus        Arbeiten zur Literatur und Geschichte des hellenistischen Judentums volume 19        Pere Villalba I Varneda    1986    Brill        9004076167   
Love Finds a Way: 3 Modern Romances Make Falling in Love Simple and Sweet                Wanda E. Brunstetter    2012    Barbour Books        1616266709   
"Emile: or, On Education"                "Jean-Jacques Rousseau,  Allan Bloom (translation and commentary)"    1979    Basic Books        465019316   
Lost World of Giants                Jonathan Gray    2006    "TEACH Services, Inc."        1572584581   
Come Follow Me: v. 1                Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh    1982    Osho International Foundation        880500345   
Panskoye I: Archaeological Investigations in Western Crimea (ARCHAEOLOGICAL INVESTIGATIONS IN NORTHWESTERN CRIMEA)                "Lise Hannestad, Alexander Sceglov, Vladimir Stolba"    2001    Aarhus University Press        8772887703   
Myths Of Gender: Biological Theories About Women And Men                Anne Fausto-Sterling    1992    Basic Books        465047921   
The Forbidden Secret: How To Survive What the Elite Have Planned For You                Jonathan Gray    2011    "TEACH Services, Inc."        1572587009   
Cardiopatías congénitas: diagnóstico morfológico                "Manuel Arteaga Martínez, Ramón Fernández Espino"    1986    Capitel Editores        8474870322   
"The Analysis of Covariance and Alternatives: Statistical Methods for Experiments, Quasi-Experiments, and Single-Case Studies"        Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics        Bradley Huitema    2011    Wiley        "047174896X,9780471748960"   
Scale Military Figure Conversions                Duncan Howarth    2009    Crowood Press        1847970673   
Handbook of Human Factors in Web Design                "Kim-Phuong L. Vu, Robert W. Proctor"    2011    Taylor and Francis        1439825948   
Machine learning and robot perception        Studies in computational intelligence volume 7        "Bruno Apolloni, Ashish Ghosh, Ferda Alpaslan, Lakhmi C. Jain, Srikanta Patnaik"    2005    Springer        "354026549X,9783540265498"    1860-949X
Creation and Evolution: A Biosemiotic Approach                Friedrich Salomon Rothschild    2000    Transaction Publishers        "076580686X,9780765806864"   
Kompendium der Mediengestaltung: Produktion und Technik für Digital- und Printmedien (X.media.press)                "Joachim Böhringer, Peter Bühler, Patrick Schlaich"    2011    Springer        "364220581X,9783642205811"   
Hollowland                Amanda Hocking    2010    CreateSpace        1453860960   
"When Chicken Soup Isn't Enough: Stories of Nurses Standing Up for Themselves, Their Patients, and Their Profession"                Suzanne Gordon    2010    Cornell University Press        801448949   
Corpus vasorum antiquorum: Athènes--Musée national i (Grèce 1)        Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum        "K?nstantinos Athanasiou R?maios, Semn? Karouzou"    1930    Paris: Champion           
Genesis 1-11: Tales of the Earliest World                Edwin Good    2011    Stanford University Press        "080477496X,9780804774963"   
O X da Questao                Eike Batista    2011    Primeira Pessoa        "9,78858E+12"   
Hollowmen (The Hollows #2)                Amanda Hocking    2011               
"Ninez: Spanish Songs, Games, and Stories of Childhood"                Virginia Nylander Ebinger    1993    Sunstone Press        865341754   
Mensagem                Fernando Pessoa                8577150381   
RNA Processing: A Practical Approach: Volume II        The Practical Approach Series volume 2        "Stephen J. Higgins, B. David Hames (eds.)"    1995               
"Nutrition, Exercise, and Behavior: An Integrated Approach to Weight Management, Second edition"                Liane M. Summerfield    2011    Cengage Learning        840069244   
Indian Esoteric Buddhism: A Social History of the Tantric Movement                Ronald M. Davidson    2002    Columbia University Press        231126191   
The Anthropology of Globalization: Cultural Anthropology Enters the 21st Century                Ted C. Lewellen    2002    Greenwood Publishing Group        897897405   
Portugues XXI Nível 3 - Livro Aluno                Ana Tavares    2005    Lidel        9727573496   
"Android Tablets Made Simple: For Motorola XOOM, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Asus, Toshiba and Other Tablets (Made Simple Apress)"                Marziah Karch    2011    Apress        "143023671X,9781430236719"   
"Android Tablets Made Simple: For Motorola XOOM, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Asus, Toshiba and Other Tablets (Made Simple Apress)"                Marziah Karch    2011    Apress        "143023671X,9781430236719"   
On the road                "Jack Kerouac, Ann Charters"    2000    Penguin Books        141182680   
Pro HTML5 Programming (Professional Apress)                "Peter Lubbers, Brian Albers, Frank Salim"    2011    Apress        "143023864X,9781430238645"   
Pro HTML5 Programming (Professional Apress)                "Peter Lubbers, Brian Albers, Frank Salim"    2011    Apress        "143023864X,9781430238645"   
"Hey, Wait"                Jason                   
Expert SharePoint 2010 Practices                "Sahil Malik, Dan Bakmand-Mikalski, Razi bin Rais, Darrin Bishop, Matt Eddinger, Brian Farnhill, Ed Hild, Joerg Krause, Cory R. Loriot, Matthew McDermott, Dave Milner, Ed Musters, Tahir Naveed, Mark Orange, Doug Ortiz, Barry Ralston, E. Richard, Karthick Sethunarayanan, Steve Wright"    2011    Apress        1430238705   
Expert SharePoint 2010 Practices                "Sahil Malik, Dan Bakmand-Mikalski, Razi bin Rais, Darrin Bishop, Matt Eddinger, Brian Farnhill, Ed Hild, Joerg Krause, Cory R. Loriot, Matthew McDermott, Dave Milner, Ed Musters, Tahir Naveed, Mark Orange, Doug Ortiz, Barry Ralston, E. Richard, Karthick Sethunarayanan, Steve Wright"    2011    Apress        1430238705   
Hedge Funds and Financial Markets: An Asset Management and Corporate Governance Perspective                Julian Holler    2012    Springer        3834932780   
Pro jQuery Mobile                Brad Broulik    2011    Apress        1430239663   
Pro jQuery Mobile                Brad Broulik    2011    Apress        1430239663   
Historia general de las drogas: incluyendo el apéndice Fenomenología de las drogas faltan p42-62                Antonio Escohotado    1998    Espasa        8423997392   
A Game of Thrones                George R.R. Martin    2011    Bantam        553386795   
Grandmaster Repertoire 10: The Tarrasch Defence                "Jacob Aagaard, Nikolaos Ntirlis"    2011    Quality Chess Europe        1906552917   
Annexed                Sharon Dogar    2010    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt        547501952   
All You Need Is Kill (?????????????)                ?? ?    2004    ???        4086302196   
"Before the Muses: An Anthology of Akkadian Literature, Volume 2: Mature, Late, Second edition"                Benjamin R. Foster    1996    CDL Press        1883053235   
Acateco de la frontera sur                Roberto Zavala Maldonado    1992    El Colegio de México        9681205694   
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Statistical methods in water resources                "Dennis R. Helsel, Robert M. Hirsch"    2002    USGS        444814640   
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Testosterone: Wimp To Hunk In 90 Days                Simon Lovell    2011    BookBaby        "9,78162E+12"   
Cochlear Mechanics: Introduction to a Time Domain Analysis of the Nonlinear Cochlea                Hendrikus Duifhuis    2012    Springer        "144196116X,9781441961167"   
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International White Collar Crimes                Bruce Zagaris                   
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 "Patient Safety Informatics:  Adverse Drug Events, Human Factors and IT Tools for Patient Medication Safety"        Studies in Health Technology and Informatics volume 166        "V. Koutkias, J. Nies, S. Jensen, N. Maglaveras, R. Beuscart"    2011    IOS Press        "1607507390,9781607507390,9781607507406"    0926-9630
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