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buku referensi kuliah skripsi tugas akhir disertasi dan tesis 6

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Spekman, Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg 0471180939 The One to One Manager: Real-world Lessons in Customer Relationship Management by: Martha Rogers, Don Peppers 1841120936 Business the Bill Gates Way (Bigshots) by: Des Dearlove 1841120049 C++ Standard Library Practical Tips (Programming Series) by: Greg Reese 1584504005 Cannibals with Forks: Triple Bottom Line of 21st Century Business by: John Elkington 1841120847 The Triple Bottom Line: How Today's Best-Run Companies Are Achieving Economic, Social and Environmental Success -- and How You Can Too by: Andrew W. Savitz 0787979074 9780787979072 9780787986490 The Microsoft Data Warehouse Toolkit: With SQL Server 2005 and the Microsoft Business Intelligence Toolset by: Joy Mundy Warr Thornthwaite Ralph Kimball 0471267155 A Flourishing Yin: Gender in China's Medical History: 960-1665 (Philip E.Lilienthal Books) by: Charlotte Furth 0520208285 Millionaire Upgrade: Lessons in Success From Those Who Travel at the Sharp End of the Plane by: Richard Parkes Cordock 1841127035 Noonaville: The Search for Sanity by: Steph Bolton 1841126616 Re-think by: Nigel Barlow 1841126950 The Freedom Years: Tactical Tips for the Trailblazer Generation by: Michael Shea 1841126888 Making Good: The Inspiring Story of Serial Entrepreneur, Maverick and Restaurateur by: Tony Allan 1841126314 The Way of the Dog: The Art of Making Success Inevitable by: Geoff Burch 1841125768 Artifacts: Silk: The Thread Connecting East and West (2007) [6/6] AVI 720×400 | DivX5 1933 kbps | AC3 255 CBR | 47 Min | Audio: English | Eng subtitles srt | Discovery Channel | Full DVDR | 746 Huang di Neijing, El primer canon del Emperador amarillo [Medicina China] by: Roberto Gonzalez Business Coaching: Achieving Practical Results Through Effective Engagement by: Peter Shaw, Robin Linnecar 1841127418 The Book of Happiness: Brilliant Ideas to Transform Your Life by: Heather Summers, Anne Watson 1841127027 The Naked Coach: Business Coaching Made Simple by: David Taylor 1841127566 Business Upgrade: 21 Days to Reignite the Entrepreneurial Spirit in You and Your Team by: Richard Parkes Cordock 1841127442 The Dissociative Mind by: Elizabeth Howell 0881634956 Pains in the Office: 50 People You Absolutely, Definitely Must Avoid at Work! by: Andrew Holmes 1841126152 CoolSearch: Keeping Your Organization In Touch and On the Edge... by: Jean Lammiman, Michel Syrett 1841124303 Being the Best: The A-Z of Personal Success by: Nicholas Bate 1841125210 Playing to Win: 10 Steps to Achieving Your Goals by: Karr Brady 1841125636 The 100 Greatest Ideas for Building Your Career (WH Smiths 100 Greatest) by: K Langdon 1841125121 The New Bottom Line: Bridging the Value Gaps that are Undermining Your Business by: Alan Mitchell, Andreas W. 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Irresistible Forces: The Business Legacy of Napster and the Growth of the Underground Internet by: Trevor Merrid 1841121703 Balkan Wars 1912-1913: Prelude to the First World War (Warfare and History) by: Richard C. 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