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Daftar Teksbook 8

Daftar Teksbook 8

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buku referensi skripsi tesis disertasi

Judul (*) ;;pengarang (*) ;Penerbit (*) ;Tahun
Pro Drupal Development. Learn How to Use The Content Management Framework to Create Powerful Customized Websites ;;John K.VanDyk and Matt Westgate ;Apress ;2007
Pro LINQ language Integrating Query in C# 2008 ;;Joseph C.Rattz, Jr ;Apress ;2008
Pro NetBeans IDE 6. Rich Client Platform Edition ;;Adam Myatt ;Apress ;2008
Pro.NET 2.0 Code and Design Standards in C# ;;Mark Horner ;Apress ;2006
Pro/Engineer Instructor ;;David Skelley ;McGraw-Hill ;2001
Probabilistic Reliability Engineering ;;Boris V.Gnedenko, et al ;Wiley ;1995
Probability & Statistics for Engineers & Scientists ;;Walpole Myers Ye ;Pearson ;2007
Probability : Elements of The Mathematical Theory ;;C.R.Heathcote ; ;1971
Probability and Its Applications. An Introduction to The Theory of Point Processes. Volume II: Generral Theory and Structure ;;D.J.Daley D.Vere-Jones ; ;2008
Probability and Probabilistic Reasoning for Electrical Engineering ;;Terrence L.Fine ; ;2006
Probability and Statistics ;;Morris H. DeGroot ; ;1975
Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences ;;Jay L.Devore ;Ducbury ;1995
Probability and Statistics for Engineers ;;Irwin Miller, et al ; ;0
Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientist ;;Walpole, Myers, Myers, Ye ; ;2002
Probability and Stochastic Processes (A Friendly Introduction for Electrical and Computer Engineers) ;;Roy D. Yates, et al ;Wiley ;1999
Probability, Random Variables, and Stochasstic Processes ;;Athanasios Papoulis, et al ;McGraw-Hill ;2002
Probabilty, Random Variables, and Random Signal Principles ;;Peyton Z.Peebles,Jr. ;McGraw-Hill ;0
Problem Book in Mathematics. The IMO Compendium. A Collection of Problems. Suggested for The International Mathematical Olimpiads: 1959-2004 ;;Dusan Djukic Vladimir Jankovic Ivan Matic Nikola Petrovic ;Springer ;2006
Problem Books in Mathematics. Problem-Solving Strategies ;;Arthur Engel ;Springer ;1998
Problem Books in Mathematics. Problem-Solving Through Problems ;;Loren C.Larson ;Springer ;1983
Problem Books in Mathematics: Problem-Solving Strategies ;;Arthur Engel ;Springer ;1998
Problem Books in Mathematics: Problem-Solving Through Problems ;;Loren C.Larson ;Springer ;1983
Problem Solving and Program Design in C ;;Jeri R.Hanly, Elliot B.Koffman ; ;2004
Problems & Solutions in Quantum Mechanics ;;Kyriakos Tamvakis ;Cambridge ;2005
Problems and Solutions in Mathematics ;;Li Ta-Tsien ;World Scientific ;1998
Problems and Solutions on Electromagnetism ;;Lim Yung-Kuo ;World Scientific ;1993
Problems and Solutions on Electromagnetism ;;Lim Yung-Kuo ;World Scientific ;1993
Problems and Solutions on Mechanics ;;Lim Yung-Kuo ;World Scientific ;0
Problems and Solutions on Quantum Mechanics ;;Yung-Kuo Lim ;World Scientific ;1996
Problem-Solving and Artificial Intelligence ;;Jean-Louis, Lauriere ;Prentice-Hall ;0
Proceedings of The 64th Annual Meeting of The American Society for Information Science and Technology: Information in a World:Harnessing the Flow JW.Marriott Hotel Wasington,DC November 3-8 2001 Asist ;; ; ;0
Process Analysis and Simulation Deterministic Systems ;;David M.Himmelblau, et al ;Wiley ;0
Process Control Instrumentation Technology ;; ; ;0
Process Design Principles Synthesis, Analysis, and Evaluation ;;Warren D.Seider,et al ;Wiley ;1999
Process Design Tools for The Environment ;;Subhas K.Sikdar, et al ; ;2001
Process Dynamics in Environmental Systems ;;Walter j.Weber,Jr, Francis A.DiGiano ;Wiley ;1996
Process Dynamics Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation ;;B.Wayne Bequtte ;Prentice Hall ;1998
Process Equipment Design ;;MV Joshi ; ;1981
Process Fluid Mechanics: A Clearly Written, Complete and Modern Introduction to the Principles and Practical Implication of Chemical Kinetics and Chemical Reactor Engineering ;;Morton M. Denn ;Prentice Hall ;1980
Process Heat Transfer ;;G.F.Hewitt,et al ;CRC Press ;2000
Process Measurement Instrument Engineers Handbook ;;Bela G.Liptak,et al ;Chilton Book Co. ;1982
Process Modelling, Simulation and Control for Chemical Engineers ;;William L.Luyben ;McGraw-Hill ;1990
Process Plant Performance (Measurement and Data Processing for Optimization and Retrofits) ;;Dr. Frantisek Madron, et al ;Prentice-Hall ;1992
Process Redesign The implementation Guide for Managers ;;Arthur R.Tenner, et al ;engineering Process Improvement Series ;1997
Process Reengineering, Organizational Change and Performance Improvement ;;Soumitra Dutta, et al ;INSEAD ;1999
Process Selection: From Design to Manufacture ;;Swift, Booker ;BH ;2003
Process Synthesis ;;Dale F.Rudd, et al ;Prentice Hall ;0
Process Systems Analysis and Control ;;Donald R.Coughanowr ;McGraw-Hill ;0
Process Technology Proceedings, 9 : Computer Applications in Chemical Engineering ;;H.Th.Bussemaker, et al ;Elsevier ;1990
Process/Industrial Instruments and Controls Handbook ;;Gregory K.McMillan Douglas M.Considine ;McGraw-Hill ;1999
Process-Aware Information Systems (Bridging People and Software Through Process Technology) ;;Marlon Dumas, et al ;Wiley ;2005
Processes and Systems in Industrial Chemistry ;;Meissner ;Prentice Hall ;1971
Product & Process Design Principles : Synthesis, Analysis, and Evaluation ;;Seider, Seader, Lewin ; ;2004
Product Data Interface in CAD/CAM Applications ;;J.Encarnacao ;Springer ;1986
Product Data Interface in CAD/CAM Applications ;;J.Encarnacao ;Springer ;1986
Product Design (Practical Methods for The Systematic Development of New Producs) ;;Mike Baxter ; ;1995
Product Design (Techniques in Reverse Engineering and New Product Development) ;;Kevin Otto & Kristin Wood ; ;0
Product Design and Development ;;Ulrich, Eppinger ; ;2004
Product Design and Development ;;Karl T.Ulrich, Steven D.Eppinger ;McGraw-Hill ;2008
Product Design for Manufacture and Assembly ;;Geoffrey Boothroyd, Peter Dewhurst, Wiston Knight ;Dekker ;1994
Product Design, techniques in reverse engineering and new product development ;;Kevin N. Otto ;Prentice Hall ;2001
Product Management ;;Lehman, Winer ;McGraw-Hill ;2005
Product Planning Management Designing and Delivering Value ;;William L.Moore, et al ;McGraw-Hill ;1993
Product Policy : Concepts, Methods, and Strategy ;;Yoram J.Wind ;Addison-Wesley ;0
Product Safety Management and Engineering ;;Willie Hammer ;Prentice-Hall ;1980
Product Strategy for High Technology Companies (Accelerated Your Business to Web Speed) ;; ;McGraw-Hill International Edition ;2001
Production & Inventory Management ;;Fogarty, et al ;South Western ;1991
Production and Inventory Control Principles and Techniques ;;George W.Plossl ;Prentice Hall ;1985
Production and Operations Analysis ;;Steven Nahmias ;McGraw Hill ;2005
Production and Operations Management Manufacturing and nonmanufacturing ;;James B.Dilworth ;McGraw-Hill ;1989
Production and Operations Management Manufacturing and nonmanufacturing ;;James B.Dilworth ;McGraw-Hill ;1989
Production and Operations Management Manufacturing and Services ;;Chase, et al ; ;1998
Production and Operations Management Manufacturing and Services ;;Chase, et al ; ;1998
Production Optimization: Using NODAL Analysis ;;H. Dale Beggs ;Oil and Gas Consultants International Inc. ;0
Production Planning and Industrial Scheduling. Examples, Case Studies, and Applications ;;Dileep R.Sule ;CRC Press ;2008
Production Planning and Industrial Scheduling. Examples, Case Studies, and Applications ;;Dileep R.Sule ;CRC Press ;2008
Production Planning and Inventory Control ;;Seetharama L.Narasimhan, et al ;Prentice Hall ;1995
Production Planning, Control, and Integration ;;Daniel Sipper, et al ; ;0
Production Research Approaching the 21st Century ;;M.Pridham, et al ;Taylor & Francis ;1991
Production Systems : Planning, Analysis and Control ;;James L.Riggs ;Wiley ;0
Productivity Engineering and Management ;;David J.Sumanth ;McGraw-Hill ;1984
Productivity Improvements Through TPM The Philosopy and Application of Total Productive Maintenance ;;Roy Davis ;Prentice Hall ;1995
Professional Active Server Pages 3.0 ;;Alex Homer, et al ;Wrox ;0
Professional ADO.NET 2 Programming with SQL Server 2005, Oracle, and MySQL ;;Wallace B.McClure, Gregory A.Beamer, John J.Croft IV, J.Ambrose Litle, et al ;WROX ;2006
Professional ASP Data Access ;; ; ;2001
Professional ASP XML ;;Mark Baartse, et al ;Wrox ;0
Professional ASP.NET 2.0 ;;Bill Evjen Scot Hanselman dkk ; ;2006
Professional C# ;;Simon Robinson et al ;Wrox ;2001
Professional C++ ;;Nicholas A.Solter, Scott J.Kleper ;Wrox ;2005
Professional Codelgniter ;;Thomas Myer ;Wrox ;2008
Professional Community Server ;;Wyatt Preul-Keyvan Nayyer-Jose Lema-Jim Martin ;WROX ;2007
Professional Community Server Themes ;;Wyatt Preul Ben Tiedt ;Wrox ;2008
Professional Dynamo Plus ;; ;Pugh-Robert Ass.Inc ;0
Professional Hibernate ;;Eric Pugh, Joseph D.Gradecki ;Wrox ;2004
Professional Hibernate ;;Eric Pugh, Joseph D.Gradecki ;Wrox ;2004
Professional JAVA Server Programming ;; ;Wrox ;
Professional Java Server Programming J2EE Edition ;;Subrahanyam Allamaraju, et al ;Wrox ;2000
Professional Joomla! ;;Dan Rahmel ;Wrox ;2007
Professional JSP ;;Karl Avedal,et al ;Wrox ;0
Professional Multicore Programming. Design And Implementation for C++ Developers ;;Cameron Hughes, Tracey Hughes ;Wrox ;2008
Professional Oracle Programming ;;Rick Greenwald Robert Stackowiak et al ;Wrox ;2005
Professional PHP Programming ;;Jesus Castagnetto ;Wrox ;1999
Professional SQL Server 2005 Programming ;;Robert Vieira ;Wrox ;2007
Professional SQL Server 2005 Programming ;;Robert Vieira ;Wrox ;2007
Professional VSTO 2005 Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office ;;Alvin Bruney ;WROX ;2006
Professional WAP With WML, WMLScript, ASP, JSP, XML, XSLT, WTA, Push and VoiceXML ;;Charles Arehart, et al ;Wrox ;2000
Professional Windows Live Programming ;;Jon Arking ;Wrox ;2008
Professional Windows Vista Gadgets Programming ;;Wei-Meng Lee ;Wrox ;2008
Professional XML ;;Didier Martin ;Wrox ;1999
Proffesional Visual Basic 6 Databases with VB, ADO, SQL Server, and MTS ;;Charles Williams ;Wrox ;1999
Programmable Controllers Operation and Application ;;Ian G.Warnock ;Prentice Hall ;1988
Programmable Logic Controlers Principles & Applications ;;John W.Webb, Ronald A.Reis ;Prentice Hall ;1999
Programmable Logic Controllers ;;James A.Rehg, Glenn J.Sartori ; ;2007
Programmable Logic Controllers ;;Frank D.Petruzella ; ;2005
Programmer to Programmer : Professional WAP (with WML, WMLScript, ASP, JSP, XML, XSLT, WTA, Push and VoiceXML) ;;Charles Arehart, et al ;Wrox ;2000
Programming and Customizing The 8051 Microcontroller ;;Myke Predko ;McGraw-Hill ;1999
Programming and Interfacing The 8051 Microcontroller ;;Sencer Yeralan, Ashutosh Ahluwalia ;Addison-Wesley ;1993
Programming C# ;;Jesse Liberty ;O'Reilly ;0
Programming for the Series 60 Platform and Symbian OS ;;Digiq ;Wiley ;2003
Programming in ANSI C ;;E.Balagurusamy ; ;0
Programming in C With Numerical Methods for Engineers ;;Kamal B. Rojiani ; ;1996
Programming in C++: Lessons and Applications ;;Timothy B.D'Orazio ;McGraw-Hill ;2004
Programming Java 2 Micro Edition on Symbian OS : A developer's Guide to MIDP 2.0 ;;Martin de Jode ;Wiley, Symbian ;2004
Programming Language Pragmatics ;;Michael L.Scott ;Elsevier. Morgan Kaufmann ;2006
Programming Languages Concepts and Constructs ;;Ravi Sethi ; ;1996
Programming Pearls ;;Jon Bentley ; ;2000
Programming Perl ;;Larry Wall and Randal L Scwartz ;O'Reilly ;2000
Programming The 8086, 8088 ;;James W.Coffron ;SYBEX ;0
Programming Web Service with SOAP ;;James Snell ;OREILLY ;2001
Programming Winsock ;;Arthur Dumas ;SAMS Publishing ;0
Programming With C++ Schaum's Easy Outlinnes ;;John R.Hubbard, Ph.D. ; ;2000
Programming With Pascal ;;Byron S. Gottfried ;McGraw-Hill ;0
Project Analysis in Developing Countries ;;Steve Curry, et al ; ;0
Project Economics and Decision Analysis - Volume I: Deterministic Models ;;M.A. Mian ;PennWell ;2002
Project Feasibility Analysis A Guide to Profitable new Ventures ;;David S.Clifton, Jr.,et al ;Wiley ;0
Project Financing Asset-Based Financial Engineering ;;John D.Finnerty ;Wiley ;1996
Project Management ;;Clifford F.Gray, et al ;McGraw-Hill ;1999
Project Management a Systems Approach to Planning Scheduling and Controlling ;;Harold Kerzner, PhD ; ;1998
Project Management Achieving Competitive Advantage ;;Jeffrey K.Pinto ; ;2007
Project Management for Dummies. Build and Lead A Winning Project Team ;;Stanley E.Portny ; ;2007
Project Management for Engineering and Construction ;;Garold D. Oberlender ;McGraw Hill ;2000
Project Management In New Product Development ;;Bruce T.Barkley ; ;2008
Project Management Strategic Design and Implementation ;;David I.Cleland ;McGraw-Hill ;1999
Project Management Techniques in Planning and Controlling Construction Projects ;;Hira N.Ahuja, et al ;Wiley ;1994
Project Management, Strategic Design and Implementation ;;David L. Cleland, et. al ; ;2002
Project Management. Planning and Control Techniques ;;Rory Burke ; ;2004
Project Management: A Managerial Approach ;;Meredith, Mantel ; ;2003
Project Management: How to Plan and Manage Successful Projects ;;Knutson, Bitz ; ;1991
Project Quality Management. Why,What, and How ;;Kenneth H.Rose,PMP ;J.Ross ;2005
Properties of Oils and Natural Gases Contributions in Petroleum Geology and Engineering ;;K. S. Pedersen, et al ; ;1989
Protective Relaying for Power Systems ;;Stanley H.Horowitz ;IEEE Press ;1980
Protective Relays Their Theory and Practice Vol.1 ;;A.R.Van C.Warrington ;Chapman Hall ;
Protective Relays Their Theory and Practice Vol.2 ;;A.R.Van C.Warrington ;Chapman Hall ;0
Protein Folding Protocols ;;Yawen Bai, Ruth Nussinov ;Humana Press ;2007
Protein Purification Principles and Practice ;;Robert K. Scopes ;Springer-Verlag ;1987
Protel Autotrax,Automated Printed Circuit Board Design System ;; ; ;0
Pspice and Circuit Analysis ;;John Keown ;Macmillan Pub.Co ;0
Pspice User's Guide (Includes Pspice A/D, Pspice A/D Basic, and Pspice) ;;Orcad (A Cadence Product Family) ; ;2000
Psychological Testing. Principles Applications and Issues ;;Robert M.Kaplan Dennis P.Saccuzzo ; ;2005
Public Administration. Understanding Management, Politics, and Law In The Public Sector ;;David H.Rosenbloom, Robert S.Kravchuk ;McGraw-Hill ;2005
Public Finance ;;Harvey S. Rosen ;McGraw-Hill ;2004
Public Finance ;;Harvey S. Rosen-Ted Gayer ;McGraw-Hill International Edition ;2008
Public Finance and Price System ;;Edgar K.Browning, et al ; ;1994
Pump Handbook ;;Igor J. Karassik, et al ;McGraw-Hill ;2001
PUMP Handbook ;;Igor J.Karassik William C.Krutzsch Warren H.Fraser Joseph P.Messina ;McGraw-Hill ;1986
Purchasing & Supply Chain Management. Analysis Strategy Planning and Practice ;;Arjan J.Van Weele ;Thomson ;2005
QoS & Traffic Management in IP & ATM Networks ;;David McDysan ; ;1995
QoS in Integrated 3G Networks ;;Robert Lloyd-Evans ;AH ;2002
QoS Measurement and Evaluation of Telecommunications Quality of Service ;;William C.Hardy ;Wiley ;2001
QS-9000 Quality Systems Handbook ;;David Hoyle ;Society of Automotive Engineer ;0
Qualitative Analysis with Ionic Equilibrium ;;Robert K. Wismer ;MacMillan ;1991
Qualitative Data Analysis Explorations with Nvivo ;;Graham R. Gibbs ;Undestanding Social Research ;2002
Qualitative Research Design. An Interactive Approach ;;Joseph A.Maxwell ;Sage Publications ;1996
Quality Control ;;Dale H.Besterfield ;Prentice Hall ;1994
Quality Engineering Using Robust Design ;;Madhav S.Phadake ;Prentice Hall ;1989
Quality Function Deployment How to Make QFD Work For You ;;Lou Cohen ;Addison-Wesley ;1995
Quality Function Deployment Linking a Company With Its Customers ;;Ronald G.Day ;ASQC Quality Press ;0
Quality Management: Introduction to Total Quality Management for Production, Processing, and Services ;;David ;Pearson ;2006
Quality Manager's Complete Guide to ISO 9000 ;;Richard Barrett Clements ;Prentice Hall ;0
Quality of Service Delivery QoS on The Internet and in Corporate Networks ;;Paul Fergusson, et al ; ;0
Quality of Service Delivery QoS on The Internet and in Corporate Networks ;;Paul Fergusson, et al ; ;0
Quality of Sevice in Telecomunications ;;A.P.Oodan,etal ; ;0
Quality Planning & Analysis : From Product Development Through Use ;;Frank M. Gryna ;McGraw-Hill ;2001
Quality Planning and Analysis ;;J.M.Juran, et al ;McGraw-Hill ;1993
Quantitative Analysis ;;R.A.Day, Jr.,et al ;Prentice Hall ;0
Quantitative Analysis for Management ;;Barry Render, et al ;Prentice Hall ;2000
Quantitative Analysis for Management ;;Barry Render, Ralph M.Stair,Jr., Michael E.Hanna ;Pearson ;2009
Quantitative Analysis in Marketing Management ;;Luiz Moutinho, et al ;Wiley ;1998
Quantitative Risk Analysis A Guide to Monte Carlo Simulation Modelling ;;David Vose ;Wiley ;1996
Quantitative System 3 ;; ;Prentice-Hall ;0
Quantum Information An Overview ;;Cregg Jaeger ;Springer ;2007
Quantum Mechanics ;;Amit Goswami (university of Oregon) ;Wm.C.Brown Publishers ;1992
Quantum Mechanics ;;A.S.Davydov ;Pergamon Press ;1968
Quantum Mechanics ;;Amit Goswami(University of Oregon) ;Wm.C.Brown Publishers ;1992
Quantum Mechanics ;;Eugene Merzbacher ;Wiley ;1969
Quantum Mechanics ;;Leonard I.Schiff ;McGraw-Hill ;0
Quantum Mechanics A Modern Development ;;Leslie E.Ballentine ;World Scientific ;1998
Quantum Mechanics Symmetries ;;Walter Greiner,et al ;Springer ;1995
Quantum Mechanics. A Self-Teaching Guide ;;David McMahon ;McGraw-Hill ;2006
Quantum Mechanics. Concepts and Applications ;;Neuredine Zettili ;Wiley ;2001
Quantum Physics ;;Stephen Gasiorowicz ;Wiley ;1974
Quantum Wells, Wires and Dots. Theoretical and Computational Physics of Semiconductor Nanostructures ;;Paul Harrison ;Wiley ;2007
Queing Theory in Manufacturing Systems Analysis and Design ;;HT Papadopoulos, et al ;Chapman & Hall ;0
Questionnaire Design. How To Plan Structure and Write Survey Material for Effective Market Research ;;Ian Brace ;MRS ;2004
Queueing Systems Vol.1, Vol.2 ;;Leonard Kleinrock ;Wiley ;0
Queueing Theory ;;Ivo Adan and Jacques Resing ;Dept. of Mathematics & Computing Science Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands ;2001
Queueing Theory for Telecommunications ;;John N.Daigle ;Addison-Wesley ;0
Queueing Theory in Manufacturing Systems Analysis and Design ;;Papaopoulos, Heavy, Browne ;Chapman & Hall ;1993
Quick Reference Wireless A to Z ;;Nathan J.Muller ;McGraw Hill ;2003
Radar Cross Section ;;Eugene F.Knott,et al ;AH ;0
Radar Principles, Technology, Applications ;;Byron Edde ; ;1993
Radar Systems Analysis and Design Using MATLAB ;;Bassem R.Mahafza ;Chapman & Hall ;2005
Radio Engineering for Wireless Communication and Sensor Applications ;;Raisanen, Lehto ; ;2003
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for Dummies ;;Patrick J.Sweeney II ; ;2005
Radio Resource Management Strategies in UMTS ;;Jordi Perez Romero, et al ;Wiley ;2005
Radio System Design for Telecommunications ;;Roger L.Freeman ;Wiley Int.Science ;0
Radio System Design for Telecommunications(1-100 GHz) ;;Roger L.Freeman ;Wiley Int.Science ;1987
Radio-Frequency and Microwave Communication Circuits. Analysis and Design ;;Devendra K.Misra ;Wiley ;2001
Random Vibration of Structures ;;C.Y.Yang ; ;1986
Rapid Prototyping ;;Andreas Gebhardt ;Hanser ;2003
Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems, A Tutorial Approach ;;James O.Hamblen, Michael D. Furman ; ;2001
Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems: A Tutorial Approach ;;Hamblen, Furman ;KAP ;2000
Reactive Separation Process ;;Santi Kulprathipanja ;Taylor & Francis, Inc. ;2002
Real Analysis ;;H.L.Royden ;Macmillan ;0
Real Analysis and Applications, Including Fourier Series and The Calculus of Variations ;;Frank Morgan ;American Mathematical Society ;2005
Real -Time Systems Design and Analysis an Engineers Handbook ;;Phillip A.Laplante ; ;1997
Real-Time Computer Control an Introduction ;;Stuart Bennett ;Prentice Hall ;1994
Real-Time Microcomputer System Design: An Introduction ;;Peter D. Lawrence, et. Al ;McGraw-Hill ;1988
Real-Time Sistem Design ;;Shem-Tov Levi, et al ;McGraw-Hill ;1990
Real-Time Systems ;;C.M.Krishna, Kang G.Shin ;McGraw-Hill ;1997
Real-Time Systems Design and Analysis an Engineering Handbook ;;Phillip A.Laplante ;IEEE Press ;0
Real-Time Systems Scheduling, Analysis, and Verification ;;Albert M.K.Cheng ;Wiley ;2002
Real-Time Workshop for use with SIMULINK User's Guide ;; ;The Math Works Inc. ;1994
Recent Advances in Hydroulic Phisical Modelling ;;Rui Martins ;NATO ASI Series ;0
Recent Case Histories of Permanent Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls ;;Fumio Tatsuoka,et al ; ;0
Recent Developments in Deflection Evaluation of Concrete ;;Edward G.Nawy ;ACI ;1996
Recent Developments on Structural Equation Models (Theory and Applications) ;;Kees Van Montfort, et al ;Kluwer ;2004
Reciprocating Compressors for Petroleum, Chemical, and Gas Industry Services. API Standard 618 ;;American Petroleum Institute ;American Petroleum Institute ;2000
Reclamation and Ground Improvement ;;M.W.Bo V.Choa ; ;2004
Recombinant DNA ;;James D.Watson, et al ; ;1992
Recovery Mechanisms in Database Systems ;;Vijay kumar,Meichun Hsu ; ;0
Red Hat Linux 6 Server ;;Mohammed J Kabir ; ;0
Red Hat Linux 7.2 ;;Christopher Negus ;Sams ;2002
Red Hat Linux 9 Red Hat Linux Customization Guide ;; ; ;2003
Reductions in Organic Chemistry ;;Milos Hudlicky ;Wiley ;1984
Reengineering The Corporation a Manifesto for Business Revolution ;;Michael Hammer,et al ;Harper Business ;0
Reengineering the Organization a Step-by-Step Approach to Corporate Revitalization ;;Jeffrey N.Lowenthal ;Toppan ;0
Reframming Organizations (artistry, Choice, and Leadership) ;;Lee G. Bolman, et al ; ;2003
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning ;;R.C.Patel,et al ;Acharya Book ;1978
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning ;;CP Arora ;McGraw-Hill ;2001
Regfrigeration Systems and Applications ;;Ibrahim Dincer ;Wiley ;2003
Regional & Local Economic Analysis for Practitioners ;;Avrom Bendavid-Val ; ;1994
Regional Economics & Policy ;; ;Prentice Hall ;0
Regression Analysis By Example ;;Samprit Chatterjee Ali S.Hadi ;Wiley ;2006
Reinforced Concrete a Fundamental Approach ;;Edward G.Nawy ;Prentice Hall ;0
Reinforced Concrete Design ;;Chu-Kia Wang, et al ; ;0
Reinforced Concrete Design ;;Kenneth Leet, et al ;McGraw-Hill ;0
Reinforced Concrete Design ;;Svetlana Brzev, John Pao ; ;2006
Reinforced Concrete Mechanics and Design ;;James G.McGregor ; ;0
Reinforced Concrete Mechanics and Design ;4;James G.McGregor ;;2006
Reinforced Concrete Mechanics and Design. Fourth Edition in SI Units ;;James G. MacGregor, James K.Wight ; ;2006
Reinforced Concrete Structures ;;R.Park and T.Paulay ;Wiley ;0
Relational Database Design an Introduction ;;Igor T.Hawryszkiewycz ;Prentice Hall ;0
Relational Database Writings 1991-1994 ;;C.J.Date ;Addison-Wesley ;1995
Relational Databases ;;Chao-Chih Yang ;Prentice Hall ;1985
Relectric Machines ;;I.J.Nagrath,et al ;McGraw-Hill ;0
Reliability Analysis and Design of Structures ;;R.Ranganathan ; ;0
Reliability and Maintainability Management ;;Balbir S. Dhillon, et al ;VNR ;1985
Reliability and Risk Assessment ;;Andrews, Moss ;Asme Press ;2002
Reliability Engineering Handbook. Volume 1 ;;Dimitri Kececioglu ; ;1991
Reliability Engineering Handbook. Volume 2 ;;Dimitri Kececioglu ; ;1991
Reliability Evaluation of Engineering System: Concept and Techniques ;;Roy Billinton-Ronald N.Allan ;PLENUM ;1992
Reliability Evaluation of Power System second edition ;;Roy Billinton-Ronald N.Allan ;PLENUM ;1996
Reliability Evaluation of Power Systems ;;Roy Billinton, et al ; ;0
Reliability for Technology, Engineering, and Management ;;Paul Kales ; ;1998
Reliability Maintainability and Risk Practical Methods for Engineers ;;David J.Smith ;BH ;1996
Reliability Modeling in Electric Power Systems ;;J.Endrenyi ; ;0
Reliability Modelling A Statistical Approach ;;Linda C.Wolstenholme ;Chapman Hall ;1999
Reliability-Centred Maintenance ;;John Moubray ;BH ;1991
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator ;;Edwin Lefevre ;Wiley ;1994
Remote Sensing of Active Volcanism ;;Peter J.Mouginis-Mark, et al ; ;2000
Rengineering Electromagnetics ;;William H,Hayt, Jr. ;McGraw-Hill ;0
Replication Techniques in Distribute Systems ;;Abdelsalam A.Helal Abdelsalam A.Heddaya Bharat B.Bhargava ;Kluwer ;2002
Research Design in Clinical Psycology ;;Alan E.Kazdin ; ;2003
Research Design Qualitative & Quantitative Approaches ;;John W. Creswell ; ;1994
Research Design. Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches ;;John W.Creswell ; ;2003
Research Design. Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches ;;John W.Creswell ; ;2003
Research in Education: A Conceptual Introduction ;;James H McMillan, et al ;Addison Wesley ;2001
Research Methodology. A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners ;;Rajit Kumar ; ;2005
Research Methods for Business a Skill Building Approach ;;Uma Sekaran ; ;2000
Research Methods for Construction ;;Richard Fellow, et al ;Blackwell Science ;0
Research Methods in Education ;;Louis Cohen, Lawrence Manion ;Routledge ;2008
Research Methods in Real Estate and Construction ;;Willie Tan ;SBEM ;0
Research Methods: A Process of Inquiry ;;Graziano, Raulin ;Pearson ;2004
Research Problems in Discrete Geometry ;;Peter Brass William Moser Janos Pach ;Springer ;2005
Researching Businness and Management ;;Harvey Maylor and Kate Blackmon ;Palgrave Macmillan ;2005
Resource Economics ;;Randall ; ;1987
Retail in Detail ;;Ronald L. Bond ;Entrepreneur Press ;2005
Retail Management. A Strategic Approach ;;Barry Berman, Joel R.Evans ;Prentice Hall ;2004
Retailing Management ;;Levy, Weitz ;McGraw-Hill ;2004
Retailing Management ;;Levy Weitz ; ;2004
Reviews in Computational Chemistry. Volume 19 ;;Kenny B.Lpkowitz. Donald B.Boyd ;Wiley ;2003
Revisiting Mathematics Education ;;Hans Freudenthal ;Kluwer ;2002
RF MEMS and Their Applications ;;Vijay K. Varadan K.J.Vinoy K.A.Jose ;Wiley ;2003
RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications ;;Steve C. Cripps ; ;1999
Ring Enlargement in Organic Chemistry ;;Manfred Hesse ;VCH ;1991
Risk Evaluation, Management, and Sharing ;;Louis Eeckhoudt, et al ;Prentice-Hall ;1995
Risk Management & Derivatives ;;Rene M.Stulz ;South-Western ;2003
Risk Management & Insurance ;;Harrington Niehaus ; ;2004
Risk Management and Capital Adequacy ;;Reto R.Gallati ;McGraw-Hill ;0
Risk Management and Construction ;;Roger Flanagan ;Blackwell Science ;1996
Risk Management for IT Projects. How To Deal With Over 150 Issues and Risk ;;Bennet P.Lientz LeeLarsen ;BH ;2006
Risk Management in Banking ;;Joel Bessis ;Wiley ;1999
Risk Management in Emerging Markets How to Survive and Prosper ;;Carl Olsson ;Prentice Hall ;2002
Risk Modeling for Determaining Value and Decision Making ;;Glenn Koller ;Chapman&Hall ;2000
Risk, Uncertainty and Decision-Marketing in Property Development ;;Peter Byrne ;E&FN Spon ;1996
Risk-Based Inspection ;;American Petroleum Institute ;American Petroleum Institute ;2005
Risk-Based Inspection. Base Resource Document ;;American Petroleum Institute ;American Petroleum Institute ;2000
River Training Techniques ;;Arczyk,et al ;A.A.Balkema ;1995
Road Project Appraisal for Developing Countries ;;John W.Dickey, Leon H.Miller ;Wiley ;1984
Roadmap to mySAP.com (A Comprehensive Guide to mySAP.com Service) ;;Jose Antonio Hernandez ;Premier Press ;2002
Roads to Geometry ;;Edward C.Wallace,et al ; ;1998
ROAM Making Sense of The Wireless Internet ;;Bruno Giussani ; ;2002
Robort Builders Bonanza ;;Gordon McComb, Myke Predko ;McGraw-Hill ;2006
Robort Builders CookBook. Build and Design Your Own Roborts ;;Owen Bishop ; ;2007
Robot Control Dynamics, Motion Planning, and Analysis ;;Mark W.Spong, et al ; ;1993
Robot Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Illustrated ;;Paul E. Sandin ;TAB Robotics ;2003
Robot Programming. A Practical Guide To Behavior-Based Robotics ;;Joseph L.Jones ;TAB ;2004
Robot Programming. A Practical Guide To Behavior-Based Robotics ;;Joseph L.Jones ;TAB ;2004
Robotic Engineering An Integrated Approach ;;Richard D.Klafter,et al ;Prentice Hall ;1989
Robotics Control, Sensing, Vision, and Intelligence ;;K.S.Fu,et al ;McGraw-Hill ;1987
Robotics for Engineers ;;Yoram Koren ;McGraw-Hill ;1985
Robotics Introduction, Programming, and Projects ;;James L.Fuller ;Maxwell Macmillan ;1991
Robots and Manufacturing Automation ;;C.Ray Asfahl ;Wiley ;1992
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