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Daftar Teksbook 3

Daftar Teksbook 3

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buku referensi skripsi tesis disertasi

Judul (*) ;;pengarang (*) ;Penerbit (*) ;Tahun
Damage Mechanisms and Life Assessment of High-Temperature Components ;;R.Viswanathan ;ASM International ;1995
Damodaran on Valuation Security Analysis for Investment and Corporate Finance ;;Aswath Damodaran ;Wiley ;1994
Damodaran on Valuation: Security Analysis for Investment and Corporate Finance ;;Aswath Damodaran ;Wiley Finance ;2006
Data & Computer Communications ;;William Stallings ;Prentice Hall ;2004
Data & Computer Communications ;;William Stallings ;Prentice Hall ;2000
Data Analysis & Decision Making with Microsoft Excel ;;Albright Winston Zappe ; ;0
Data Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models ;;Andrew Gelman, Jennifer Hill ; ;2007
Data Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models ;;Andrew Gelman, Jennifer Hill ; ;2007
Data and Text Mining A Business Applications Approach ;;Thomas W. Miller ;Prentice Hall ;2005
Data Communication ;;Green ;Trans-Atlantic Publications ;1995
Data Communication Principles for Fixed and Wireless Networks ;;Aftab Ahmad ; ;2003
Data Communications and Distributed Networks ;;Uyless D.Black ;Prentice Hall ;0
Data Communications and Networking ;;Behrouz A.Forouzan ; ;2003
Data Communications and Networking ;;Behrouz A.Forouzan, Sophia Chung Fegan ;McGraw-Hill ;2007
Data Compression (The Complete Reference) ;;David Salomon ;Springer ;2000
Data Compression in Digital Systems ;;Roy Hoffman ;Chapman&Hall ;1997
Data Compression Techniques and Applications ;;Gilbert Held ; ;0
Data Compression, The Complete Reference ;;David Salomon ;Springer ;2004
Data Comunications, Computer Networks and Open Systems ;;Fred Halsall ;Addison-Wesley ;0
Data Maining Techniques for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support ;;Michael J.A.Berry, et al ; ;1997
Data Management and File Structures ;;Mary E.S.Loomis ;PHI ;1997
Data Mining : Concepts and Techniques ;;Han, Kamber ; ;2001
Data Mining and Business Intelligence: A Guide to Productivity ;;Stephan Kudyba, Richard Hoptroff ;Idea Group Publishing ;2001
Data Mining and Market Intelligence For Optimal Marketing Returns ;; ; ;0
Data Mining Cookbook. Modeling Data for Marketing, Risk, and Customer Relationship Management ;;Olivia F.Rud ;Wiley ;2001
Data Mining Cookbook. Modeling Data for Marketing, Risk, and Customer Relationship Management ;;Olivia F.Rud ;Wiley ;2001
Data Mining for Business Intelligence: Concept Techniques and applications in Microsoft Office Excel with XLMiner ;;ShmuelPatel&Bruce ;Wiley ;2007
Data Mining Know It All ;;Chakrabarti, Cox, Frank, et al ;Morgan Kaufmann ;2009
Data Mining Multimedia. Multimedia, Soft Computing, and Bioinformatics ;;Sushmita Mitra, Tinku Acharya ;Wiley ;2003
Data Mining Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques ;;Ian H.Witten & Eibe Frank ;Morgan Kaufmann Elsevier ;2005
Data Mining The Web. Uncovering Patterns in Web Content Structure and Usage ;;Zdravko Markov Daniel T.Larose ;Wiley ;2007
Data Mining with Neural Networks. Solving Business Problems from Application Development to Decision Support ;;Joseph P.Bigus ;McGraw Hill ;1999
Data Mining with SQL Server 2005 ;;ZhaoHui Tang, Jamie MacLennan ;Wiley ;2005
Data Mining: A Tutorial-Based Primer ;;Roiger, Geatz ; ;2003
Data Networks ;;Dimitri Bertsekas,et al ;Prentice Hall ;0
Data Networks Concept, Theory, and Practice ;;Uyless D.Black ;Prentice Hall ;0
Data Processing and Reconciliation for Chemical Process Operations ;;Jose A. Romagnoli, et al ;AP ;2000
Data Processing and Reconciliation for Chemical Process Operations ;;Jose A.Romagnoli Mabel Cristina Sanchez ;Academic Press ;2000
Data Strucrures and Algorithms ;;Alfred V.Aho,et al ; ;0
Data Structure and Algorithms in Java ;;Adam Drozdek ; ;2001
Data Structure in JAVA ;;Thomas A. Standish ; ;1997
Data Structures and Program Design ;;Robert L.Kruse ; ;0
Data Structures and Program Design in C ;;Kruse, Leung, Tondo ;Prentice Hall ;1991
Data Structures and Program Design in Pascal ;;Larry Nyhoff, Sanford L. ;Maxwell Macmillan ;0
Data Structures and Program Design in Pascal ;;Larry Nyhoff, Sanford L. ;Maxwell Macmillan ;0
Data Structures and The Standard Template Library ;;William J.Collins ;McGraw Hill ;2003
Data Structures Using C ;;Aaron M.Tenenbaum, et al ;PHI ;0
Data Structures, Algorithms & Software Principles in C ;;Thomas A.Standish ;Addison-Wesley ;1995
Data Structures,Algorithms,and Object-Oriented Programming ;;Gregory L.Heileman ;McGraw-Hill ;1996
Data Warehousing Fundamentals. A Comprehensive Guide for IT Professional ;;Paulraj Ponniah ;Wiley ;2001
Database Application Programming with Linux ;;Brian Jepson, Joan Peckham, Ram Sadasiv ;WileyComputerPub. ;2000
Database Application Programming with Linux ;;Brian Jepson, Joan Peckham, Ram Sadasiv ;WileyComputerPub. ;2000
Database Design ;;Gio Wiederhold ;McGraw-Hill ;0
Database Design Manual Using MySQL for Windows ;;Matthew Norman ;Springer ;2004
Database Design, Application Development, & Administration ;;Michael V.Mannino ; ;2007
Database Developer's Guide with Delphi 2 ;;Ken Henderson ;Borland Press ;0
Database Management Systems ;;Raghu Ramakrishnan/ Johannes Gehrke ;McGraw-Hill ;2003
Database Management Systems ;;Raghu Ramakrishnan/ Johannes Gehrke ;McGraw-Hill ;2003
Database Management Systems ;;Ramakrishnan, Gehrke ;McGraw-Hill ;2003
Database Management Systems: Designing and Building Business Applications ;;Gerald V. Post ; ;2002
Database Modeling & Design The fundamental Principles ;;Toby J.Teorey ;Morgan Kaufmann ;0
Database Processing Fundamentals, Design & Implementation ;;David M.Kroenke ;Prentice Hall ;2002
Database Security ;;Silvana Castano, et al ;Addison-Wesley ;1995
Database System Concepts ;;Abraham Shberschatz, et al ;McGraw-Hill ;0
Database Systems A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation and Management ;;Thomas Connolly, et al ;Addison-Wesley ;2002
Datalink Protocols ;;Uyless Black ; ;1993
Day Trading the Curency Market (Technical and Fundamental Strategies to Profit From Market Swings ;;Kathy Lien ;Wiley ;2006
DB2 Applications Development Handbook ;;Fitch,et al ;CapGeminiAmerica ;0
Dealing With Complexity An Introduction to The Theory and Application of Systems Science ;;Robert L. Flood, Ewart R.Carson ;Plenum Press ;1990
Decision Analysis with Supertree ;;Peter McNamee,et al ;SDG ;0
Decision and Risk Analysis For Construction Management ;; ; ;1982
Decision and Risk Analysis for Construction Management ;;Melvin W. Lifson, et al ;Wiley ;1982
Decision By Objectives. How to Convince Others That You Are Right ;;Errnest H.Forman, Mary Ann Selly ;World Scientific ;2001
Decision Making for Leaders. The Analytic Hierarchy Process for Decisions in A Complex World. Vol II ;;Thomas L.Saaty ;RWS ;2001
Decision Making Using Game Theory. An Introduction for Managers ;;Anthony Kelly ;Cambridge ;2003
Decision Making with Dependence and Feedback The Analytical Network Process ;;Thomas L.Saaty ; ;0
Decision Making with The Analytic Network Process. Economic Political Social and Technological Applications with Benefits Opportunities Cost and Risks. ;;Thomas L.Saaty Luis G.Vargas ;Springer ;2006
Decision Modeling with Microsoft Excel ;;Moore, et al ;Prentice Hall ;2001
Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems ;;Efraim Turban, Jay E.Aronson, Ting-Peng Liang, Ramesh Sharda ;Pearson ;2007
Decision Support Systems and Expert Systems ;;Efraim Turban ;Prentice Hall ;1995
Decision Support Systems and Expert Systems ;;Efraim Turban, et al ;Prentice Hall ;2001
Decision Support Systems Putting Theory Into Practice ;;Ralp H.Sprague,Jr., et al ;Prentice Hall ;0
Decision Systems for Inventory Management and Production Planning ;;Edward A.Silver, et al ;Willey ;1985
Decision Systems for Inventory Management and Production Planning ;;Edward A.Silver, et al ; ;1985
Dedactical Phenomenology of Mathematical Structures ;;Hans Freudenthal ;Kluwer ;1999
Defence Industry Applications of Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems ;;Michael Pechoucek Simon G.Thompson Holger Voos ;Birkhauser ;2008
Deformation and Fracture Mechanics of Engineering Materials ;;Richard W.Hertzberg ;Wiley ;0
Delivering Quality Service Balancing Customer Perceptions and Expectations ;;Valarie A.Zeithaml, et al ;Free Press ;1990
Delivering Voice over IP Networks ;;Daniel Minoli, Ema Minoli ;Wiley ;1997
Descrete Signals and Inverse Problems (An Introduction for Engineers and Scientist) ;;J.Carlos Santamarina, Dante Fratta ;Wiley ;2005
Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry ;;Geoff Rayner-Canham Tina Overton ; ;2003
Design Analysis of Experiments. Volume 1 Introduction to Experimental Design ;;Klaus Hinkelmann, Oscar Kempthorne ;Wiley ;2008
Design and Analysis of Distributed Algorithms ;;Nicola Santoro ;Wiley ;2007
Design and Analysis of Distributed Algorithms ;;Nicola Santoro ;Wiley ;2007
Design and Analysis of Experiments ;;Douglas C.Montgomery ;Wiley ;1991
Design and Development of Expert Systems and Neural Networks ;;Larry Madsker, et al ;Macmillan ;1994
Design and Development of Medical Electronic Instrumentation. A Practical Perspective of Te Design Constructon and Test of Medical Devices. ;;David Prutchi Michael Norris ;Wiley ;2005
Design and Installation of Marine Pipelines ;;Mikael W.Braestrup, Jan Bohl Andersen, et al ;Blacwell ;2005
Design and Management of Service Processes Keeping Customers for Life ;;Rohit Ramaswamy ; ;1996
Design and Marketing of New Product ;;Glen L.Urban, et al ;Prentice Hall ;1993
Design and Performance of Math Foundations State-of-the-art Review ;;EdwardJ.Ulrich ;ACI ;0
Design and Validation of Computer Protocols ;;Gerard J.Holzmann ;Prentice Hall ;0
Design for Six Sigma In Technology And Product Development ;;C.M.Creveling, J.L.Slutsky, D.Antis, Jr ;Prentice Hall ;2003
Design for Six Sigma. A Roadmap for Product Development ;;Kai Yang, Basem El-Haik ;McGraw-Hill ;2003
Design for Success a Human-Centered Approach to Design Successful Products and Systems ;; ;Wiley ;0
Design Handbook Vol.1 Beams, One-Way Slabs, Brackets, Footings, Pile Caps ;; ;ACI ;0
Design Handbook Vol.2 Columns ;; ;ACI ;0
Design Object-Oriented Software ;;Rebecca Wirfs-Brock,et al ;Prentice Hall ;0
Design of Experiments : Statistical Principles of Research Design and Analysis ;;Robert O.Kuehl ;xbury press ;2000
Design of Experiments for Engineers and Scientists ;;Jiju Antony ; ;2003
Design of Experiments in Chemical Engineering. A Practical Guide ;;Zivorad Lazic ;Wiley ;2004
Design of Experiments in Chemical Engineering. A Practical Guide ;;Zivorad Lazic ;Wiley ;2004
Design of Functional Pavements ;;Nai C.Yang ; ;1972
Design of Machine Element ;;M.F.Spotts ; ;1985
Design of Machinery an Introduction to The Synthesis and Analysis of Mechanisms and Machines ;;Robert L.Norton ;McGraw-Hill ;0
Design of Prestressed Concrete ;;R.I.Gilbert,et al ;Unwin Hyman ;1990
Design of Thermal Systems ;;W.F.Stoecker ;McGraw-Hill ;1989
Design of Welded Structures ;;Omer W. Blodgett ;The James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation ;1991
Design of Woos Structure ASD ;;Donald E.Beyer, kenneth J.Friedly & Kelly E.Cobeen ;McGraw-Hill International Edition ;1999
Design Patterns Elements of Reuseable Object-Oriented Software ;;Eric Gamma,et al ;Addison-Wesley ;0
Design to Reduce Technical Risk ;;AT&T ;McGraw-Hill ;0
Design With Microcontrollers ;;John B.Peatman ;McGraw-Hill ;1988
Design With Microprocessors for Mechanical Engineers ;;A Kent Stiffler ;McGraw-Hill ;0
Designing and Managing The Supply Chain ;;Philip Kaminsky, et al ;McGraw-Hill ;2000
Designing and Managing The Supply Chain: Concepts, Strategies, and Case Studies ;;Simchi-Levi, Kaminsky ;McGraw-Hill ;2008
Designing Components with the C++ STL: A New Approach to Programming: Electronic Edition 2002 ;;Ulrich Breynmann ;Addison - Wesley ;2002
Designing Concurrent, Distributed, and Real-Time Application with UML ;;Hassan Gomaa ; ;2000
Designing Data-Intensive Web Applications ;;Ceri, Fraternali, Bongio,Brambilla, Comai, Matera ; ;2003
Designing Efficient Algorithms for Prallel Computers ;;Michael J.Quinn ;McGraw-Hill ;1987
Designing Large-Scale LANs ;;Kevin Dooley ;OREILLY ;2002
Designing Learning. From Module Outline to Effective Teaching ;;Christopher Butcher, Clara Davies, and Melissa Highton ;Routledge ;2006
Designing Linear Control Systems with MATLAB ;;Katsuhiko Ogata ;Prentice Hall ;0
Designing Object Systems Object-Oriented Modelling With Syntropy ;;Steve Cook & John Daniels ; ;0
Designing Plastic Parts for Assembly ;;Paul A.Tres ;Hanser ;2003
Designing Qualitative Research ;;Catherine Marshall, Gretchen B.Rossman ;Sage Publications ;1989
Designing the User Interface: Strategies for Effective Human Computer Interaction ;;Ben Shneiderman ;Addison-Wesley ;1998
Designing with Geosynthetics ;;Robert M.Koerner ; ;1990
Determining Sample Size. Balancing Power Precision and Practicality ;;Patrick Dattalo ; ;2008
Deterministic Scheduling Theory ;;R.Gary Parker ;Chapman Hall ;0
Developing Application Frameworks in .NET ;;Xin Chen ;Apress ;2004
Developing Business Strategies ;;David A.Aaker ;Wiley ;1995
Developing E-Business Systems & Architectures A Manager's Guide ;;Paul Harmon, et al ;Morgan Kaufmann ;0
Developing Games in Java ;;David Brackeen ; ;2004
Developing High-Performance People The Art of Coaching ;;Oscar G.Mink, et al ;Addison Wesley ;1993
Developing JAVA Servlets The Authoritative Solution ;;James Goodwill ;SAMS Publishing ;0
Developing Management Skills ;;David A.Whetten, Kim S.Cameron ; ;2005
Developing Multi-Agent Systems with JADE ;;Fabio Bellifemine, Giovanni Caire, Dominic Greenwood ;Wiley ;2007
Developing Personal Oracle 7 Aplications ;; ;SAMS Publishing ;0
Developing Products People Love : Creating Breakthrough Products, Innovation From Product Planning to Program Approval ;;Jonathan Cagan, et al ;Prentice Hall ;2002
Development in Deep Foundations & Ground Improvement Schemes ;;A.S.Balasubramaniam, et al ; ;1990
Developmental Biology ;;Scott F.Gilbert ; ;1997
Developmental Biology ;;Scott F.Gilbert ; ;1997
Developments in Petroleum Science 8 Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering ;;L.P.Dake ;Elsevier ;1993
Device Electronics for Integrated Circuits ;;Richard S.Muller, et al ;John Wiley&Sons ;1986
DHTML & JavaScript ;;GILORIEN ;Prentice-Hall ;2000
Diagnosing And Changing Organizational Culture. Based On the Competing Values Framework ;;Kim S.Cameron, Robert E.Quinn ;Wiley ;2006
Diagnostic Microbiology ;;Bailey, Scott ; ;2002
Dictionary of Ceramic Science and Engineering ;;Ian J.McColm ; ;1986
Dictionary of Chemistry (More than 8.000 Essential Terms, Covers Every Discipline of Chemistry, Provides: Synonyms, Acronyms, and Abbreviations) ;; ;McGraw-Hill ;2003
Dictionary of Petroleum Exploration, Drilling, & Production ;;Norman J.Hyne, Ph.D ;Pennwell Books ;1991
Diesel Engine Reference Book ;;Bernard Challen, Rodica Baranescu ;BH ;1999
Differential Equations ;;Shepley L.Ross ;Wiley Int.Science ;0
Differential Equations A Modelling Approach ;;Giardano/ Weir ; ;1991
Differential Geometry with Applications to Mechanics and Physics ;;Yves Talpaert ;Marcel Dekker ;2001
Digital and Analog Communication Systems ;;K.Sam Shanmugam ; ;0
Digital Cellular Radio ;;George Calhoun ;Artech House Pub. ;1988
Digital Circuits and Logic Design ;;Samuel C.Lee ; ;0
Digital Circuits and Microprocessors ;;Herbert Taub ;McGraw-Hill ;0
Digital Coding of Waveforms (Prin&Appl.To Speech&Video) ;;N.S.Jayant, Peter Noll ;Prentice-Hall ;1984
Digital Communication ;;Edward A.Lee, et al ; ;0
Digital Communications ;;John G.Proakis ;McGraw-Hill ;0
Digital Communications Fundamentals and Applications ;;Bernard Sklar ; ;1988
Digital Communications With Fiber Optics and Satellite Applications ;;Harold B.Killen ;Prentice Hall ;1988
Digital Compression for Multimedia Principles & Standards ;;Jerry D.Gibson, et al ;Morgan Kaufmann ;1998
Digital Compression for Multimedia Principles & Standards ;;Jerry D. Gibson, et al ;Morgan Kaufmann ;1998
Digital Computer Electronics ;;Malvino ; ;0
Digital Control of Dynamic Systems ;;Gene F. Franklin, et. al ; ;1998
Digital Control System Analysis and Design ;;Charles L.Phillips,et al ;Prentice Hall ;1995
Digital Control Systems ;;Constantine H.Houpis,et al ;McGraw-Hill ;0
Digital Control Using Digital Signal Processing ;;Nekoogar, Moriarty ;Prentice Hall ;1999
Digital Design ;;M. Morris Mano ; ;2002
Digital Design ;;M. Morris Mano ; ;2002
Digital Design ;;Frank Vahid ;Wiley ;2007
Digital Design and Computer Architecture ;;David Money Harris, Sarah Harris ; ;0
Digital Design and Modeling with VHDL & SYNTHESIS ;;K.C.Chang ; ;0
Digital Design and Modeling with VHDL and SYNTHESIS ;;K.C.Chang ;IEEE Comp.Society ;1997
Digital Design Principles and Practice ;;John F.Wakerly ;Prentice Hall ;0
Digital Electronics ;;Tokheim ;McGraw-Hill ;0
Digital Electronics ;;James Bignell, et al ;Delmar ;2000
Digital Electronics A Practical Approach ;;William Kleitz ;Prentice-Hall ;1996
Digital Electronics A Practical Approach ;;William Kleitz ; ;2005
Digital Electronics and Microprocessors Problems and Solutions ;;R.P.Jain ;McGraw-Hill ;1987
Digital Engineering Design a Modern Approach ;;Richard F.Tinder ;Prentice Hall ;1991
Digital Filters and Signal Processing With MATLAB Excercises ;;Leland B.Jackson ;KAP ;1996
Digital Fundamentals ;;Floyd ; ;2003
Digital Image Processing ;;Rafael C.Gonzales,et al ;Addison-Wesley ;1987
Digital Image Processing Algorithms ;;Ioannis Pitas ;Prentice Hall ;1993
Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision ;;Robert J.Schalkoff ;Wiley ;1989
Digital Logic and Computer Design ;;Thomas Richard McCalla ; ;0
Digital Logic and Computer Design ;;M.Morris Mano ;PHI ;0
Digital Logic Circuit Analysis & Design ;;Victor P.Nelson ; ;0
Digital Neural Networks ;;S.Y.Kung ;Prentice Hall ;1993
Digital Pictures Representation, Compression, and Standards ;;Arun N.Netravali,et al ;Plenum Press ;1995
Digital Principles and Applications ;;Leach Malvino ; ;0
Digital Principles and Design ;;Donald D.Givone ; ;2003
Digital Satellite Communications ;;Tri T.Ha ;McGraw-Hill ;1990
Digital Signal Processing : A System Design Approach ;;David J.DeFatta,et al ;Wiley ;1988
Digital Signal Processing A Computer-Based Approach ;;Sanjit K. Mitra ;McGraw-Hill ;1998
Digital Signal Processing A Laboratory Approach Using PC-DSP ;;Oktay Alkin ;Prentice Hall ;0
Digital Signal Processing a Practical Approach ;;Ammanuel C.Ifeachor,et al ;Addison-Wesley ;1993
Digital Signal Processing and Applications With The C6713 and C6416 DSK ;;Rulph Chassaing ;Wiley ;2005
Digital Signal Processing Principles, Algorithms, and Applications ;;John G.Proakis,et al ; ;1996
Digital Signal Processing System-Level Design Using LabVIEW ;;Nasser Kehtarnaaz Namjin Kim ;Elsevier ;2005
Digital Signal Processing Using MATLAB V.4 ;;Vinay K.Ingle,et al ;PWS Publishing ;1997
Digital Signal Processing. Principles, Algorithms, and Applications ;;John G. Proakis, Dimitris G.Manolakis ;Pearson ;2007
Digital Signal Processing: A Practical Approach ;;Ifeachor, Jervis ;Prentice Hall ;2002
Digital Signal Processing: Covers Signals and Systems: Include MATLAB Programs ;;Salivahanan, Vallavaraj, Gnanapriya ;McGraw-Hill ;2001
Digital Simulation of Physical Systems ;;Joseph S.Rosko ;Addison-Wesley ;0
Digital Speech Processing, Synthesis, and Recognition ;;Sadaoki Furui ;Dekker ;1989
Digital Systems Design and Prototyping Using Field Programmable Logic ;;Zoran Salcic, Asim Smailagic ;KAP ;1997
Digital Systems Design and Prototyping: Using Field Programmable Logic and Hardware Description Languanges ;;Salcic, Smailagic ;Kluwer Academic Publishers ;2000
Digital Systems Design With VHDL and Synthesis An Integrated Approach ;;K.C.Chang ;IEEE ;1999
Digital Systems Principles and Applications ;;Tocci Widmer ;Prentice Hall ;1995
Digital Systems Testing and Testable Design ;;Miron Abramovici,et al ; ;0
Digital Telephony ;;John Bellamy ;Wiley Int.Science ;0
Digital Transmission Systems ;;David R.Smith ;VNR ;0
Digraphs: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications ;;Jorgen Bang-Jensen, Gregory Gutin ;Springer ;2002
Direct Injection Systems for Spark-Ignition and Compression of Ignition Engines ;;Cornel Stan ; ;0
Discrete Event Systems: Modeling and Performance Analysis ;;Christos G.Cassandras ; ;0
Discrete Mathemathics ;;Richard Johnsonbaugh ; ;2001
Discrete Mathematical Structures for Computer Science ;;Bernard Kolman ;Prentice Hall ;1987
Discrete Mathematical Structures With Applications to Computer Science ;;J.P.Tremblay ;McGraw-Hill ;1975
Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications ;;Kenneth H Rosen ;McGraw-Hill ;0
Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications. Chromatic Graph Theory ;;Gary Chartrand, Ping Zhang ;CRC ;2009
Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications. Combinatorics of Permutations ;;Miklos Bona ;Chapman&Hall ;2004
Discrete Mathematics. Elementary and Beyond. ;;Llovasz J.Pelikan K.Vesztergombi ;Springer ;2003
Discrete Mathematics. Volume 306. Issues 1-24. ;;Peter L.Hammer Vadin Lozin A.J.Hoffman M.S.Aigner ;Elsevier ;2006
Discrete Mathematics: Elementary and Beyond ;;L.Lovasz, J.Pelikan, K.Vesztergombi ;Springer ;2003
Discrete Random Signals and Statistical Signal Processing ;;Charles W.Therrien ;Prentice Hall ;1992
Discrete Systems Simulation ;;Behrokh Khoshnevis ;McGraw-Hill ;0
Discrete-Time Control Systems ;;Katsuhiko Ogata ; ;0
Discrete-Time Models for Communication Systems Including ATM ;;Herwig Bruneel, et al ;KAP ;0
Discrete-Time Processing of Speech Signals ;;John R.Deller,Jr., et al ;Macmillan ;2000
Dissections: Plane & Fancy ;;Grg N.Frederickson ;Cambridge ;1997
Distance Learning Technology and Applications ;;Daniel Minoli ;Artech House ;1996
Distance Training, How innovative Organizations are using Technology to Maximize Learning & Meet Business Objectives ;;Deborah A Schreiber, et al ; ;1998
Distributed Algorithms ;;Nancy A.Lynch ; ;1996
Distributed Computing Systems ;;CORNAFION : Francoise Andre, et al ;Elseiver ;0
Distributed Database Systems ;;David Bell, et al ;Addison-Wesley ;0
Distributed Multimedia Through Broadband Communications Services ;;Daniel Minoli,et al ;AH ;1994
Distributed Network Systems From Concepts to Implementations ;;Weijia Jia, Wanlei Zhou ;Springer ;2005
Distributed Operating Systems ;;Andrew S. Tanenbaum ;Prentice Hall ;1995
Distributed Operating Systems Concepts&Practice ;;Doreen L.Galli ; ;2000
Distributed Programming With JAVA ;;Qusay H. Mahmoud ;Manning ;0
Distributed Software Engineering ;;C.W.Loftus ;Prentice Hall ;0
Distributed Systems Concepts and Design ;;George Coulouris, Jean Dollimore, et al ;Addison-Wesley ;2001
Doctor Linux: The Complete Linux Reference Documentation ;; ; ;0
Do-it-Yourself Advertising & Promotion. How to Produce Great Ads Brochures Catalogs Direct Mail Websites and More ;;Fred E.Hahn ; ;2003
DOJO. Using The DOJO JavaScript Library to Build Ajax Applications ;;James E.Harmon ;Wesley ;2009
DR.Evlers Fabulous Formula. Cures Many Mathematical ills ;;Paul J.ilahin ; ;2006
Dreamwaver MX 2004 Bible ;;Joseph W.Lowery ; ;2004
Dreamweaver 8 for Dummies. Style Pages With CSS Add Multimedia Elements and More ;;Janine Warner ; ;2006
Dredging. A Handbook for Engineers ;;R.N Bray A D Bates and J M Land ;Arnold ;1997
Driving Customer Equity. How Customer Lifetime Value is Reshaping Corporate Strategy ;;Roland T.Rust, Valarie A.Zeithaml, Katherine N.Lemon ;Free Press ;2000
Driving Value Using Activity-Based Budgeting ;;James A Brinson, John Antos ;Wiley ;1999
DRP : Distribution Resource Planning ;;Andre J.Martin ;Wiley ;1995
Drug Targeting : Organ-Specific Strategies ;;Molema, Meijer ;Wiley-VCH ;2001
DSL Simulation Techniques and Standards Development for Digital Subscriber Line Systems ;;Dr.Walter Y.Chen ;Macmillan ;0
Dual Mode Cellular ;;Lawrence Harte ; ;0
Dual Mode Cellular ;;Lawrence Harte ; ;0
Dynamic Enterprise Architecture. How to Make It Work ;;Roel Wagter, Martin Van Den Berg, Joost Luijpers, Marlies Van Steenbergen ;Sogeti ;2005
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Dynamic Reconfiguration. Architectures and Algorithms ;;Ramachandran Vaidyanathan, Jerry L.Trahan ;Springer ;2003
Dynamic Vision for Perception and Control of Motion ;;Ernst D.Dickmanns ;Springer ;2007
Dynamical Systems : Differential Equations, Maps and Chaotic Behaviour ;;Arrowsmith, Place ;Chapman & Hall ;1996
Dynamics and Vibration of Structures ;;Demeter G.Fertis ;Wiley ;0
Dynamics Modeling of Transport Process Systems ;;C.A.Silebi, et al ; ;0
Dynamics of Atmospheric Flight ;;Bernard Etkin ;John Wiley & Sons ;1972
Dynamics of Machinery ;;A.R.Holowenko ;Wiley ;0
Dynamics of Marine Structures : Methods of Calculating The Dynamic Response of Fixed Structures Subject to Wave and Current Action ;;Atkins Research and Development ; ;1978
Dynamics of Multibody Systems ;;R.E.Roberson ,et al ;Springer ;0
Dynamics of Offshore Structures ;;James F.Wilson ;Wiley ;2003
Dynamics of Offshore Structures ;;Minoo H.Patel ;Butterworths ;1989
Dynamics of Organizational Change and Learning ;;Jaap J.Boonstra ;Wiley ;2004
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Dynamics Systems Control Linear Systems Analysis and Synthesis ;;Robert E.Skelton ;Wiley ;1988
Earth ;;Press, Siever ; ;1982
Earth An Introduction to Physical Geology ;;Tarbuck & Lutgens ;Prentice Hall ;1999
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Earthquake Resistant Concrete Structures ;;George G. Penelis, et al ;E&FN Spon ;0
Eathquake Design Practice for Buildings ;;Edmund Booth and David Key ;Telford ;2006
E-Business & E-Commerce How to Program ;;Deitel, Deitel & Neito ;Prentice Hall ;2001
E-Business: Roadmap for Success ;;Ravi Kalakota ;Addison Wesley ;1999
Econometric Analysis ;;William H.Greene ;Pearson ;2008
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Econometric Models and Economic Forecasts ;;Robert S.Pindyck, et al ; ;1998
Economic Development ;;Michael P.Todaro &Stephen C.Smith ; ;2006
Economic Development: Theory and Practice for a Divided World ;;Stuart R. Lynn ; ;2003
Economic Growth and Development ;;Hendrik Van Den Berg ;McGraw-Hill ;2001
Economics ;;Samuelson, Nordhaus ;McGraw-Hill ;2005
Economics ;;Colander ;McGraw-Hill ;2006
Economics of Natural Resources, the Environment and Policies ;;E.Kula ;Chapman Hall ;1994
Economics of Strategy ;;Besanko, Dranove, Shan ; ;2000
Economics of Strategy ;;Besanko, Dranove, Shanley, Schaefer ;Wiley ;2007
EDGE for Mobile Internet ;;Emmanuel Saurre, Patric Savelli, Pierre-Jean Pietr ;Artech House ;2003
EDP Auditing Conceptual Foundations and Practice ;;Ron Weber ;McGraw Hill ;1988
Effective Competency Modelling & Reporting ;;Kenneth Carlton Cooper ;Amacom ;2000
Effective Database Management ;;Alaexander Gaydasch, Jr. ;Prentice Hall ;0
Effective Database Management ;;Alaexander Gaydasch, Jr. ;Prentice Hall ;0
Effective Methods for Software Testing ;;William Perry ; ;1995
Effective Methods for Software Testing ;;William E.Perry ;Wiley ;2000
Effective Methods for Software Testing ;;William E.Perry ;Wiley ;2000
Effective Public Relations ;;Scott M.Cutlip, et al ; ;2000
Effective Succession Planning: Ensuring Leadership Continuity and Building Talent from Within ;;William J. Rothwell ; ;2005
EJB 3 in Action ;;Debu Panda Reza Rahman Derek Lane ;Manning ;2007
El Nino, La Nina, and the Southern Oscillation ;;S George Philander ;Academic Press ;0
Elastic Instability Phenomena ;;J.M.T.Thompson,et al ; ;0
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