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P501;CIMA Revision Cards Fundamentals of Financial Accounting (CIMA Certificate Level 2008);;Henry Lunt;CIMA Pubs;2006;42266,66667;31700;
P502;Finite Element Based Fatigue Calculations ;;Dr NWM Bishop & Dr F Sherratt;;2000;46000;34500;
P503;CIMA Revision Cards Organisational Management and Information Systems (CIMA Managerial Level 2008);;Bob Perry;CIMA Pubs;2006;44133,33333;33100;
P504;CIMA Revision Cards Mangement Accounting Decision Management (CIMA Managerial Level 2008) (CIMA Managerial Level 2008);;Louise Burke;CIMA Pubs;2006;42666,66667;32000;
P505;CIMA Revision Cards Financial Accounting and Tax Principles (CIMA Managerial Level 2008);;Tom Rolfe;CIMA Pubs;2006;54933,33333;41200;
P506;Controlling Collaboration between Firms: How to build and Maintain Successful Relationships with External Partners;;Angelo Ditillo, Ariela Caglio;CIMA Pubs;;54800;41100;
P507;Strategic Business Planning for Accountants: Methods, Tools and Case Studies;;Dimitris N. Chorafas;CIMA Pubs;2007;120266,6667;90200;
P508;Business Risk Management Handbook: A sustainable approach;;Linda S Spedding, Adam Rose;CIMA Pubs;2008;142533,3333;106900;
P509;International Accounting Standards: from UK standards to IAS, an accelerated route to understanding the key principles of international accounting rules;;Paul Rodgers;CIMA Pubs;2007;68400;51300;
P510;The Effective Measurement and Management of ICT Costs and Benefits, Third Edition;;Dan Remenyi, Arthur Money, Frank Bannister;CIMA Pubs;2007;85600;64200;
P511;Commercial Awareness and Business Decision Making Skills: How to understand and analyse company financial information;;Paul Rodgers;CIMA Pubs;2007;68666,66667;51500;
P512;Risk Accounting and Risk Management for Accountants;;Dimitris N. Chorafas;CIMA Pubs;2008;71066,66667;53300;
P513;Financial Ratios: How to use financial ratios to maximise value and success for your business;;Richard Bull;CIMA Pubs;2008;54000;40500;
P514;Accounting and Business Valuation Methods: how to interpret IFRS accounts;;Malcolm Howard;CIMA Pubs;2008;71466,66667;53600;
P515;International Risk Management: Systems, Internal Control and Corporate Governance;;Margaret Woods, Peter Kajuter, Philip Linsley;CIMA Pubs;2008;58800;44100;
P516;Lessons from the Legends of Wall Street : How Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Phil Fisher, T. Rowe Price, and John Templeton Can Help You Grow Rich;;Nikki Ross;Dearbon;2000;67466,66667;50600;
P517;The George Washington Bridge: Poetry in Steel;;Michael Aaron Rockland;Rutgers University Press;2008;54400;40800;
P518;Physical Principles of Food Preservation: Second Edition, Revised and Expanded (Food Science and Technology);;Marcus Karel, Daryl B. Lund;Marcel Dekker;2003;120933,3333;90700;
P519;Map Your Financial Future: Starting the Right Path in Your Teens and Twenties;;Patrick Lyons;Lyons Den Press;2006;58266,66667;43700;
P520;Make Your Paycheck Last;;Jason R. Rich;Career Press;2004;48400;36300;
P521;The Living Trust Kit;;Karen Ann Rolcik;Sphinx Publishing ;2004;81733,33333;61300;
P522;The Complete Idiot's Guide to Bartending;;Amy Zavatto;Alpha Books;2005;87733,33333;65800;
P523;The Complete Idiot's Guide to Juicing;;Ellen Brown;Alpha Books;2007;61200;45900;
P524;The Complete Idiot's Guide to Comfort Food;;CMB, Leslie Bilderback;Alpha Books;2007;75600;56700;
P525;The Complete Idiot's Guide to Spices and Herbs;;CMB, Leslie Bilderback;Alpha Books;2007;67066,66667;50300;
P526;Balanced Scorecard;;Nils-Gran Olve, Anna Sjstrand;Capstone Publishing Ltd ;2000;41600;31200;
P527;Life and Work Express;;David Firth;Capstone Publishing Ltd ;2002;42133,33333;31600;
P528;Concrete Bridge Engineering;;R. J. Cope;Elsevier;1987;79200;59400;
P529;The benefits of e-business performance measurement systems;;Matthew Hinton, David Barnes;CIMA Pubs;2008;39066,66667;29300;
P530;IFRS: A Quick Reference Guide;;Robert Kirk;CIMA Pubs;2009;104666,6667;78500;
P531;Financial Planning Using Excel, Second Edition: Forecasting, Planning and Budgeting Techniques (CIMA Exam Support Books);;Sue Nugus;CIMA Pubs;2009;54933,33333;41200;
P532;Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis;;Lauren Krupp;Demos Medical Publishing,;2004;42133,33333;31600;
P533;Trading the US Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to US Markets for International Traders and Investors;;Paolo Pezzutti;Harriman House;2008;63866,66667;47900;
P534;Use of Fibre Reinforced Polymers in Bridge Construction.;;Thomas Keller;Z├╝rich: IABSE;2003;0;0;
P535;Financial Planning using Excel: Forecasting, Planning and Budgeting Techniques (CIMA Exam Support Books);;Sue Nugus;CIMA Pubs;2006;57600;43200;
P536;Advances in Thermal and Non-Thermal Food Preservation;;Gaurav Tewari, Vijay Juneja;Blackwell Publishing;2007;66933,33333;50200;
P537;Enterprise Risk Management - Integrated Framework;;COSO (The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission);COSO (The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission);2004;62000;46500;
P538;Handbook of Meat, Poultry and Seafood Quality;;Leo M.L. Nollet, Terri Boylston, Feng Chen, Patti C. Coggins, Maria Beatriz Gloria, Grethe Hyldig, Chris R. Kerth, Lisa H. McKee, Y. H. Hui;Blackwell Publishing;2007;137600;103200;
P539;Index Investing For Dummies;;Russell Wild;For Dummies ;2009;70666,66667;53000;
P540;International Taxation Handbook: Policy, Practice, Standards, and Regulation;;Greg N. Gregoriou, Colin Read;CIMA Pubs;2007;83600;62700;
P541;Making Millions For Dummies;;Robert Doyen, Meg Schneider;For Dummies;2009;83200;62400;
P542;Meat Preservation: Preventing Losses and Assuring Safety (Publications in Food Science and Nutrition);;Robert Cassens;Food & Nutrition Press;1994;45600;34200;
P543;Non-Executive Director's Handbook, Second Edition (CIMA Professional Handbook);;Patrick Dunne, Glynis Morris;CIMA Pubs;2008;115466,6667;86600;
P544;Principles of Business Taxation, Third Edition: Finance Act 2006 (CIMA Exam Support Books) (CIMA Exam Support Books);;Christopher Jones;CIMA Pubs;2007;120400;90300;
P545;Building a Project-Driven Enterprise: How to Slash Waste and Boost Profits Through Lean Project Management;;Ronald Mascitelli;Project Management Institute ;2002;82666,66667;62000;
P546;Project Management in Construction (McGraw-Hill Professional Engineering);;Sidney M. Levy;McGraw-Hill;2007;86400;64800;
P547;Project Management: Strategic Design and Implementation;;David L. Cleland, Lewis R. Ireland;McGraw-Hill;2002;76000;57000;
P548;Sheep Nutrition (Animal Nutrition);;M. Freer, H. Dove;CABI;2002;92533,33333;69400;
P549;The Mineral Nutrition of Livestock ;;Eric J. Underwood N. Suttle;CABI;1999;0;0;
P550;Food Additives, Second Edition Revised and Expanded;;A. Larry Branen, P. Michael Davidson, Seppo Salminen;Marcel Dekker;2002;193066,6667;144800;
P551;Cambridge Certificate In Advanced English 4;;Cambridge;cambridge university Press ;1999;44800;33600;
P552;Handbook On Poultry Diseases;;Simon M Shane;American Soybean Association;2005;56533,33333;42400;
P553;Ichimoku Charts: An Introduction to Ichimoku Kinko Clouds;;Nicole Elliott;Harriman House;2007;48000;36000;
P554;The Major Works of R. N. Elliott;;Robert Prechter;New Classics Library Inc.;1990;70000;52500;
P555;The Symmetry Wave Trading Method;;Michael Gur;Windsor Books;1993;58000;43500;
P556;Whitewashing Race: The Myth of a Color-Blind Society (George Gund Foundation Book in African American Studies);;Michael K. Brown, Martin Carnoy, Elliott Currie, Troy Duster, David B. Oppenheimer, Marjorie Shultz,;University of California Press;2003;78000;58500;
P557;Sentiment in the Forex Market: Indicators and Strategies To Profit from Crowd Behavior and Market Extremes (Wiley Trading);;Jamie Saettele;Wiley;2008;56533,33333;42400;
P558;Biotechnology in Animal Feeds and Animal Feeding;;R. John Wallace, Andrew Chesson;VCH;1995;78933,33333;59200;
P559;Integrated Solid Waste Management: A Life Cycle Inventory;;Forbes R. McDougall, Peter R. White, Marina Franke, Peter Hindle;Blackwell Publishing;2003;107200;80400;
P560;Environmental Education and Solid Waste Management;;Nag, A. , Vizayakumar, K.;New Age International;2005;40933,33333;30700;
P561;Approaches to Implementing Solid Waste Recycling Facilities ;;Marc J. Rogoff & John F. Williams;Noyes Pubs;1994;59866,66667;44900;
P562;Solid Waste Management and Recycling: Actors, Partnerships and Policies in Hyderabad, India and Nairobi, Kenya (GeoJournal Library);;Isa Baud, Johan Post, Christine Furedy;Kluwer ;2004;72800;54600;
P563;Recycling Equipment and Technology for Municipal Solid Waste: Material Recovery Facilities (Pollution Technology Review);;Joseph T. Swartzbaugh et al;Noyes Pubs;1993;49066,66667;36800;
P564;Harvard Business Review on Culture and Change;;Bill Munck Rpbert Kegan Lisa Laskow Lahe Debra E. Meyerson Donald Sull Katherine M. Hudson Paul F. L;Harvard Business School Press;2002;53600;40200;
P565;Leading Strategic Change: Breaking Through the Brain Barrier;;J. Stewart Black Hal B. Gregersen;Pearson;2003;58800;44100;
P566;The New Science of Technical Analysis;;Thomas R. DeMark;Wiley;1994;73066,66667;54800;
P567;Talent : Making People Your Competitive Advantage;;Edward E., III Lawler ;Jossey-Bass;2008;70533,33333;52900;
P568;Quality in Laboratory Hemostasis and Thrombosis;;Steve Kitchen, John Olson, Eric Preston;Wiley-Blackwell;2009;59066,66667;44300;
P569;The Talent Powered Organization: Strategies for Globalization, Talent Management and High Performance;;Peter Cheese, Robert J. Thomas, Elizabeth Craig;Kogan Page;2008;68266,66667;51200;
P570;Global HR (Express Exec);;Donna Deeprose;Capstone Publishing Ltd ;2002;43066,66667;32300;
P571;Hope : How Triumphant Leaders Create the Future;;Andrew Razeghi;Jossey-Bass;2006;66266,66667;49700;
P572;Best Practices in Leadership Development and Organization Change : How the Best Companies Ensure Meaningful Change and Sustainable Leadership (Essential Knowledge Resource);;Louis Carter,David Ulrich,Marshall Goldsmith;Pfeiffer;2005;102133,3333;76600;
P573;The Future of Human Resource Management: 64 Thought Leaders Explore the Critical HR Issues of Today and Tomorrow;;Mike Losey, Dave Ulrich, Sue Meisinger;Wiley;2005;92533,33333;69400;
P574;Coagulation and Hemostasis in Liver Disease: Controversies and Advances, An Issue of Clinics in Liver Disease (The Clinics: Internal Medicine);;Arun J. Sanyal, Stephen H. Caldwell;Landes Bioscience;2004;59866,66667;44900;
P575;Practical Food Microbiology, 3rd edition;;Diane Roberts, Melody Greenwood;Blackwell Publishing;2003;70933,33333;53200;
P576;Quality Assurance for the Food Industry: A Practical Approach;;J. Andres Vasconcellos;CRC Press;2004;92266,66667;69200;
P577;Handbook of Media for Environmental Microbiology, Second Edition;;Ronald M. Atlas (Author);CRC Press;2005;126000;94500;
P578;Laboratory Hemostasis : A Practical Guide for Pathologists (Practical Handbook of Laboratory Hemostasis for Pathologist);;Sterling T. Bennett (Editor), Christopher M. Lehman (Editor), George M. Rodgers (Editor);Springer;2007;61066,66667;45800;
P579;Coagulation and Hemostasis in Liver Disease: Controversies and Advances, An Issue of Clinics in Liver Disease (The Clinics: Internal Medicine);;Arun J. Sanyal, Stephen H. Caldwell;Elsevier;2009;47733,33333;35800;
P580;Fundamental Food Microbiology, Third Edition;;Bibek Ray;CRC Press;2004;118800;89100;
P581;Food Safety Culture: Creating a Behavior-Based Food Safety Management System (Food Microbiology and Food Safety) ;;Frank Yiannas;Springer;2008;39600;29700;
P582;PCR Methods in Foods (Food Microbiology and Food Safety);;John Maurer (Ed.);Springer;2006;47866,66667;35900;
P583;Food Quality Assurance: Principles and Practices;;Inteaz Alli;CRC Press;2004;48133,33333;36100;
P584;Shelf Life: Food Industry Briefing Series;;Dominic Man;Blackwell Publishing;2002;44266,66667;33200;
P585;The Human Cost of Food: Farmworkers' Lives, Labor, and Advocacy;;Charles D., Jr. Thompson, Melinda F. Wiggins;University of Texas Press;2002;78800;59100;
P586;Your Money or Your Life!: The Tyranny of Global Finance;;Eric Toussaint;Pluto Press;1999;77466,66667;58100;
P587;Human Resource Management (Fast-Track MBA Series);;Barry Cushway, Derek Lodge;Nichols Publishing Company;1999;109200;81900;
P588;Corrosion of Steel in Concrete: Prevention, Diagnosis, Repair;;Pietro Pedeferri Rob B. Polder;Wiley;2004;0;0;
P589;Handbook of Media for Clinical Microbiology, 2nd Edition;;Ronald M. Atlas, James W. Snyder;;;0;0;
P590;Mastering Elliot Wave: Presenting the Neely Method: The First Scientific, Objective Approach to Market Forecasting with the Elliott Wave Theory;;Glenn Neely Eric Hall;Windsor Books;1990;0;0;
P591;Culture Media for Food Microbiology (Progress in Industrial Microbiology);;J.E.L. Corry, G.D.W. Curtis, R.M. Baird;Elsevier;1995;63866,66667;47900;
P592;Handbook of Culture Media for Food Microbiology, 2nd edition (Progress in Industrial Microbiology);;J.E.L. Corry, G.D.W. Curtis, R.M. Baird;Elsevier;2003;127200;95400;
P593;Practical Financial Modelling, Second Edition: A guide to current practice;;Jonathan Swan;CIMA Pubs;2008;71733,33333;53800;
P594;Models in Spatial Analysis (Geographical Information Systems series) ;;Lena Sanders;ISTE;2007;77066,66667;57800;
P595;Leading with Vision— Getting Things Done through Other People;;Stever Robbins;Acanthus Publishing;2007;29733,33333;22300;
P596;Modern Food Microbiology (Food Science Texts Series);;James M. Jay, Martin J. Loessner, David A. Golden;Springer;2005;142400;106800;
P597;Practical Hemostasis and Thrombosis;;Denise O'Shaughnessy, Michael Makris, David Lillicrap;Blackwell Publishing;2005;60666,66667;45500;
P598;Structural Elements Design Manual ;;TREVOR DRAYCOTT;Butterworth-Heinemann;1990;61600;46200;
P599;Structural Wood Design: A Practice-Oriented Approach ;;Abi Aghayere, Jason Vigil;Wiley;2007;86133,33333;64600;
P600;The Trading Method That Can Make You Rich ;;Roy Kelly;Arc System;2004;57600;43200;

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