Thursday, March 26, 2009

Book List P - 1

P1;Why revival of SALT won't stop war: A special memorandum to explore whether a basis exists in potential common perspectives of Atlantic Alliance and ... pursuing effective war-avoidance measures;Lyndon H LaRouche;New Benjamin Franklin House;1980;52300;40000
P2;Abnormal and Clinical Psychology;Paul Bennett;Open University Press;2006;103750;78000
P3;Imperialism: The Final Stage of Bolshevism;Lyndon H., Jr. Larouche;New Benjamin Franklin House;1984;45100;34000
P4;Encyclopedia of Stress, Four-Volume Set, Second Edition - Volume 1;George Fink;Academic Press;2006;203300;153000
P5;Encyclopedia of Stress, Four-Volume Set, Second Edition - Volume 2;George Fink;Academic Press;2006;180650;136000
P6;Encyclopedia of Stress, Four-Volume Set, Second Edition - Volume 3;George Fink;Academic Press;2006;161050;121000
P7;Homemade C-4 A Recipe For Survival: A Recipe For Survival;Ragnar Benson;Paladin Press;1990;40900;31000
P8;Backyard Rocketry: Converting Model Rockets Into Explosive Missiles;Bic Farrell;Paladin Press;;43000;33000
P9;Secrets of Better Sex: A Noted Sex Therapist Reveals His Secrets to Passionate Sexual Fulfillment;Ph.D., Joel D. Block;Parker Publishing;;78700;60000
P10;The Image Processing Handbook, Fifth Edition (Image Processing Handbook);John C. Russ;CRC;2006;163150;123000
P11;Encyclopedia of Separation Science 10 Volume Set;Ian D. Wilson, Edward R. Adlard, Michael Cooke, Colin F. Poole;Academic Press;2000;889050;667000
P12;Encyclopedia of Environment and Society;PAUL ROBBINS;Sage Publications, Inc.;2007;412500;310000
P13;Current Protocols in Protein Science;John E. Coligan;Wiley;2007;818100;614000
P14;Nancy Friday - Forbidden Flowers : MORE WOMEN’S SEXUAL FANTASIES;Nancy Friday;Nancy Friday;1982;70150;53000
P15;Encyclopedia of Analytical Science, Second Edition (Volume 1-10);Paul Worsfold; Editors Colin Poole Alan Townshend;Elsevier;;1041550;782000
P16;Fixed Income Analysis, Workbook (CFA Institute Investment Series);Frank J. Fabozzi;Wiley;2007;78850;60000
P17;Latin America Training and Development Center - Basic Corporate Finance ;Citibank;Citibank;1994;87400;66000
P18;Equity Asset Valuation Workbook (Cfa Institute Investment);John D., CFA Stowe, Thomas R., CFA Robinson, Jerald E., CFA Pinto, Dennis W., CFA McLeavey;Wiley;2008;40900;31000
P19;Equity Asset Valuation;John D., CFA Stowe, Thomas R., CFA Robinson, Jerald E., CFA Pinto, Denni W., CFA McLeavey;Wiley;2007;75700;57000
P20;An Undergraduate Introduction to Financial Mathematics;J. Robert Buchanan;World Scientific Publishing;2006;67900;51000
P21;A Beginner's Guide to Structural Equation Modeling, Second Edition;Randall E. Schumacker,Richard G. Lomax,Lawrence Erlbaum Associates;Lawrence Erlbaum Associates;2004;101950;77000
P22;Bread Staling (Crc Series in Contemporary Food Science);Pavinee Chinachoti, Yael Vodovotz;CRC Press;2001;;0
P23;The Big Book of Customer Service Training Games (Big Book);Peggy Carlaw, Vasudha K. Deming;McGraw-Hill;1999;58750;45000
P24;Learning by Doing: A Comprehensive Guide to Simulations, Computer Games, and Pedagogy in e-Learning and Other Educational Experiences;Clark Aldrich;Pfeiffer;2005;85450;65000
P25;Aluminium Design and Construction;John Dwight;E & FN Spon;1999;70150;53000
P26;CISA Review Manual 2007 ;ISACA (Company);ISACA (Company);2006;107500;81000
P27;Cake Decorating For Dummies (For Dummies (Lifestyles Paperback));Joe LoCicero;For Dummies;2007;82750;63000
P28;Martha Stewart's Cookies: The Very Best Treats to Bake and to Share (Martha Stewart Living Magazine) ;Martha Stewart Living Magazine;Clarkson Potter;2008;50500;38000
P29;Computer Organization and Architecture : Designing for Performance, Sixth Edition;William Stallings;Prentice Hall;2003;148900;112000
P30;Encyclopedia of Hydrological Sciences;Malcolm G. Anderson;Wiley;2005;576100;433000
P31;The Truth About Managing People...And Nothing But the Truth;Stephen P. Robbins;Prentice Hall;2002;59350;45000
P32;Steal This University: The Rise of the Corporate University and the Academic Labor Movement;B. Johnson;Routledge;2003;65800;50000
P33;Historical Dictionary of the Broadway Musical (Historical Dictionaries of Literature and the Arts);William A. Everett;The Scarecrow Press, Inc.;2008;92950;70000
P34;The Worst Person in the World: And 202 Strong Contenders;Keith Olbermann;Wiley;2006;65950;50000
P35;Customer Service Training 101: Quick and Easy Techniques That Get Great Results;Renee Evenson;AMACOM;2005;58300;44000
P36;The Pfeiffer Book of Successful Team-Building Tools: Best of the Annuals (Essential Tools Resource);Elaine Biech;Pfeiffer;2008;101950;77000
P37;Experiential Learning: A Handbook of Best Practices for Educators and Trainers ;Colin Beard, John P. Wilson;Kogan;2006;70300;53000
P38;The Offsite: A Leadership Challenge Fable;Robert H. Thompson;Jossey-Bass;2008;55750;42000
P39;Fitness After 40: How to Stay Strong at Any Age ;Vonda Wright, Ruth Winter;AMACOM;2009;70600;53000
P40;The Fast Facilitator, 76 Facilitator Activities and Interventions Covering Essential Skills, Group Process, and Creative Techniques;Anthony Landale & Mica Douglas;HRD Press;2007;55300;42000
P41;Adobe Acrobat 7 Official JavaScript Reference;Adobe Systems Inc.;Adobe Systems Inc.;2005;127000;96000
P42;Create an Electronic Thesis or Dissertation Using Adobe Acrobat;The Ohio State University Technology Enhanced Learning and Research;The Ohio State University Technology Enhanced Learning and Research;;31750;24000
P43;Encyclopedia of Agrochemicals;Jack R. Plimmer;Wiley;2003;;0
P44;Data Conversion: Calculating the Monetary Benefits (Measurement and Evaluation Series);Patricia Pulliam Phillips, Ph.D. and Holly Burkett, M.A.;Pfeiffer;2008;48550;37000
P45;Investing In Your Company's Human Capital: Strategies To Avoid Spending Too Little--Or Too Much;Jack J. Phillips;AMACOM;2005;70450;53000
P46;The Leadership Scorecard: ROI for Leaders (Improving Human Performance Series) ;Jack J. Phillips Lynn Schmidt;Butterworth-Heinemann ;2004;76150;58000
P47;Communication and Implementation: Sustaining the Practice (Measurement and Evaluation Series) ;Jack J. Phillips, Wendi Friedman Tush;Pfeiffer;2008;57250;43000
P48;Managing Talent Retention: An ROI Approach;Jack J. Phillips, Lisa Edwards;Pfeiffer;2009;89650;68000
P49;Show Me the Money: How to Determine ROI in People, Projects, and Programs;Jack J Phillips, Patricia Pulliam Phillips ;Berrett-Koehler Publishers;2007;68350;52000
P50;Cake Decorating Made Easy!;Samantha Mitchell and Randy Pryor;Samantha Mitchell and Randy Pryor;2005;47200;36000
P51;Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms of the World;Ian R. Hall, Steven L. Stephenson, Peter K. Buchanan, Wang Yun, Anthony L. J. Cole,;Timber Press;2003;88300;67000
P52;Variable Speed Generators (Electric Power Engineering Series);Ion Boldea;CRC Press;2006;;0
P53;Encyclopedia of Pain (3 volume set);Robert F. Schmidt, W.D. Willis (Editors);Springer;2007;520450;391000
P54;Advanced Quantum Mechanics, 3rd ;Franz Schwabl;Springer;2005;86650;65000
P55;Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing (5 Volume Set);Sunggyu Lee;Taylor & Francis Group;2006;625700;470000
P56;Pencil Drawing Techniques;David Lewis;Watson-Guptill;1984;53200;40000
P57;Encyclopedia of Hormones, 3 Volume Set ;Helen Henry (Editor), Anthony W. Norman (Editor);;;393000;295000
P58;CRC Handbook Of Chemistry And Physics 87th Edition 2006-2007, 87th Edition;David R. Lide;CRC Press;2006;433200;325000
P59;ECG Success: Exercises in ECG Interpretation;Shirley A. Jones;F. A. Davis Company;2008;67900;51000
P60;Endoscopy Of The Upper Gi Tract: A Training Manual;Berthold, M.D. Block, Guido Schachschal, Hartmut Schmidt,;Thieme;2004;64000;48000
P61;Fermentation and Biochemical Engineering Handbook : Principles, Process Design, and Equipment;Henry C. Vogel;Noyes Publications;1997;149350;113000
P62;Enterprise Grammar 3 - Student's Book;Jenny Dooley, Virginia Evans;Express Publishing;1999;67450;51000
P63;Enterprise Grammar 3 - Teacher's Book;Jenny Dooley, Virginia Evans;Express Publishing;1999;28750;22000
P64;Understanding Anesthesia Equipment;Jerry A Dorsch, Susan E Dorsch;Lippincott Williams & Wilkins;2007;;0
P65;Ultra-wideband Radar Technology;James D. Taylor;CRC Press;2001;88300;67000
P66;English Idioms - Exercises on Phrasal Verbs;Jennifer Seidl;Oxford University Press;1990;51400;39000
P67;Electrical Engineer's Reference Book, Sixteenth edition;M. A. Laughton CEng., FIEE, D. J. Warne CEng., FIEE;Newnes;2003;274700;207000
P68;Encyclopedia of Medical Genomics and Proteomics;Jürgen Fuchs, Maurizio Podda;marcel Dekker;2005;258650;194000
P69;Ewing's Analytical Instrumentation Handbook, Third Edition;Jack Cazes;Marcel Dekker;2005;;0
P70;Fatigue of Structures and Materials;Jaap Schijve;Kluwer ;2004;104500;79000
P71;Food Biotechnology, Second Edition;Kalidas Shetty, Gopinadhan Paliyath, Anthony Pometto, and Robert E. Levin;CRC Press;2006;360450;271000
P72;Design of Piping Systems;M. W. Kellogg Company;Wiley;1956;85300;64000
P73;Agrochemical and Pesticide Safety Handbook;Michael F. Waxman;Lewis Pubs;1998;;0
P74;Professional Cake Decorating ;Toba M. Garrett;Wiley;2006;80350;61000
P75;Diffusion in Condensed Matter - Methods, Materials, Models;;Springer;2005;;0
P76;Drug-Induced Liver Disease, Second Edition;Neil Kaplowitz, Laurie D. DeLeve;Informa;2007;149500;113000
P77;Egg Nutrition and Biotechnology (Cabi Publishing);J. S. Sim (Editor), S. Nakai (Editor), W. Guenter (Editor);CABI;2000;;0
P78;The Emergence of Numerical Weather Prediction: Richardson's Dream;Peter Lynch;Cambridge University Press;;67450;51000
P79;Encyclopedia of Portal Technologies and Applications;Arthur Tatnall (Editor);Information Science Reference;2007;239900;180000
P80;Female Urology, Urogynecology, and Voiding Dysfunction;Sandip P. Vasavada, Rodney Appell, Peter K. Sand, Shlomo Raz (Editors);marcel Dekker;2005;181100;136000
P81;Doppler Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology;by Dev Maulik (Editor);Springer;2005;122800;93000
P82;Crude Oil Chemistry (No Series);Vasily Simanzhenkov Raphael Idem;marcel Dekker;2003;;0
P83;Atlas of the Sensory Organs: Functional and Clinical Anatomy;András Csillag;Humana Press;2005;65650;50000
P84;Energy Medicine;Donna Eden with David Feinstein;Penguin Putnam;1999;82300;62000
P85;The Practical Handbook of Genetic Algorithms: Applications, Second Edition;Lance Chambers;CRC Press;2001;103000;78000
P86;The Practical Handbook of Genetic Algorithms: New Frontiers, Volume II;Lance Chambers;CRC Press;1995;88150;67000
P87;Practical Handbook of Genetic Algorithms: Complex Coding Systems, Volume III;Lance D. Chambers;CRC Press;1999;123850;93000
P88;Electron Scattering: From Atoms, Molecules, Nuclei and Bulk Matter (Physics of Atoms and Molecules);Colm T. Whelan (Editor), Nigel J. Mason (Editor);Kluwer ;2005;76300;58000
P89;Engineering With Rubber: How to Design Rubber Components, 2nd Edition;Alan N. Gent;Hanser Publishers;2003;;0
P90;Be Your Own Doctor with Foot Reflexology;Dr. Dhiren Gala, Dr D.R. Gala, Dr. Sanjay Gala;Navneet Pubs;;62500;47000
P91;Emergency Neuroradiology;Tommaso Scarabino;Springer;2006;85300;64000
P92;Elements of Applied Probability for Engineering, Mathematics and Systems Science;David McDonald;World Scientific;2004;81250;61000
P93;The Disappearing Computer : Interaction Design, System Infrastructures and Applications for Smart Environments;Norbert Streitz, Achilles Kameas, Irene Mavrommati (Eds.);Springer;2007;72100;55000
P94;Assessing Changing Food Consumption Patterns;Committee on Food Consumption Patterns, Food and Nutrition Board, National Research Council;National Academies Press;1981;69250;52000
P95;Evolvable Machines: Theory & Practice (Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing);Nadia Nedjah, Luiza de Macedo Mourelle (Eds.);Springer;2005;65800;50000
P96;The Encyclopedia Of Fruits,Berries And Nuts And How To Grow Them;Albert E. Wilkinson;;;40000;30000
P97;Engineering Mechanics: Volume 1: Equilibrium (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications);C. Hartsuijker, J.W. Welleman,;Springer;2006;154900;117000
P98;Fish Diseases and Disorders: Volume 1: Protozoan and Metazoan Infections (Cabi Publishing);P. T. K. Woo;CABI;2006;145150;109000
P99;What Is America Eating: Proceedings of a Symposium;Food and Nutrition Board;National Academies Press;1986;60100;46000
P100;Practical Guide To Chemometrics, Second Edition;Paul Gemperline (Editor);CRC Press;2006;103000;78000
P101;Diagnostic Ultrasound;K. Kirk Shung;CRC Press;2006;56350;43000
P102;Automotive Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) [Transportation, Road & Motor Vehicles];Terence Rybak, Mark Steffka;Kluwer ;2004;71500;54000
P103;Dynamic and Mobile GIS: Investigating Changes in Space and Time (Innovations in Gis);Jane Drummond,Roland Billen,Elsa Joao,David Forrest;CRC;2006;77350;59000
P104;Modern Electric, Hybrid Electric, and Fuel Cell Vehicles (Power Electronics and Applications Series) [Transportation, Road & Motor Vehicles];Mehrdad Ehsani Yimin Gao Sebastien E. Gay Ali Emadi;CRC Press;2005;;0
P105;Electrical Engineer's Portable Handbook;Robert B. Hickey;McGraw-Hill;2004;114250;86000
P106;Essays in Constructive Mathematics;Harold M. Edwards;Springer;2005;59050;45000
P107;Hard Disk Drive: Mechatronics and Control (Control Engineering);Abdullah Al Mamun, GuoXiao Guo, Bi Chao,;CRC Press;2007;84700;64000
P108;Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, and the Brain (Nutrition, Brain, and Behavior);Astrid Nehlig;CRC Press;2004;;0
P109;Modeling and Control of Complex Systems (Control Engineering);Petros A. Ioannou, Andreas Pitsillides;CRC Press;2008;107800;81000
P110;Laparoscopic Urologic Surgery in Malignancies;Jean J.M.C.H. de la Rosette (Editor), Inderbir S. Gill (Editor);Springer;2005;71200;54000
P111;Design of Wood Structures - ASD;Donald E. Breyer, Kenneth J. Fridley, Kelly E. Cobeen;McGraw-Hill;1999;179900;135000
P112;The Clinical Practice of Complementary, Alternative, and Western Medicine;W. John Diamond (Author);CRC Press;2001;81550;62000
P113;Dictionary of Medical Terms, 4th Edition;A & C Black Publishers Ltd;A & C Black Publishers Ltd;2005;97150;73000
P114;Diffusion in Solids: Fundamentals, Methods, Materials, Diffusion-Controlled Processes (Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences);Helmut Mehrer;Springer;2007;121750;92000
P115;Dynamical Contact Problems with Friction: Models, Methods, Experiments and Applications;Walter K. Sextro;Springer;2007;68050;52000
P116;Embryonic Stem Cells (Human Cell Culture);John R. Masters (Editor), Bernhard O. Palsson (Editor), James A. Thomson (Editor);Springer;2007;67750;51000
P117;Eureka!: Physics of Particles, Matter and the Universe;R. J. Blin-Stoyle;IOP Publishing;1997;60100;46000
P118;First Aid for the USMLE Step 1: 2007 (First Aid for the Usmle Step 1);Vikas Bhushan, Tao Le,;;;101800;77000
P119;Chiral Separation Techniques;Ganapathy Subramanian;Wiley;2001;79000;60000
P120;Difficult Decisions in Thoracic Surgery: An Evidence-Based Approach;Mark K. Ferguson;Springer;2007;104800;79000
P121;Entropy and Entropy Generation : Fundamentals and Applications (Understanding Chemical Reactivity);J.S. Shiner;Kluwer ;2002;64300;49000
P122;Electric Power Distribution Handbook (Electric Power Engineering Series);Thomas Allen Short;CRC Press;2004;139300;105000
P123;Electrical Estimator's Manual: How to Estimate Electrical Construction Projects Including Everday Labor Installation Rates;William Penn;Gulf Publishing;2005;;0
P124;Diseases and Disorders - Acne (Diseases and Disorders);Barbara Sheen;Lucent Books;2004;39550;30000
P125;Encyclopedia of Aging and Public Health;Sana Loue, Martha Sajatovic;Springer;2008;152950;115000
P126;Endodontics: Problem-Solving in Clinical Practice (Endodontics);T.R. Pitt Ford, H.E. Pitt Ford, J.S. Rhodes,;Martin Dunitz Ltd;2002;55900;42000
P127;Engineering Problems - Illustrating Mathematics;John W. Cell;McGraw-Hill;1943;53500;41000
P128;Enhancement in Drug Delivery;Elka Touitou (Editor), Brian W. Barry (Editor);CRC Press;2007;122800;93000
P129;Environmental Degradation and Transformation of Organic Chemicals;Alasdair H. Neilson, Ann-Sofie Allard,;CRC Press;2008;135700;102000
P130;Facial Trauma;SETH R. THALLER, W. SCOTT MCDONALD;marcel Dekker;2004;98650;74000
P131;Food Emulsions (Food Science and Technology);Stig Friberg;marcel Dekker;2004;;0
P132;Fecal Incontinence: Diagnosis and Treatment;A.C. Lowry, L. Pahlman, G. Romano, Carlo Ratto, Giovanni B. Doglietto;Springer;2007;77950;59000
P133;The Firmware Handbook (Embedded Technology);Jack Ganssle;Elsevier;2004;82600;62000
P134;Fault Tree Handbook;NUREG;NUREG;1981;56350;43000
P135;Critical Care Neurology and Neurosurgey (Current Clinical Neurology);by Daniel Tarsy (Foreword), Jose I. Suarez (Editor);Humana Press;2004;122350;92000
P136;Essentials of Thoracic Imaging, An Issue of Radiologic Clinics (The Clinics: Radiology);Caroline Chiles Ronald Wolf;Elsevier;2005;48700;37000
P137;Differential Diagnosis in Neurology and Neurosurgery;Sotirios Tsementzis;Thieme;2000;77800;59000
P138;Emergency Chest Imaging, an Issue of Radiologic Clinics (Clinics: Radiology);Stuart E. Mirvis K. Shanmuganathan Kathirkamanthan Shanmuganathan;Elsevier;2006;48400;37000
P139;Essentials of Clinical Nephrology;Mohamed A. Sobh;Dar El Shorouk;2000;81550;62000
P140;Current Issues in Cosmology ( Cambridge University Press );Jayant Narlikar , Jean-Claude Pecker;Cambridge University Press;2006;66850;51000
P141;Dental Secrets 2ed;Stephen Sonis;Hanley & Belfus;1999;84400;64000
P142;Desserts Around the World: Revised and Expanded to Include New Low-Fat Recipes (Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks);Lerner Publishing Group;Lerner Publications;2004;35800;27000
P143;Designing Virtual Reality Systems: The Structured Approach;Gerard Kim;Springer;2005;375750;282000
P144;Developing Ambient Intelligence;Antonio Mana, Volkmar Lotz;Springer;2006;50800;39000
P145;Development, Function and Evolution of Teeth;MF Teaford, MM Smith, MWJ Ferguson;Cambridge University Press;2000;73750;56000
P146;Vegetable Oils in Food Technology (Sheffield Chemistry and Technology of Oils and Fats);Frank D. Gunstone;AOCS Press;1995;;0
P147;Computer Modelling of Concrete Mixtures;J.d. Dewar;E & FN Spon;1999;64600;49000
P148;Dictionary of Applied Math for Engineers and Scientists (Comprehensive Dictionary of Mathematics);Emma Previato;CRC Press;2003;47350;36000
P149;Targeted Therapies in Cancer (Recent Results in Cancer Research);Manfred Dietel (Editor);Springer;2007;64450;49000
P150;Basic Concepts in Digital Signal Processing for Seismologists (Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences);Frank Scherbaum;Springer;1994;46300;35000
P151;Dynamics of Fibre Formation and Processing: Modelling and Application in Fibre and Textile Industry;Roland Beyreuther Harald Brünig;Springer;2007;80800;61000
P152;Einstein's General Theory of Relativity: With Modern Applications in Cosmology;Oyvind Gron, Sigbjorn Hervik;Springer;2007;105850;80000
P153;Einstein's Space-Time: An Introduction to Special and General Relativity;Rafael Ferraro;Springer;2007;73300;55000
P154;Embedded Robotics: Mobile Robot Design and Applications with Embedded Systems;Thomas Bräunl;Springer;2006;93100;70000
P155;Encyclopedia of Medical Anthropology: Health and Illness in the World's Cultures Topics - Volume 1; Cultures - Volume 2;Carol R. Ember;Kluwer ;2004;217850;164000
P156;Appleton and Lange's Review of Epidemiology and Biostatistics for the USMLE;Edward J. Hanrahan Gangadhar Madupu;Appleton and Lange;1994;40600;31000
P157;Embryonic Stem Cell Protocols: Isolation And Characterization (Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol 329);Kursad Turksen;Humana Press;2006;105100;79000
P158;Essential Neurosurgery (Essentials) 3 edition;Andrew H. Kaye;Blackwell Publishing;2005;71350;54000
P159;The Eye Care Sourcebook;Jay B. Lavine;McGraw-Hill;2001;77950;59000
P160;Creativity and the Brain;Kenneth M. Heilman;Psychology Press;2005;58900;45000
P161;Dissecting the Molecular Anatomy of Tissue (Principles and Practice);Michael R. Emmert-Buck , John W. Gillespie , Rodrigo F. Chuaqui;Springer;205;60700;46000
P162;A Companion to Linguistic Anthropology;Alessandro Duranti (ed.);Blackwell Publishing;2004;121900;92000
P163;Dynamics of Structures: A Primer;Anil K. Chopra;Earthquake Engineering Research Institute;1980;43900;33000
P164;Reverse Engineering: An Industrial Perspective (Springer Series in Advanced Manufacturing);Vinesh Raja, Kiran J. Fernandes;Springer;2008;63700;48000
P165;Electrodynamics of Solids;Martin Dressel;Cambridge University Press;2003;98050;74000
P166;Encyclopedia of Elder Care : The Comprehensive Resource on Geriatric and Social Care, 2nd Edition;Elizabeth A. Capezuti, Eugenia L. Siegler, Mathy D. Mezey, editors ; Joan Dunbar, managing editor.;Springer;2008;159400;120000
P167;Electronics Technology Handbook;;McGraw-Hill;2004;124600;94000
P168;Proteases and Their Inhibitors in Cancer Metastasis (Cancer Metastasis - Biology and Treatment);J-M. Foidart (Editor), R.J. Muschel (Editor);Kluwer ;2004;63850;48000
P169;Food Allergies For Dummies;Robert A., MD Wood, Joe Kraynak,;Wiley;2007;82750;63000
P170;Regionalism and Governance in the Americas: Continental Drift;Louise Fawcett, Monica Serrano;palgrave ;2005;71950;54000
P171;Global Politics of Regionalism : Theory and Practice;Mary Farrell, Bjorn Hettne, Luk Langenhove,;Pluto Press;2005;75100;57000
P172;My First Book Of Tracing (Kumon Workbooks);Shinobu Akaishi, Eno Sarris;Kumon ;;37000;28000
P173;My Book of Mazes: Animals (Kumon Workbooks);Shinobu Akaishi, Eno Sarris ;Kumon ;;37000;28000
P174;My Book of Mazes: Things That Go! (Kumon Workbooks) ;Shinobu Akaishi, Eno Sarris;Kumon ;;37300;28000
P175;My Book Of Easy Crafts;Kumon Workbooks ;Kumon ;2005;37300;28000
P176;My Book of Amazing Crafts (Kumon Workbooks) ;Shinobu Akaishi, Eno Sarris;Kumon ;2006;30100;23000
P177;My Book of Simple Subtraction (Kumon Workbooks);Kumon Workbooks ;Kumon ;2005;37300;28000
P178;My Book Of Number Games 1-70 (Kumon Workbooks);Shinobu Akaishi, Eno Sarris;Kumon ;;37150;28000
P179;How to Do Everything with Adobe Acrobat 7.0;Doug Sahlin;McGraw-Hill;2005;102100;77000
P180;Characterization of Cereals and Flours (Food Science and Technology);Kaletunc & Breslauer ;marcel Dekker;2003;;0
P181;Let's Fold! (Kumon First Steps Workbooks);Shinobu Akaishi, Eno Sarris;Kumon ;2005;44950;34000
P182;Managing Visitor Attractions: New Directions;Bruce Prideaux, Stephen Wanhill, Geoffrey Wall, Joan C Henderson, BradleyM Braun, Martin McCracken,;Butterworth-Heinemann ;2003;76150;58000
P183;Life's Missing Instruction Manual : The Guidebook You Should Have Been Given at Birth;Joe Vitale;Wiley;2006;51700;39000
P184;Dietary Supplements (Forensic Science and Medicine) ;Melanie Johns Cupp, Timothy S. Tracy;Humana Press;2000;78250;59000
P185;American Dietetic Association Guide to Eating Right When You Have Diabetes;American Dietetic Association (ADA), Maggie Powers, American Dietetic Association ;Wiley;2003;68650;52000
P186;Handbook of Public Information Systems, Second Edition (Public Administration and Public Policy);G. David Garson;CRC Press;2005;132550;100000
P187;Baring Brothers and the Birth of Modern Finance (Financial History);Peter E. Austin;Pickering & Chatto Publishers;2007;67000;51000
P188;Government Debts and Financial Markets in Europe (Financial History);Fausto Piola Caselli ;Pickering & Chatto Publishers;2008;77350;59000
P189;The Best Investment Advice I Ever Received: Priceless Wisdom from Warren Buffett, Jim Cramer, Suze Orman, Steve Forbes, and Dozens of Other Top Financial Experts;Liz Claman ;Warner Business Books;2006;61150;46000
P190;Performance-Based Management : What Every Manager Should Do to Get Results;Judith Hale;Pfeiffer;2004;60250;46000
P191;The Performance Consultant's Fieldbook: Tools and Techniques for Improving Organizations and People (Essential Knowledge Resource);Judith Hale;Pfeiffer;2007;70000;53000
P192;Handbook of Human Performance Technology, 3rd Edition;James A. Pershing ;Pfeiffer;2006;261500;197000
P193;Outsourcing Training and Development: Factors for Success;Judith Hale ;Pfeiffer;2006;54100;41000
P194;Society and Psychosis;Craig Morgan, Kwame McKenzie, Paul Fearon;Cambridge University Press;2008;65050;49000
P195;Winward Fearon on Collateral Warranties ;David L. Cornes, Richard Winward ;Blackwell Publishing;2002;77500;59000
P196;Recovering Informal Learning: Wisdom, Judgement and Community (Lifelong Learning Book Series);Paul Hager, John Halliday ;Springer;2006;68500;52000
P197;Dynamics of Human Gait;Christopher L. Vaughan;Kiboho Publishers;1999;47950;36000
P198;The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning: How to Turn Training and Development Into Business Results;Calhoun W. Wick, Roy V. H. Pollock, Andrew McK. Jefferson, Richard D. Flanagan;Pfeiffer;2006;62950;48000
P199;Nonprofit Essentials: Endowment Building ;Diana S. Newman ;Wiley;2005;64750;49000
P200;A Primer for the Monte Carlo Method;Ilya M. Sobol;CRC Press;1994;43600;33000
P201;Government Budget Forecasting: Theory and Practice (Public Administration and Public Policy);Jinping Sun, Thomas D. Lynch;CRC Press;2008;124300;94000
P202;Nothing More Comforting: Canada's Heritage Food;Dorothy Duncan;Dundurn Press;2003;63550;48000
P203;Handbook of Decision Making (Public Administration and Public Policy);Goktug Morcol;CRC Press;2007;124600;94000
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