Monday, December 22, 2008

Daftar Buku N - 1

Kode;Judul Buku;Edisi;Nama Pengarang;Nama Penerbit;Tahun; Harga (Rp)* ;Stlh Diskon;

N1;How to Design Programs: An Introduction to Programming and Computing;;Matthias Felleisen;MIT Press;; 110.000 ; 83.000
N2;The Financial Times guide to investing: a definitive introduction to investment and the financial markets;;Glen Arnold;Prentice Hall;2004; 90.000 ; 68.000
N3;Multinational Finance, Fifth Edition;;ADRIAN BUCKLEY;Prentice Hall;2004; 147.000 ; 111.000
N4;FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING, Fourth Edition;;Anne Britton and Chris Waterston;Prentice Hall;2006; 80.000 ; 60.000
N5;Intelligent Robotic Systems: Design, Planning, and Control (IFSR International Series on Systems Science and Engineering);;Witold Jacak;Kluwer Academic Publishers;2002; 74.000 ; 56.000
N6;Expansion Joints in Buildings (Academy Forum,);;Federal Construction Council;National Academy of Sciences.;; 33.000 ; 25.000
N7;"The Einstein Dossiers: Science and Politics - Einstein's Berlin Periodwith an Appendix on Einstein's FBI File";;Siegfried Grundmann;Springer;2005; 97.000 ; 73.000
N8;Software Engineering Techniques Applied to Agricultural Systems: An Object-Oriented and UML Approach (Applied Optimization);;Petraq J. Papajorgji, Panos M. Pardalos;Springer;2006; 63.000 ; 48.000
N9;Kolmogorov Spectra of Turbulence I: Wave Turbulence (Springer Series in Nonlinear Dynamics);;"V. E. Zakharov V. S. L'Vov G. Falkovich";Springer;; 65.000 ; 49.000
N10;The Statistical Analysis of Recurrent Events (Statistics for Biology and Health);;Richard J. Cook, Jerald F. Lawless;Springer;2007; 88.000 ; 66.000
N11;Information Criteria and Statistical Modeling (Springer Series in Statistics);;Sadanori Konishi, Genshiro Kitagawa;Springer;2008; 68.000 ; 51.000
N12;Elements of Homotopy Theory (Graduate Texts in Mathematics);;George W. Whitehead;Springer;1978; 140.000 ; 105.000
N13;Rational Homotopy Theory (Graduate Texts in Mathematics);;Yves Felix Stephen Halperin J.-C. Thomas;Springer;2001; 111.000 ; 84.000
N14;Advances in the Science and Technology of Ocean Management (Ocean Management and Policy);;Hance D. Smith;routledge;1992; 25.000 ; 19.000
N15;Gone with the Wind;;Margaret Mitchell;;; 111.000 ; 84.000
N16;Value in Time : Better Trading through Effective Volume;;PASCAL WILLAIN;Wiley;2008; 86.000 ; 65.000
N17;Computational Fluid Dynamics: Applications in Environmental Hydraulics 2005-06;;Paul D. Bates (Editor), Stuart N. Lane (Editor), Robert I. Ferguson (Editor);Wiley;2005; 105.000 ; 79.000
N18;Pairs Trading: Quantitative Methods and Analysis (Wiley Finance) 2004-08;;Ganapathy Vidyamurthy;Wiley;2004; 59.000 ; 45.000
N19;The Price Advantage (Wiley Finance) 2004-02;;Michael V. Marn Eric V. Roegner Craig C. Zawada;Wiley;2004; 71.000 ; 54.000
N20;Trading Pairs: Capturing Profits and Hedging Risk with Statistical Arbitrage Strategies (Wiley Trading) 2004-07;;Mark Whistler;Wiley;2004; 70.000 ; 53.000
N21;"J.K. Lasser's Homeowner's Tax Breaks: Your Complete Guide to Finding Hidden Gold in Your Home 2003-11";;Gerald J. Robinson;Wiley;2005; 66.000 ; 50.000
N22;Franchise Value: A Modern Approach to Security Analysis (Wiley Finance) 2004-06;;Martin L. Leibowitz;Wiley;2004; 102.000 ; 77.000
N23;The Design of Modern Microwave Oscillators for Wireless Applications : Theory and Optimization;;Ulrich L. Rohde, Ajay K. Poddar, Georg Böck;Wiley;2005; 107.000 ; 81.000
N24;Special Functions, Volume 71, 2001-02;;George E. Andrews, Richard Askey, Ranjan Roy,;Cambridge University Press;2000; 128.000 ; 96.000
N25;Principles of Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics ( Cambridge University Press );;Cathie Clarke, Bob Carswell,;Cambridge University Press;2007; 61.000 ; 46.000
N26;Microsoft Windows Vista Unleashed;;Paul McFedries;Sams;2007; 155.000 ; 117.000
N27;Why We Feel: The Science of Human Emotions (Helix Books);;Victor Johnston;Perseus Books;1999; 59.000 ; 45.000
N28;Race, Nature And Culture: An Anthropological Perspective (Anthropology, Culture and Society);;Peter Wade (Author);Pluto Press;2002; 49.000 ; 37.000
N29;Closed Circuit Television: CCTV Installation, Maintenance and Operation, Second Edition;;Joe Cieszynski;Elsevier ;2004; 67.000 ; 51.000
N30;Genetics For Dummies (For Dummies);;Tara Rodden Robinson;wiley;2005; 83.000 ; 63.000
N31;"Brunner and Suddarth's Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing";;"Suzanne CO'Connell Smeltzer, Brenda G. Bare";Lippincott Williams & Wilkins;2003; 410.000 ; 308.000
N32;Pocket Medicine: The Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of Internal Medicine (Pocket Notebook Series);;Marc S Sabatine;Lippincott Williams & Wilkins;2008; 64.000 ; 48.000
N33;Mastering Autodesk VIZ 2005;;George Omura,Scott Onstott,George Omura,Scott Onstott;Sybex;13 July, 2004; 165.000 ; 124.000
N34;Special Edition Using Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Vista (Special Edition Using);;Robert Cowart, Brian Knittel;Que;2007; 277.000 ; 208.000
N35;Using Microsoft Office 2007, Special Edition (Special Edition Using);;Ed Bott, Woody Leonard;Que;2007; 208.000 ; 156.000
N36;Structure and Dynamics of Health Research and Public Funding: An International Institutional Comparison;;D. Braun ;Kluwer Academic Publishers;1994; 57.000 ; 43.000
N37;Contact Mechanics in Tribology (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications);;I.G. Goryacheva;Kluwer Academic Publishers;1998; 25.000 ; 19.000
N38;The Isaac Newton School of Driving: Physics and Your Car;;Barry Parker;The Johns Hopkins University Press;16 September, 2003; 64.000 ; 48.000
N39;The Ambassadors;;Harvey D. Bea;Cliffs Notes;1969; 31.000 ; 24.000
N40;"Dune & Other Works";;David Allen, Frank Herbert,;Cliffs Notes;1975; 35.000 ; 27.000
N41;Analysis of Surfactants (Surfactant Science Series);;Thomas M. Schmitt;Marcel Dekker;2001; 124.000 ; 93.000
N42;Advanced Image Processing in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Signal Processing and Communications);;Luigi Landini, Vincenzo Positano, Maria Santarelli;CRC Press;2005; 115.000 ; 87.000
N43;Gear Noise and Vibration, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded (Mechanical Engineering (Marcell Dekker));;J. Derek Smith;Marcel Dekker;2003; 73.000 ; 55.000
N44;Mucocutaneous Manifestations of VIRAL DISEASES;;Stephen K. Tyring;Marcel Dekker;2002; 113.000 ; 85.000
N45;Physics of Optoelectronics (Optical Engineering);;Michael A. Parker;Taylor & Francis Group;2005; 136.000 ; 102.000
N46;Analysis and Application of Analog Electronic Circuits to Biomedical Instrumentation (Biomedical Engineering);;Robert B. Northrop;CRC Press;2004; 109.000 ; 82.000
N47;AC Power Systems Handbook, Third Edition (Electrical Engineering Handbook);;Jerry C. Whitaker;CRC Press;2007; 86.000 ; 65.000
N48;Food Emulsions: Principles, Practice, and Techniques 1999;;D. J. McClements, David J. McClements;CRC Press;1999; 25.000 ; 19.000
N49;Carbon Monoxide Poisoning;;David G. Penney;CRC Press;2008; 147.000 ; 111.000
N50;Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution, (The Electric Power Engineering);;Leonard L. Grigsby (Editor);Taylor & Francis Group;2006; 25.000 ; 19.000
N51;Chemistry of Petrochemical Processes;;Ph.D., Sami Matar;Gulf Publishing;2000; 86.000 ; 65.000
N52;Electricity and Magnetism;;Benjamin Crowell;Light and Matter;2002; 52.000 ; 39.000
N53;8 Minute Meditation: Quiet Your Mind. Change Your Life.;;Victor Davich;Perigee Books;2004; 54.000 ; 41.000
N54;Combinatorial Library: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Lisa Bellavance English;Humana Press;; 80.000 ; 60.000
N55;Thyroid Hormone Receptors: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol 202) (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Aria Baniahmad;Humana Press;; 57.000 ; 43.000
N56;In Situ Detection of DNA Damage: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol 203) (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Vladimir V. Didenko (Editor);Humana Press;; 67.000 ; 51.000
N57;Molecular Cytogenetics: Protocols and Applications (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Yao-Shan Fan (Editor);Humana Press;; 84.000 ; 63.000
N58;Recombinant Antibodies for Cancer Therapy: Reviews and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Martin Welschof (Editor), Jurgen Krauss (Editor);Humana Press;; 94.000 ; 71.000
N59;Peptide Nucleic Acids: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Nielsen;Humana Press;; 64.000 ; 48.000
N60;Transgenic Mouse: Methods and Portocols (Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), V. 209.);;Marten Hofker, Jan Van Deursen;Humana Press;2003; 85.000 ; 64.000
N61;MHC Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Stephen H. Powis, Robert W. Vaughan;Humana Press;; 75.000 ; 57.000
N62;Protein Sequencing Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology, 1st edition, 1997-02;;Bryan John Smith (Editor);Humana Press;; 44.000 ; 33.000
N63;Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), V. 212.);;Derleme Hatası;Humana Press;2003; 68.000 ; 51.000
N64;Capillary Electrophoresis of Carbohydrates;;Pierre Thibault, Susumu Honda;Humana Press;; 70.000 ; 53.000
N65;Superantigen Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), V. 214.);;Teresa Krakauer;Humana Press;; 64.000 ; 48.000
N66;Cytokines and Colony Stimulating Factors: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology, 215);;Dieter Korholz (Editor), Wieland Kiess (Editor);Humana Press;; 100.000 ; 75.000
N67;Pcr Detection of Microbial Pathogens (Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), V. 216.);;Konrad Sachse (Editor), Joachim Frey (Editor);Humana Press;; 74.000 ; 56.000
N68;Neurogenetics: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology, V. 217);;Nicholas T. Potter (Editor);Humana Press;2003; 84.000 ; 63.000
N69;Cancer Cell Signaling: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;David M. Terrian;Humana Press;; 72.000 ; 54.000
N70;Cardiac Cell and Gene Transfer: Principles, Protocols, and Applications (Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), V. 219.);;Joseph M. Metzger;Humana Press;; 61.000 ; 46.000
N71;Cancer Cytogenetics: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology, 220);;John Swansbury;Humana Press;; 66.000 ; 50.000
N72;Generation of cDNA Libraries: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Shao-Yao Ying;Humana Press;; 75.000 ; 57.000
N73;Tumor Suppressor Genes: Pathways and Isolation Strategies (Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), V. 222-223.) Vol 1;;Wafik S. El-Deiry, MD, PhD Ed;Humana Press;; 100.000 ; 75.000
N74;Tumor Suppressor Genes: Pathways and Isolation Strategies (Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), V. 222-223.) Vol 2;;Wafik S. El-Deiry, MD, PhD Ed;Humana Press;; 122.000 ; 92.000
N75;Inflammation Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology, V. 225);;Paul G. Winyard (Editor), D. A. Willoughby (Editor);Humana Press;; 79.000 ; 60.000
N76;PCR Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology) 2003-08;;John M. S. Bartlett (Editor), David Stirling (Editor);Humana Press;; 103.000 ; 78.000
N77;Membrane Transporters: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), V. 227.);;Qing Yan (Editor);Humana Press;; 79.000 ; 60.000
N78;Membrane Protein Protocols: Expression, Purification, and Characterization (Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), V.228.);;Barry S. Selinksy;Humana Press;; 83.000 ; 63.000
N79;Lentivirus Gene Engineering Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology (Hardcover));;Maurizio Federico;Humana Press;; 69.000 ; 52.000
N80;Directed Enzyme Evolution: Screening and Selection Methods (Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), V. 230,);;Frances Hamilton Arnold (Editor), George Georgiou (Editor);Humana Press;2003; 84.000 ; 63.000
N81;Directed Evolution Library Creation: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology, V. 231.);;Frances H. Arnold, George Georgiou;Humana Press;; 57.000 ; 43.000
N82;Protein Misfolding and Disease: Principles and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), V. 232.);;;Humana Press;; 72.000 ; 54.000
N83;Protein Kinase C Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), V. 233.);;Alexandra C. Newton;Humana Press;; 108.000 ; 81.000
N84;P53 Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), V. 234.);;Swati Palit Deb, Sumitra Deb;Humana Press;; 66.000 ; 50.000
N85;E. Coli Plasmid Vectors: Methods and Applications (Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), V. 235.);;Andrew Preston, Nicola Casali;Humana Press;; 71.000 ; 54.000
N86;Plant Functional Genomics (Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 236) (Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), V. 236.);;Erich Grotewold;Humana Press;; 90.000 ; 68.000
N87;G Protein Signaling: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol 237);;Alan V. Smrcka;Humana Press;; 60.000 ; 45.000
N88;Biopolymer Methods in Tissue Engineering (Methods in Molecular Biology Ser);;Anthony P. Hollander (Editor), Paul V. Hatton (Editor);Humana Press;; 64.000 ; 48.000
N89;Cell Migration in Inflammation and Immunity: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology, 239);;Daniele D’Ambrosio,Francesco Sinigaglia;Humana Press;; 66.000 ; 50.000
N90;Mammalian Artificial Chromosomes: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Vittorio Sgaramella, Sandro Eridani;Humana Press;; 66.000 ; 50.000
N91;Cell Cycle Checkpoint Control Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), V. 241.);;Howard B. Lieberman;Humana Press;; 77.000 ; 58.000
N92;Chiral Separations: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Gerald Gubitz (Editor), Martin G. Schmid (Editor);Humana Press;2004; 90.000 ; 68.000
N93;Protein Purification Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology), 2004-01;;Paul Cutler;Humana Press;; 98.000 ; 74.000
N94;Gene Delivery to Mammalian Cells, Volume 1: Nonviral Gene Transfer Techniques (Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol 245);;William C. Heiser;Humana Press;; 70.000 ; 53.000
N95;Gene Delivery to Mammalian Cells, Volume 2: Viral Gene Transfer Techniques (Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol 246);;William C. Heiser;Humana Press;; 108.000 ; 81.000
N96;Drosophila Cytogenetics Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), V. 247.);;Daryl S. Henderson;Humana Press;; 100.000 ; 75.000
N97;Antibody Engineering: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Benny K. C. Lo (Editor);Humana Press;; 108.000 ; 81.000
N98;Cytokine Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Marc De Ley;Humana Press;; 61.000 ; 46.000
N99;Map Kinase Signaling Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Rony Seger;Humana Press;; 74.000 ; 56.000
N100;Germ Cell Protocols Vol I: Sperm and Oocyte Analysis (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Heide Schatten (Editor);Humana Press;; 71.000 ; 54.000
N101;Germ Cell Protocols Vol II (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Heide Schatten (Editor);Humana Press;; 87.000 ; 66.000
N102;Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes Volume 2: Functional Studies (Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), V. 255-256.);;Shaying Zhao (Editor), Marvin Stodolsky (Editor);Humana Press;; 72.000 ; 54.000
N103;Mrna Processing and Metabolism: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Daniel R. Schoenberg Ed;Humana Press;; 66.000 ; 50.000
N104;Gene Expression Profiling (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Richard A. Shimkets (Editor);Humana Press;2004; 52.000 ; 39.000
N105;Receptor Signal Transduction Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology), 1st edition, 1997-06;;R. A. J. Challiss (Editor);Humana Press;; 88.000 ; 66.000
N106;Mobile Genetic Elements: Protocols and Genomic Applications (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Wolfgang J. Miller (Editor), Pierre Capy (Editor);Humana Press;; 67.000 ; 51.000
N107;Protein-Protein Interactions: Methods and Applications (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Haian Fu;Humana Press;; 101.000 ; 76.000
N108;Genetic Recombination: Reviews and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Alan S. Waldman (Editor);Humana Press;; 63.000 ; 48.000
N109;Protein Arrays: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology) 2004-01;;Eric Fung (Editor);Humana Press;; 68.000 ; 51.000
N110;RNA Interference, Editing, and Modification: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Jonatha M. Gott;Humana Press;; 92.000 ; 69.000
N111;Genomics, Proteomics, and Clinical Bacteriology: Methods and Reviews (Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol 266);;Neil Woodford, Alan P. Johnson;Humana Press;; 85.000 ; 64.000
N112;Recombinant Gene Expression: Reviews and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Paulina Balbas (Editor), Argelia Lorence (Editor);Humana Press;2004; 104.000 ; 78.000
N113;Public Health Microbiology: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;John F.T. Spencer;Humana Press;2004; 111.000 ; 84.000
N114;Parasite Genomics Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Sara E. Melville (Editor);Humana Press;2004; 96.000 ; 72.000
N115;B Cell Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Hua Gu (Editor), Klaus Rajewsky (Editor);Humana Press;2004; 71.000 ; 54.000
N116;Platelets and Megakaryocytes: Volume 1: Functional Assays (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Jonathan M. Gibbins (Editor), Martyn P. Mahaut-Smith (Editor);Humana Press;2004; 86.000 ; 65.000
N117;Platelets and Megakaryocytes: Volume 2: Perspectives and Techniques (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Jonathan Gibbins (Editor), Martyn P. Mahaut-Smith (Editor);Humana Press;; 96.000 ; 72.000
N118;Photosynthesis Research Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol 274);;Robert Carpentier;Humana Press;; 74.000 ; 56.000
N119;Chemoinformatics: Concepts, Methods, and Tools for Drug Discovery (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Jürgen Bajorath (Editor);Humana Press;2004; 106.000 ; 80.000
N120;Capillary Electrophoresis of Proteins and Peptides (Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), V. 276.) (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Mark A. Strege (Editor), Avinash L. Lagu (Editor);Humana Press;2004; 77.000 ; 58.000
N121;Trinucleotide Repeat Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Yoshinori Kohwi (Editor);Humana Press;2004; 79.000 ; 60.000
N122;Nitric Oxide Protocols 2nd ed (Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol 279);;Aviv Hassid;Humana Press;; 60.000 ; 45.000
N123;Checkpoint Controls and Cancer, Volume 1: Reviews and Model Systems (Methods in Molecular Biology, 280-281);;Axel H. Schonthal;Humana Press;; 71.000 ; 54.000
N124;Checkpoint Controls and Cancer: Activation and Regulation Protocols: Vol 2;;Axel H. Schonthal;Humana Press;; 75.000 ; 57.000
N125;Apoptosis Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Hugh J. M. Brady;Humana Press;2004; 71.000 ; 54.000
N126;Bioconjugation Protocols: Strategies and Methods (Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol 283);;Christof M. Niemeyer;Humana Press;; 75.000 ; 57.000
N127;Signal Transduction Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Robert C. Dickson, Michael Dean Mendenhall;Humana Press;; 72.000 ; 54.000
N128;Cell Cycle Control and Dysregulation Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Antonio Giordano (Editor), Gaetano Romano (Editor);Humana Press;2004; 56.000 ; 42.000
N129;Transgenic Plants: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Leandro Peña (Editor);Humana Press;2005; 93.000 ; 70.000
N130;Epigenetics Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Trygve O. Tollefsbol (Editor);Humana Press;2004; 73.000 ; 55.000
N131;Oligonucleotide Synthesis: Methods and Applications (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Piet Herdewijn (Editor);Humana Press;2005; 93.000 ; 70.000
N132;Epidermal Cells: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Kursad Turksen (Editor);Humana Press;2005; 100.000 ; 75.000
N133;Basic Cell Culture Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology) 2004-10;;Cheryl D. Helgason, Cindy L. Miller;Humana Press;; 80.000 ; 60.000
N134;Molecular Toxicology Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Phouthone Keohavong (Editor), Stephen G. Grant (Editor);Humana Press;2005; 101.000 ; 76.000
N135;DNA Viruses: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Paul M. Lieberman (Editor);Humana Press;2005; 102.000 ; 77.000
N136;Laser Capture Microdissection: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Graeme I. Murray (Editor), Stephanie Curran (Editor);Humana Press;; 74.000 ; 56.000
N137;Cell Migration: Developmental Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Jun-Lin Guan (Editor);Humana Press;2005; 83.000 ; 63.000
N138;Immunochemical Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Robert Burns (Editor);Humana Press;2005; 75.000 ; 57.000
N139;Cell Cycle Control: Mechanisms and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Tim Humphrey, Gavin Brooks;Humana Press;; 87.000 ; 66.000
N140;Forensic DNA Typing Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Angel Carracedo (Editor);Humana Press;2005; 69.000 ; 52.000
N141;Peptide Synthesis and Applications (Methods in Molecular Biology);;John Howl (Editor);Humana Press;2005; 66.000 ; 50.000
N142;Amyloid Proteins (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Einar M. Sigurdsson (Editor);Humana Press;2005; 87.000 ; 66.000
N143;Protein Nanotechnology: Protocols, Instrumentation, And Applications (Methods in Molecular Biology);;Tuan Vo-Dinh (Editor);Humana Press;; 93.000 ; 70.000
N144;Manifolds, Tensor Analysis, and Applications (Applied Mathematical Sciences);;Ralph Abraham;Springer;2001; 118.000 ; 89.000
N145;Environmental Effects of Transgenic Plants: The Scope and Adequacy of Regulation;;National Academy Press National Research Council;National Academy of Sciences.;2002; 77.000 ; 58.000
N146;Reducing Birth Defects: Meeting the Challenges in the Developing World;;Judith R. Bale, Barbara J. Stoll, Adetokunbo O. Lucas - Editors;National Academy of Sciences.;2003; 66.000 ; 50.000
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N179;Home Repair Handbook;;Rob Lutes, Angelika Gollnow;;; 45.000 ; 34.000
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